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  1. Hi Steve, That looks like an interesting program I'm looking forward to as well! Eventhough I'm using a Polemaster, it will be of great help also to my friends who don't have such a nice gadget. For me the guiding is almost always < 0.4" on the PHD2 graph. It could be better but I don't spend any time at all at balancing the whole setup. Regards and thanks for sharing with all of us!!
  2. Ok I'm sorry for my mistake. So if I understand all this correctly, in the exif data would be some sort of identification of the imaging program, BYE in this case How can I read this data to check with which versión of BYE I as working. Ok, justsaw how to read this, with Canon Digital Photo Professional. Unfortunately, here is only info on the image, not on the capture program. Thanks for shining light on my doubts, was just trying to help a bit Mert
  3. I am not sure but I also have versión 3.1.5 installed. Last time I went out I used AT and it worked. Sometimes it just drops out but that behaviour I have seen with all versions of BYE so that belongs to AT. Now I am not sure if I worked with 3.1.5 or with 3.1.4 but after Reading this thread I tried to open versión 3.1.4 and it asked to confirm my fingerprint, whereas versión 3.1.5 just started as always. Would that imply that I used versión 3.1.5 with AT and/or how can I check. In the fits header there is no reference to the versión of BYE used. Best regards, Mert
  4. Hi Guylain, Is there any progress on the autofocussing capability of BYE???? Now that I have repaired my Moonlight focusser it would be great to have this option available in BYE. Thanks for any feedback!! Lammertus
  5. Hi Guylain, Here you have one more person who would like to have a "Backyard-CCD" or CMOS solution. I fully subscribe with the OP that after using BYE some other capture programs seem to be lacking of things. In my particular case I bought 2 CMOS cameras; ASI120MC and ASI224MC I hope you get time and inspiration, thanks anyway for the great BYE Lammertus
  6. Thanks for the info Rick, I will have to look into this!
  7. Ah, I forgot to mention that the whole thing is relative. The program accepts "take current position as home" and from there on you can send an amount of steps in or out.( but is menú driven, no command list ) Only part that is not implemented is the filter offset per cannel. Would be easy to measure best focus position for each filter and set that into defaults. Next time, when filter is changed the offset is automatically applied. As far as I have seen, Automatic Sequence Generator Pro has the capability to do it all, but that would be another program to buy on the list. Oh well, it's nice to dream :-)
  8. Don't know what you mean by "poor man's stepper motor focus controller solution" but I did it my way. I went for the Phidgets route and bought a controller card plus stepper motor for aprox. 150€ all together. Then I wrote a Little control program and done. Only problem now is the ASCOM part, since I don't know how to make it ASCOM compatible. I did do some milling to make an adapter to mount it on top of my Moonlight focusser and it works like a charm. There is an ASCOM driver on internet for 1063 cards and I think it will work for mine, but then the rest of the work has to be done by BYE, that is to say for example take 10 images do focus session take 10 more images etc. or whatever the strategy could be, but the "do focus sesión" should be within BYE in my humble opinión. Regards, Mert
  9. Would be great to have that option implemented in the Premium versión, can't wait to see that happen! Will it be ASCOM so any kind of focusser can be connected??? Best regards, Mert
  10. Thanks Guylain for the upgrade. I just downloaded and installed over the 3.1.0 version I had on my laptop. I filled filled in the key and my name and voila everything is up and running. I hope to get out son and pick up some good nights to image again. Regards, Mert
  11. One question though Guylain, Will the 3.1 version be downloadable from the website since the version at present is 3.0.3. Thanks for al the work in progress! Mert
  12. This Release Candidate will NOT overwrite your current v3.0.x installation. http://www.binaryrivers.com/download/setup-BackyardEOS-v310-RC05.exe PLEASE REPORT ISSUES using RC05 in this thread. Thank you, Thanks a lot Guylain, I will give it a go!! Versión 3.03 Premium does work like a clock for me! Regards, Mert
  13. Thanks Guylain, I fully understand about time, workload etc..... You already do a wonderful job so don't put too many things on the wish lists I hope to get some clear night soon and go out to a dark site. Best regards, Mert
  14. It all depends what you want to do. If you want to dither and use both cameras you need a split cable otherwise they will not be in synch. If you do not dither and just want to control 2 cameras then just start 2 instances. One with camera1.exe and the second one with camera2.exe. This will ensure that they each have their own config settings. If you want to use AstroTortilla with each instances set a different port in BYE -> Settings -> 3rd Party Integration. Hope this helps, Guylain Thanks Guylain, I apreciate all the feedback so I can learn how to get most out of BYE. Myself I'm starting up with the Premium versión and Astrotortilla and I have to state I am completely blown away by the ease of centering whatever object! If only weather would allow Ibelieve I could also get some decent images with my EOS100D. Now on the subject, I'm still thinking on how it could be done. Wouldn't it be posible to state in BYE that you have a 2nd instance running acepting commands like "start capturing - stop capturing and save ? " This way the first instance does the dithering, whatever and when it starts capturing a frame it commands the second instance to do the same. Just thinking, I don't have any clue on how difficult that would be to implement and I also fully understand your workload! Just for curiousity. I am a very happy user of BYE!! Regards, Mert
  15. I'm sorry, just saw this already has been asked on the fórum BUT: - Is there really a need to split the cable, if each camera can be connected by it's USB cable to a HUB? - Wouldn't it be much simpler to just start 2 instances and let the second instance just be a slave of the first one? If Astrotortilla can take control of BYE, why wouldn't it be posible to do the same for a second instance? ( of course the 2nd instance has it's capture folder different then the first instance ) Hmmm, just thinking what am I missing??? Regards, Mert
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