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  1. Hi Guys I have just downloaded the pre release, and installed it in the right folder, & seems to be working ok but yet to try it out properly where i live it is constantly cloudy and i get out when i can. thanks guylain
  2. where is pre-release 3.2.0 please also should the download be in programs x64 or just the programs folder (32)
  3. bruno


    sorry Guylian i will wait until i can take an image then try again if i have the problem then i will recontact you
  4. bruno


    HI the version i have downloaded is 3.1.17 & it does this with any image also it dos'nt let me drag & drop regards Bruno 7 drop
  5. bruno


    Hi when i try and load a previous image from my last session it comes up with a report of Invalid Image, using either a CR2 or TIFF frame any suggestions please. Thanks in anticipation Bruno Ps this is the latest version & my camera is a1100d.
  6. go in to your startup menu & disable eos utility I had the same problem with my 1100d
  7. bruno


    I have enabled 3rd party & checked that the port number is the same, Also when i apply settings & restart my computer it only lasts for that session i have to go through the same routine everytime i start BYE. Other things i have tried turning off anti virus & firewall to no avail, I've also reinstalled Astrotortilla with latest version, another thing was to turn off eos utility as that was conflicting with the connection of BYE. On Another note all the other options on AT show that they are idle except BYE which shows error. Thanks Andy
  8. bruno


    Hi I cannot connect to astrotortilla, I have enabled the 3rd party & switched eos utility off as that also wouldn't let me connect to BYE, I have also switched the firewall off to check if that is stopping it & i have downloaded the latest BYE. I have tried AT with my QHY5 and it works OK & also solves using images from my files, Any suggestions as i,m struggling atm Andy
  9. bruno

    activesion key

    Hi I have lost my activesion key & i wanted upgrade to the latest version is there anything i can do i 'm currently running on v3 I also have a error on my current version so i cant reinstall that one either
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