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  1. Thanks for the replies Astroman and Administrator. Much appreciated. Cheers, Richard
  2. Thanks for your reply. Yes, I guess it's a valid point that you don't really need the images on card. Actually, what sort of image files are they (i.e. those stored on the computer)? What happens to the RAW NEF files? Does the BYN software automatically convert them to FITS files or something else? As you can see, I am new to this and have yet to take an image of the night sky with the BYN program (or any program, for that matter). :)
  3. Thanks for your response. The APT images saved to both card and computer. I am not sure wwhich submenu in the display screen offers a choice of 'save to'. Will have a look again. Cheers, Richard
  4. Hi, I finally got my Nikon D850 to connect using the pre-release (March 2018) v 2.0.10 RC2. However, none of the images captured by BYN transferred to my camera's XQD card and SD card!! When I pressed the playback button on the camera, the only files were old ones plus some taken with APT. The BYN images ended up on the computer instead. This is useless as I need the RAW files on my camera's card too! Please assist if you have a solution. Thanks. Cheers, Richard
  5. Thanks so much for all of your help - much appreciated.
  6. Many thanks. I'm a newbie, but even some experienced astrophotographers at our meeting tonight could not figure out why BYN and TSX were incommunicado....Mind you, they use CCD cameras which are all listed in TSX camera list and seem to cause few problems.
  7. Thanks again, Astroman. I did put the camera in Manual mode and I managed to get TSX and BYN communicating. Initially, the ports were conflicting. Anyway, TSX 'took over" and I could image the living room (!) via TSX. However, I do have two questions: If BYN is on, do you need to 'connect' the camera before pressing 'connect' in TSX? Or will TSX alone operate the camera once you press its 'connect' tab (without having to use the 'connect' tab in BYN)? Secondly, I have noticed that BYN defaults on the RHS of the screen to a BULB setting which does not match the actual camera settings I have made (top centre of screen). Is this normal? Which settings is BYN actually using?
  8. Hi Astroman, Thanks for the advice. Tried it and nothing worked. Still a '215' error and 'camera not connected'. I noticed that the port designation in Sky X Pro (1502) for my laptop differed from the port connection stipulated by BYN (1499) which I had up and running (though even it did weird things taking its time and saying it was imaging when I had the camera set on Aperture priority and a shutter speed of 1/10 sec). What was it doing? No image appeared, except a Live view preview. Pressed 'capture' and nothing showed except that spinning circle at the top right saying the camera was busy (when it wasn't because no image was being taken and the camera just sat there). I just don't get this. Might have to go back to CdC and APT (which worked together beautifully, first time) and abandon the ultra-expensive Sky X until somebody can work out a way for it to communicate with my D850....Very frustrating, but then I'm a newbie.....
  9. I have managed to get BYN working with my Nikon D850, but The Sky X pro (just purchased) will not connect to the camera and I get a 'not connected' error. Can anyone assist, please? Thanks. Richard
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