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  1. Hi Guylain, That's worked thank you very much. 🙂 And thanks for a great product. Regards David
  2. thanks for the responses folks. much appreciated. I have downloaded 3.1.18 a couple of times and restarted, I can't get 3.2 to download. Still no change, ie. the driver selection window is blank and the night/day vision toggle button is stuck on night vision. Apologies I'm not too good with these things, I rely on you guys to get me sorted 🙂
  3. Hi thanks for response. I have done that, it is now asking me to select a driver but giving me no options. I can't toggle it to day vision which would make it easier to see. Many thanks
  4. Apologies, modified now
  5. Hi all. I have just purchased a 800D and can't connect. byeos version is 3.1.3 premium The log is as follows 11:51:38 Licensed to galileo 11:51:54 Attempting to connect camera... 11:51:55 Canon drivers 'Canon\' initialized. 11:51:55 DEVICEINFO DESCRIPTION IS Canon EOS 800D 11:51:55 DEVICEINFO NUMBER IS 3470492101. 11:51:55 YOUR *REAL* MODEL NUMBER IS 4294967294(FFFFFFFE) 11:51:55 Generic model 153 assumed! Many thanks for any guidance David
  6. Thanks for your speedy reply Guylain. I narrowed it down to a bad repeater cable and it runs perfectly now. I'm going to download latest version later. Thanks for your help
  7. Hi Guylain, Thanks for a great product. I'm having problems with freezing on download, I have attached the log, I hope it's the relevant one. The freeze is random, it can go for several subs quite successfully before it freezes' I would appreciate you taking a look and see if you can resolve it for me. Camera is a 600D and I'm currently using v3-1-3 Best regards David Phillipson (user Galileo) logfile-[20190614-14h43m10s065]-[3748]-2019-06-14.txt
  8. Hi there, My basic French leads me to believe that the A7S will not be supported at any time in the near future? The Sony seems to have lots of desirable features. Regards
  9. Timelapse is great fun and the results are very rewarding. As Canons don't have an interval timing feature I use BYE to do that for me. A couple of settings tips ........ Make sure the time appears before the temperature in the filename template or the frames will be ordered by the sensor temperature not chronologically, very annoying that one. Make sure you don't shoot in RAW, set the quality to 'in camera' and choose a low res otherwise rendering your timelapse will keep your computer busy for quite a while. Go and give it a go
  10. This is a feature for sure, being able to double up cameras is worth it's weight in gold when imaging time is so precious here in the UK. So all I need is a second camera
  11. Apologies seigell, I'm not used to this forum yet. understand now
  12. thanks for your comments all. @Galactic Halo, thanks for your thorough reply, I have located the power plan and battery settings on my laptop and will endeavour to identify any settings issues that you have outlined and let you know how I get on. I have run some more tests this evening and there is a definite drop in performance just on battery, it's sorted as soon as it's plugged in to a/c. thank you again. David
  13. galileo

    Loading an avatar

    Hi all, I am member of several astro forums and have not had a problem uploading an avatar but can't get it to work on this site, I see there are many members without avatars and wondering if it's a common issue. I've tried images of various resolutions. Thank you
  14. Thank you Guylain, It may also be worth mentioning, (although it's probably nothing new) that running the laptop just off it's battery has a very similar effect on performance for me, this may not be the same with all laptops. I tried to do a short imaging run without plugging the lappy in and it couldn't cope with all the programs running, BYE, eqmod, Stellarium etc. All ran smoothly when plugged into mains supply again. Interesting to know if other people have experienced similar problems.
  15. Hi there, new to the forum, struggling to upload an avatar Just thought I'd share my frustrating experience with when using non genuine Canon batteries. I was experiencing pauses and lock ups with a cheap battery purchased on ebay for not much money. It took me a while to pin the problem down and when ran the camera on a/c or put the proper battery back in BYE performed perfectly again. Not sure why this should be so? maybe the voltage output was inconsistent, but the motto is don't cut corners when buying something that you rely on like a quality battery. Look forward to using this forum.......David
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