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  1. Astroman133, thanks for the note about Guylain's how-to for submitting log files and reason behind the limitation. I have reimaged the spare laptop with Win10, SkyX, and BYN. Very different results when compared to the Win7 VM on the rMBP. On the reimaged Win10 PC, the 5 sec. test exposure was on the mark using SkyX. The total elapsed time from shutter open until SkyX completes the download (shows the .fits image) and reports "ready" was approx. 18 seconds. Appreciate your time and assistance.
  2. The zipped BYN log files are too large to attach. (Admin - can you increase the size limit on attachments for future use?) Thanks astroman133. Let me move SkyX and BYN over to the Samsung Win 7 laptop and retest indoors. The rMBP Parallels Win 7 VM could be causing this behavior as you speculated so yeah, easy thing to bench test. ?
  3. Directly in BYN, it took between 5-6 seconds after the shutter closed till the image is downloaded (you hear the sound from BYN) and the image displays. The shutter duration is set at 5 seconds and it nails it every time. In SkyX, it took approx. 48 seconds after the shutter closed till the you hear the "de-de" sound from BYN signaling it downloaded. An additional 155 seconds elapses (SkyX says "downloading") till the .fits image is shown in SkyX (after which it reports ready). Another oddity is I have both SkyX and BYN set to a 5 sec exposure, Bulb setting, but the time between
  4. Howdy gang! When using BYN with the 810a and The SkyX to run a T-Point model (or just take an image), the downloads are c-razy slow. I'm taking an 8 or 10 second exposure in T-Point but the actual time to download is just shy of 6 minutes. Once it downloads, the plate solve occurs within a few seconds and its slewing off to the next point in the model. The pointing samples are added fine and I'm completing the model...just very slowly. I'm running BYN in a Win7 VM (Parallels 13) on a rMBP. The camera is directly connected to the MacBook with a 15' USB3 cable and I have Renesys U
  5. s3igell, agreed. I was kicking myself once NR was floated by Admin. LENR is a setting enabled when I'm out shooting single-shot nightscapes. I'll be adding it to my custom menu so I can get at it quickly and confirm its OFF when shooting with BYN and the telescope. :-)
  6. You nailed it. In the 810A's Shooting Menu, disabling Long Exposure NR (Noise Reduction) fixed the issue. Long Exposure NR was the culprit. High ISO NR had no affect when set to normal. Appreciate your time, as well as astoman133! Thank you both!
  7. ...and here's a second log file. To confirm, my release mode dial is in S (single shot) and NOT in Mup (mirror-lock up). In the capture plan, I set to shutter to bulb. Started my plan. BYN aborts after the first image (yes, it does download this image). I then changed shutter setting in BYN from bulb to 1 sec. Started plan again. BYN shoots the five exposures without issue. Error at 2018-07-02 10:17:32,060 logfile-[20180702-10h02m42s234]-[1532]-2018-07-02.txt
  8. Changing the exposure mode from Manual/Bulb to Manual/5 sec and Manual/1 sec was successful in capture plan. Log attached. logfile-[20180702-10h02m42s234]-[1532]-2018-07-02.txt
  9. astroman133, I've installed 2.0.10 and no joy - abort still occurs after first image. You referenced the "SDK". Did I miss a prerequisite that needs to be installed with BYN? logfile-[20180701-19h26m51s147]-[784]-2018-07-01.txt
  10. astroman133 , thanks. I'm new to BYN this week and was previously on Nikon firmware 1.02. I was seeing the abort with firmware at 1.02 and WTH upgraded to 1.03 when I checked for newer FW today.
  11. Nikon 810a with BYN 2.0.9. Latest Nikon firmware version C = 1.03. The 810a release mode dial is set to S - single frame, and exposure mode is set to Manual, Bulb. BYN is set to Imaging mode. I can connect fine...tried two different USB cables. In the capture center, I have (5) five 1-sec exposures, set to Bulb, with a 5 sec pause. BYN takes the first image, then aborts. Log file attached. Administrator, noted starting new thread. Per BYN pdf docs, Getting Started, Powering Up... page 18; instructions state to set the release mode dial to S (single shot). ***Note: this should n
  12. I'm having a similar issue as daravuthseng. I also use a Nikon 810a with BYN 2.0.9. Nikon firmware version C = 1.02. L = 2.009. The 810a release mode dial is set to S - single frame, and exposure mode is set to Manual, Bulb. BYN is set to Imaging mode. I can connect fine. In the capture center, I have (5) five 1-sec exposures, set to Bulb, with a 5 sec pause. BYN takes the first image fine and aborts after that. Log file attached. logfile-[20180701-13h14m53s057]-[3016]-2018-07-01.txt
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