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  1. Guylain Thanks, I had to download it twice, first attempt didn't install correctly, but the second install went well and seems to like the new T7 just fine... I've really missed Byeos since my T3 failed. I feel so much better now.😃
  2. Just purchased a new Canon T7. When trying to connect to BYEOS I get these 14:26:36 Licensed to Brian Clark 14:26:58 Attempting to connect camera... 14:26:58 Canon drivers 'Canon\' initialized. 14:26:58 DEVICEINFO DESCRIPTION IS MTP USB Device 14:26:58 DEVICEINFO NUMBER IS 2971957769. 14:26:58 YOUR *REAL* MODEL NUMBER IS 2147484722(80000432) 14:26:58 YOUR camera is not currently supported by the Canon SDK available at the time of this software release. 14:26:58 Camera Not Found! Make sure it's connected to the PC and turned ON 14:27:46 Attempting to connect camera... 14:27:46 Canon drivers 'Canon\' initialized. 14:27:46 DEVICEINFO DESCRIPTION IS Canon EOS Rebel T7 14:27:46 DEVICEINFO NUMBER IS 2971957769. 14:27:46 YOUR *REAL* MODEL NUMBER IS 2147484722(80000432) 14:27:46 YOUR camera is not currently supported by the Canon SDK available at the time of this software release. 14:27:46 Camera Not Found! Make sure it's connected to the PC and turned ON Do I need to update my BYEOS ? and where do I go to update?
  3. Rick Actually that is the answer I was hoping for. I was more fearing that USB was obsolete. I didn't think that WiFi would be best for this application. Although on my old T3 it is the USB connection that failed my curiosity was piqued. Thanks for the input .
  4. I've been away from BYEOS for a year or more. My old T3 stopped communicating with the laptop and I could not afford to by a new camera. Now I'm looking at an updated T7 cameras, but now they are WiFi capable. My question is when using the newer cameras are they still using the USB port to the laptop or does BYEOS now use a WiFi connection? Sorry for having to ask such a beginner question. Brian
  5. Rick, that was one of the first things I tried. I couldn't locate the original CD so I downloaded it from the Canon site. Other than the communication issue via the cable the T3 is functioning properly. I may be forced to replace the camera body in my astro imaging kit. I love BYEOS but I'm not so sure about the Canon being the right camera and I purchased BYEOS and the T3 within weeks of each other. The Canon sees very light use and now I have to weigh my options for the future. The BYEOS forum and the members are great and don't abandon their customers like certain camera manufactures, I won't mention their name: I'll just look in their general direction and whistle. lol
  6. Found the reset settings. I had to put the camera in manual to get all the options to list. I reset all functions to factory. No change still not recognized by the lap top. But your suggestions are appreciated and I thank you.
  7. Thanks s3igell. I visited the Canon service site. They no longer support the T3. Too old, just like me. Factory reset? How? I can't download anything UBS connection is not functioning is there a settings control for this reset? Thanks for the information.
  8. I just attached the camera to another lap top... same issue .... It must be the T3... Thanks for hanging in there with your suggestions. Camera seems to work fine other than that issue with controlling it via USB cable. I'll have to contact Canon about possible R&R. Brian
  9. Tried the media update . No change, still does not recognize the USB device, code 43.
  10. Guylain The device manager list it as an unknown device (code43) under driver I'm given the choice to uninstall the device or up date driver. If I uninstall the device will allow a clean install the next time I connect the T3? I am quite certain that the issue is not with my BYEOS so I really appreciate that you are willing to help. Brian
  11. Thanks for the response Rick .I downloaded the 3.17 update and had already purchased a new cable. Still no connection. I attempted with a second desk top computer that had Nebulosity installed... still no go. Looks like the Camera is at fault. I would have been happier with a software or cable issue, but that's not where the trail seems to lead.
  12. After successful use for a couple of years then a year off for health reasons. I am getting error messages saying the camera (T3 )is not recognized V301.16 Premium and the last time it was used an error my have occurred. I've replaced the camera/computer cord with no success and checked to see if my USB drivers are up to date and that checks out. I've tried with a fresh battery and using an AC adapter same results. I want to get back into DSLR AP...Anyone have experience with this issue or Ideas to determine for sure it is a camera issue or not?
  13. I also have Nebulosity 4 but for capture I prefer the BYEOS interface. The next session I will use it for capture and stacking or maybe just stacking to get DSS out of the loop. Brian
  14. I have to make it clear that I am not use to the black arts of programing. I've looked at other saved files in Word ect. and they're all "read only" under properties and they have not caused me any issues. I presume that is not the issue then. Creating a New folder in my BYEOS folder and then opening the original folder from the nights capture and copying and pasteing sets into the New folder for some reason allows DSS to accept these copies for processing. The New folder also has "read only" checked under properties. I just hate to shuffle through this process before processing plus having to delete the original data. I'm fortunate in that I live where good viewing nights a far apart and few in number so the extra steps wont cut into my observing time often. Thanks for everyones input. Brian
  15. I just got off the phone with Microsoft support They could not help they claimed that DSS was the program that was causing the issue. I'm not convinced. Brian
  16. I did a couple of things. I uninstalled DSS and reinstalled it. I also copied and moved a few of the BYEOS files into new folder and attempted to process this batch. Seems to have solved the issue. I really wish I had tried each solution indepentantly so I could say for sure where the issue was. I have a few more sets to process some of which are still in the orginal folders I'll work on these after my grandpa duties are over today and I should be able to tell if it was DSS or BYEOS I suspect DSS. I'll report back. Thanks for the support! Brian
  17. I am using 3.1.0 premium I can drag the images from my BYEOS folder and drop them and see them in the preview screen. I just can't get DSS to process the images the images are visable in DSS but not able to be processed. I get a" folder is read only message" in DSS also I have to run BYEOS as admin in order to have the photos saved at all. All these issues started after the Window 10 change. I have reinstalled BYEOS after the change but the problem is still there. I will try to open the photos and wiork with them in Nebulosit 4 to see if it is just a DSS issue. Thank all of you responders for your help. Brian Brian
  18. I just switched from W 8.1 to W10 and now my capture files are being saved as read only in my BYEOS folder and DSS can't process them, Is that a BYEOS or DSS or Windows 10 issue? I tried to deselect read only on the folder Properties but they remain read only. Is there a setting in the BYEOS program that I have messed up? Brian
  19. Guylain that tutorial was a great help for me. Thanks. I'll be watching it or parts of it over again. Brian
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