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  1. figured this out- you need to manually set mirrorless cameras to take exposures with the lens removed. You can add it on a custom menu
  2. Odd- day one when I got the camera I hooked up BYE and took some 5 minute test exposures with success today, really trying to shoot and i get this 21:47:20 BackyardEOS 3.1.18 RC11 21:47:30 Attempting to connect camera... 21:47:30 Canon drivers 'Canon\' initialized. 21:47:31 EOS-M6MkII CONNECTED! 21:48:06 Imaging session started. 21:48:07 Capture Error: General camera error. 21:48:08 Imaging session cancelled 21:48:08 ERROR 36107 : EDSDK.EdsSendCommand(cameraRef, 4, 65539) 21:48:08 Imaging session cancelled
  3. I've got my camera on the way, any chance you could send me that download link as well?
  4. This is exciting, I'm still hunting for mine locally. And a low profile way to connect the thing...
  5. This page suggests it will have remote shooting support, they specifically note the cameras that do not support remote shooting. https://developers.canon-europe.com/developers/s/article/Latest-EOS-SDK-Version-3-x I might pick one up to try. Has anyone else tried?
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