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  1. Just bought TEMPerHUM from TaoBao, then configure the Weather Information Centre in Backyard Nikon with TEMPerHUM use "Text File Delimited" method , I wrote whole setup in my Blog , see this article. Maybe any version TEMPerHUM will do the work.
  2. I have completed the above-mentioned my idea with the program written in VB 2010. If you know Chinese, you can download and give a try. If you don't understand, you can follow the steps in the figure and the youtub demo video . Because BYN didn't count time for image transfer to computer(it start "Pause" when transfer complete), so I have to manually add "interval" about 3 sec in my prog. If BYN count the transfer time into "Pause", then my prog will SYNC well. 1. choose mount 2.connect 3.No of shoots 4.exposure time of each image 5.interval between each image (= BYN 's Pause) 6. Start and countdown 5 sec Sorry, no translations into English. timelapseV2.exe.zip
  3. Shooting this time-lapse video is actually a God's gift. At 3 o'clock in the afternoon of 3/11, I arrived at the B&B in the fog, and occasionally it rained. The equipment full of luggage on the car is equipped with heavy equipment for shooting DSO (iOptron CEM25-P, PoleMaster, Modded Nikon D610 + Nikon EH-5 with Nikon EH-5B, SIGMA 150-600mm F5-6.3 DG OS HSM C (SIGMA APO 1.4x EX DG, Kenko 2x NAS Tteleplus MC4) ,QHY5L-II-M CCD +Pentax Takuma 300mm F4(Guide scope), Lenovo IdeaPad 120S, HP ENVY Ultrabook (remote control in the house) The dense fog has no signs of dispersal. So I checked the dynamic trend of the satellite image of the Central Meteorological Administration and found that there might be a chance to shoot in the midnight. Then I started Stellarium and skillfully found out that it might be around 4:00 am have the opportunity to shoot the Milk-way. Adjust the mobile phone's alarm to am 3:30, then get up if the clouds are not scattered and then continue to sleep, so go to bed early at 11 o'clock in the evening. Get up am 3:30, put on coat and go outside - starry sky! Fortunately, I also took the Nikon AFS 17-35mm F2.8 + Sony A7R2 + interval timer + tripod and went to the open space in front of the house.(there is no enough time to shot DSO) When I was shooting, I took a few test shots and found that the image of the Milkway too dull. After thinking about it, I decided not to use the camera’s time-lapse app, but to use interval timer to shoot RAW files. From 4:38:47 am to 5:28:25 am, a total of 104 shots. Since the shooting conditions are the same for each shot, I can record 1 shot's post-process steps(includes shrank image to 3840X2160 for making 4K video) into Action macros, and then batch-process the other 100 images and convert them into TIF images. These converted TIF images can be read into QuickTime 7 (I use 8 frames per sec)and converted into a video file - and that is the final Milkway time-lapse video I made.
  4. Your video is very great. For a urban resident living with a serious light pollution, your location is really enviable! I have to drive for more than an hour to get to the hills where less light pollution.
  5. As for the Sequence Generator Pro suggested by the netizen, after reading its manual, it can be done by purchasing Pro for $99. Just for such a small function, think about it or not, after all, I mainly shoot DSO. Further to understand ASCOM, watch the video introduced by the official website, I feel that using visual studio (can be used free of charge) should not be difficult to write a control program, and the program I have written is still in the era of C, so long time no contact, just a coding environment probably has to adapt for a long time. Although it is just a small program, it is a new challenge for myself, and it can avoid Alzheimer's disease.
  6. Thank you for your detailed reply, my thoughts should not be feasible.
  7. I know what you said, but I may still not be clear enough. I want to take a series of images in the same composition (maybe all night), so that the time-lapse video can see the movement of the Milkyway. For example, the Milkyway time-lapse video I shot before, @17mm F2.8 ISO 2500 exposure 25s(No tracking), if each photo of Milkyway can be exposed for more than 1min, that can get more details (this requires Tracking, otherwise it will get startrail-images.)
  8. "Close Tracking" I mean "STOP Tracking" My original intention was to take timelapse for Milk Way, and then it is possible to shoot all night. Generally, wide-angle lens with short exposure is not need Tracking, but I hope to have a longer exposure for better image , then Tracking is required for shooting, and after each shot (the composition has changed) needs to go back to the original composition.
  9. Think about it for a moment, maybe you don't have to stop or start Tracking, just record the initial position, and then keep tracking. When the first shot is taken, the BYN command returns the GOTO to the original position, and then shoots the next one, repeating the process until the number of shots is set. Such a function should be able to join it! Or BYN can send a command to AstroTortilla to return the equatorial to its initial position (send before each shot, pause for a while, then take the next one, so that these settings can be done in Capture Plan Center) Another question: I just downloaded version 2.0.10 and found that the camera menu has Z7 and Z6. Since it is not owned yet, do you want to confirm support for these two models? So I will buy it. (Just found out that using Google Translate makes it easy for me to type Chinese and turn it into English)
  10. But , if this is the case, you can only shoot one by one manually. The key is that if BYN can support it, it can be easily set in Capture Plan Center. Even more, A wide-angle lens with a small aperture and even a fisheye lens( such as Nikon AF-S Fisheye 8-15mm F3.5-4.5 E ED) can come in handy when the exposure time can be extended.
  11. Thank you for your reply. Had to continue to use BYN & PHD 2 to shoot DSO.
  12. I know use a wide-angle lens in short exposure time do not need tracking, but if I want take image with exposure time greater than 30s @17mm F2.8 to get better image of Milk Way tracking is needed. Since BYN can use ASCOM control mount, is it possible that BYN could add these function: 1.Mount with camera being set a good composition(close tracking), then record mount position. 2.send command to start tracking and shooting (EX. 5 mins),when done, close tracking 3.send command to mount GOTO origin position (record in Step 1.) 4.repeat 2.-3. till how many images will take. My native language is Chinese(came from Taiwan), I hope that my poor English expression ability will also let you know my thoughts.
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