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  1. Sorry to revive this old thread, but when running in admin mode to have the settings “stick” I’m having issues with dithering via ASCOM. EQMod is already running but when I connect the scope for dithering, BYE triggers another instance of EQMod, instead of using the instance that’s already running and can’t get “a port” and thus no dithering. When *not* running in admin, it uses the instance that’s already there. Any advice?
  2. Ah, thanks. Tried that, but same error. Weirdest thing is that I can open and close the shutter with DSUSBCheck just fine. Any other suggestions I can try? Screenshot and log of latest try attached. Thanks again for your help. logfile-[20180713-00h27m33s477]-[1368]-2018-07-13.txt
  3. Hi Guylain, Thanks for your quick reply and suggestions: - In-camera mirror lock was already turned off - In-camera noise reduction was already turned off But your first suggestion is interesting. I never select JPG as option, so gathered this was an operator error accidentally on my side. I set it to RAW only and retried. Still the same error. But on closer inspection, it seems that BYE somehow triggers the RAW+JPG option again. I set the camera to RAW only, BYE detects this properly, but once I start an imaging session, BYE instantly shows RAW+JPG instead of RAW. Of course not sure if that is also causing the DSUSB error, but as mentioned before, using DSUSBCheck shows no issues. It's strange, since BYE *does* trigger the shutter to open, but it closes immediately thereafter and throws the error. Any suggestions would be welcome. Thanks, Matt
  4. Hi All, I've again got time to do some AP and picked up a new scope and trying to get my old imaging setup working again. I have the following setup: - VirtualBox Running Windows XP SP3 32bit - Canon 20D Astromodded (I know, I know, it's old) - Shoestring DSUSB - BYE detects my 20D and is able to initiate imaging session - However, once started, the shutter opens/closes and I get an error "DSUSB Error: Unable to open shutter" - But it does open and close, just not in line with the exposure parameters I've provided. And it does download the image. - When running DSUSBCheck everything works fine, including opening and closing the shutter. - screenshot and log added Anybody have an idea? Operator error, or something faulty? Thanks, Matt logfile-[20180711-23h39m13s289]-[1336]-2018-07-11.txt
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