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  1. 5x on BYN does indeed seem to be 1:1 on the D500. Here's what I found out: On Photo Playback mode, there are 8 levels of magnification, the 6th of which is labelled "1:1 (100%)". On LV Movie Shooting mode, there are 4 levels of magnification, and the 3rd level renders the same FOV/framing as Playback's "1:1 (100%)". BYN's 5x mode (for both Frame & Focus and Planetary modes) also renders the same FOV/framing as Playback's "1:1 (100%)". So based on this, I believe BYN's 5x is indeed 1:1. That should then allow the D500 to use BYN's Planetary mode at 5x to achieve the best resolution.
  2. Thanks for the quick response, Rick. Seems like I only have the 5x option in BYN, which I'll test to see if it's the same magnification as 1:1. If not, I'm hoping my backup plan for recoding 4K video (which is 1:1) will achieve the same result.
  3. Hi. My D500 appears to allow me to achieve "1:1 (100%)" pixel display in Live Mode. It's the 4th zoom level, or alternatively, the multi-selector button toggles directly to the "1:1 (100%)" zoom mode as defined in the Custom Settings --> Controls --> f2 setting. Does this mean that I have the same ability to achieve best resolution in Planetary mode as Canons? My other alternative on the D500 is to record 4K /30fps video (which employs a 1.45x crop) bypassing BYN, though that results on much bigger (but still manageable) video files that I need to convert to .avi before stacking
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