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  1. Thank you, Rick. The issue is now moot because I've purchased a Canon Rebel T6i body.
  2. As I very recently said to S3igell, it looks like the T6i will be my choice (because of a greater number of pixels and pixel size). Thanks for warning me about the slow download rate of the older models.
  3. Thanks, S3igell. I read on with the reviews of the T2i, thru the T5i . I began to tire of the negative reviews which mentioned less-than-great imaging quality with normal use of a camera as on terrestrial targets. I'm more interested in astro photography and so the major concerns would be about the camera's image capturing and processing with BYEOS software. So, it looks like the T6i or T7i would be the wiser options.
  4. zelonisv_bob

    Rebel T4i

    I want to move up from my T1i. A used T4i body is available. Is the T4i a worthwhile upgrade, and will it do at least as well as the T1i? I'd like the advantage of the articulating LCD viewfinder. Thanks. Bob Z.
  5. My new laptop computer specs: Lenovo y540 LEGION with 9th gen Intel Core i7-9750HF processor; Windows 10 Home 64 OS; 16GB DDR4 memory; 1TB HDD; 17.3"display; NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660Ti 6GB graphics; 256GB SSD PCle second hard drive; backlit keyboard. Having to learn Win10 after my Win7 laptop died after 8 years, I did a lot of head scratching, sweating and cussing to reload all my astro and photo processing software. The only glitch was that the installation CD for my Celestron CGEM mount wouldn't run. I found a link to Celestron's download site and successfully loaded the N
  6. The list of equipment shown at the bottom of my posts needs to be changed. How can I do that?
  7. I sent the specs last evening, but my post isn't displayed yet. If I don't see it soon, I'll send it again.
  8. This should end the discussion (for now): I've made my choice and purchased a Lenovo LEGION which might be overkill, but I'm pleased so far. One has to go through a lot of Windows 10 hoops to get the machine set up, made more complicated because an also-purchased Bluetooth mouse wouldn't connect. Fortunately, the wireless mouse that I use with my Chromebook got me through that barrier. I'm looking forward to returning to astronomy rather than computer-hunting. Again, thank you all for your advice. 😎/
  9. I have almost worn out my finger tips, eyes and patience as I've search for a proper replacement for my dead Asus ROG laptop. The advertisements and reviews of new models of all brands seem too much for my old brain to sort out. s3igell , your suggestion to use a lesser-powered laptop to gather raw data from camera and auto guider seems reasonable even though my rig is permanently mounted and its laptop operated via an ac power supply. The same laptop would have to control my CGEM mount, auto guider, remote focuser, and camera as well as handle the associated software. Image processing can
  10. As I look at laptops via the Internet and Google search, I'm not seeing USB2 ports as being included in in the specifications, only USB3 and Thunderbolt. I hate to think I'll need to buy a refurbished older laptop.
  11. Thank you, Both, for your replies. I was concerned that the suggestions offered by my "computer guy" were too over-the-top. I've used, without problems, Paintshop Pro by Corel since version 5 with a desktop computer that's 10 years old.
  12. I'm having to buy a new laptop for the usual everyday Internet uses but also for astrophotography, remote telescope operation, and image processing (Paintshop Pro X9). My former laptop was an Asus gaming machine which I chose because it was a beefy machine with more memory than usually found in lesser laptops and a dedicated video card with its own memory (I never played a single game!). A computer repair technician suggested either a Dell Precision or a Lenovo Thinkpad with i7 processor with solid state NVMe drive, 16 GB RAM. It has been 8 years since I had to think about buying a computer
  13. s3igell. A Rob Goldberg arrangement labels it better considering my name, and if my setup isn't well balanced, I'll have a pendulum effect, wind or no wind. Camera shutter shake could be eliminated by holding a piece of dead-black material over the objective lens while the shutter is opened. Not very accurate or scientific but worth trying just as an experiment. I look forward to the next cloudless night. Bob Z.
  14. s3igell and Rick, I did finally manage to assemble a combination of extension tubes that resulted in a reasonably stable arrangement. I have a link to the photo that I promised: https://www.dropbox.com/s/e7kw0hjmceas3al/IMG_3725_1.JPG?dl=0 Another photo shows the arrangement with labels for each component: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zavwofhq4vr7916/IMG_3731.JPG?dl=0 Per Murphy's Law, as soon as I had the tubes and camera assembled and the Moon focused on the camera's LCD screen, clouds rushed in! I never got around to using my diagonal, however. The "straight-through" arrang
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