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  1. Thanks Rick - when my eyes finally open this morning I'll check it out Frank
  2. I have performed histogram analysis using my scope-camera-luminescent panel to get a good exposure time for setting my flat exposure times. I then shoot dark flats at the same exposure level. Tonight, after having run BYE almost since its introduction, I noticed the AV Flat option in the drop down menu so I let the BYE program and camera set the exposure time; I did not see the exposure time the program-camera arrived at so how does one set exposure times for the companion dark flats. I'm sure I'll be embarrassed by the obvious solution. Thanks Frank P
  3. to those who replied to my issue on retaining a RAW only file saving protocol - THANKS - one respondant re-educated me to the fact that the program itself has a file format setting which I had completely forgotten - duh!!! Thanks for help! Orionphile
  4. orionphile

    File Save Protocol

    Been running BKYEOS almost since its inception Recently upgraded to latest version as I switched from windows XP to windows 10 (shudder). I have preset my Canon DSLR to save only in RAW mode. Never had an issue until my upgrade. On one of my first imaging runs, noticed my subs were saved as both RAW and JPEG. Went to my camera and sure enough it was reset to those two formats for saving files. Reset the DSLR again to RAW only. During the recent imaging run I monitored the camera window and sure enough it went back to RAW/JPEG again. Played this reset game twice more before I gave up and let it save about 75 subs in both formats. I have been told this issue occurs if you accept the install default option that places the downloaded program files in the Windows directory. I was advised to reinstall the program into a directory such as C:/Bye. Two questions: 1. Has anyone run into this issue - my DSLR is a modified Rebel Xsi. Is this the proper fix? 2. By re-installing according to this guidance, do I need to pay a new fee for the added install? Thanks for any advice you can render! Frank Puzycki - 9088500922
  5. I have used BKYEOS since its inception. I now own the latest version. I set my camera to image RAW only files and the programs desktop registers that same choice unitl the camera cycles through any function such as taking an image. Any thoughts on what I may be doing wrong. MY DSLR is a Rebel Xsi Thanks
  6. I tried to purchase newest version of BYE already having a current valid version of 3.0. Followed Guylon's instructions on his reply to my prior recent posting. I was running a 30 day trial version at the time I "purchased" this new version. In downloading the new version, nothing showed up which would permit me to input my valid upgrade license, rather the program opened my trial version. Looking on my desktop and in my C drive program folders, no new version was uploaded. Do I first have to delete my trial version in order to download and launch a non-trial licensed version. Thanks
  7. Can I only have BKYD Eos only create the RAW files and not the JPEG. In prior program versions, I have never run into this program on my Xsi DSLR. Is this dual capture mode option being triggered by the camera itself or the software. I only want to deal with the CR2 files
  8. I got directions to upgrade to ver 3.17 from 3.0. Made the purchase etc with a zero balance shopping cart and a license # but when I attempted to download the program, all I got back was the trial version - it was resident on this new PC already since I had recently downloaded it while I resolved the upgrade issue. Do I have to delete the trial version in order to legally download the "paid-for" new version? Frank Puzycki
  9. orionphile

    Double Files

    I have been using earlier versions of this great program for years. I downloaded the latest version recently since I had to purchase a new laptop. Program works flawless BUT in opening my subs from last night, I discovered I have double the # of OSC, bias and darks as I had created. They are grouped with paired time/date stamps. The first of each pair is extremely understretched whereas the second of the pair is over stretched and with a distinctive green hue. Never saw this with the original and classic 3.0 edition. What did I do wrong!
  10. orionphile

    Frank Puzycki

    Just got a new PC and want to upload a copy of Backyard EOS. I own a license to the original version plus an upgrade as well. How can I retrieve my license number and what is the process for downloading it to my new PC. I loaded the trial version and secured a temporary registration number. I had tried to insert my original registration license but it was rejected as being too short. How do I fix this issue
  11. I have a Rebel Xsi running on Lenovo Think PAD windows XP. Been running Guylain's initial software for years without a single hitch ever - how many pieces of software can make that claim. Last night set up my gear without having made a single change to hardware, settings, cables etc. Booted up BYE - focus routine worked as normal - switched to imaging mode and attempted to take a 30 second trial exposure. Screen blinked for a second and then absolutely nothing! Tried rebooting software, pc, camera etc. Nothing in imaging mode for two frustrating hours. I had earlier purchased his version 2.1 (?) but never used it. Once I have something which runs well, I don't switch. Tried it last night with similar results - it did work once on initial start up but then reverted to the same "performance" as it older brother. I shut down operations for the night - I'm one of those miscreants who does not own a permanent setup so it was especially painful to break it down without a single frame of exposure. I set up everything again in my home this AM - older version still failed to work in imaging mode but readily allowed me to focus. Version 2.1 however did work in all phases, at least for now! Does anyone have any thoughts? Guylain has suggested a cableissue or worse yet possible impending demise of my Xsi. BTW, the cable check button is dulled and does not respond on the newer version. Does that suggest anything? I would have paid 20 times what Guylain charges for this wonderful, user-friendly designed software - I feel like I have lost a family member. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated. Frank Puzycki New Jersey
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