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  1. 5x on BYN does indeed seem to be 1:1 on the D500. Here's what I found out: On Photo Playback mode, there are 8 levels of magnification, the 6th of which is labelled "1:1 (100%)". On LV Movie Shooting mode, there are 4 levels of magnification, and the 3rd level renders the same FOV/framing as Playback's "1:1 (100%)". BYN's 5x mode (for both Frame & Focus and Planetary modes) also renders the same FOV/framing as Playback's "1:1 (100%)". So based on this, I believe BYN's 5x is indeed 1:1. That should then allow the D500 to use BYN's Planetary mode at 5x to achieve the best resolution. Does this reasoning make sense?
  2. Thanks for the quick response, Rick. Seems like I only have the 5x option in BYN, which I'll test to see if it's the same magnification as 1:1. If not, I'm hoping my backup plan for recoding 4K video (which is 1:1) will achieve the same result.
  3. Hi. My D500 appears to allow me to achieve "1:1 (100%)" pixel display in Live Mode. It's the 4th zoom level, or alternatively, the multi-selector button toggles directly to the "1:1 (100%)" zoom mode as defined in the Custom Settings --> Controls --> f2 setting. Does this mean that I have the same ability to achieve best resolution in Planetary mode as Canons? My other alternative on the D500 is to record 4K /30fps video (which employs a 1.45x crop) bypassing BYN, though that results on much bigger (but still manageable) video files that I need to convert to .avi before stacking. I'd love to hear views on which of these methods will give me the best planetary videos for stacking. Thanks! Andrew
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