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  1. It's (now) in the pre-release section: https://www.otelescope.com/files/file/80-backyardeos-3118-pre-release/ It looks like there is also an unreleased RC8 build that works with the M50, but I haven't seen a link. I'd love to see an M5 build, but my reading of the EOS Utilities manual seems pretty clear that remote control of the M5 (and older) mirrorless is unlikely. Now all I need is Magic Lantern support for the M6mkII, and I'll be out of things to hope for. grnbrg.
  2. At the risk of asking a stupid question... Why not use the JPG (if available) for the EXIF data? It should be essentially (if not completely) identical. Is there anything specific you'd like me to try with RC7? grnbrg.
  3. Well, that was fast. The M6mkII connected to BYE without incident. Focus/LiveView mode worked. I added a simple series of images, two bulb and one programmed shutter speed, different ISO settings and different apertures, with files to be placed on the PC and camera, and hit the button. Two minutes later I had 3 sets of images on my laptop, all exposed as intended. Both JPG and CR3 files. The JPGs were previewed in BYE as the exposure series was taken, as well. The only questionable issue I see is that the reported EXIF data for many fields appears to be interpreted incorrectly - my 90 second exposure, for example, is being reported as a 1 second video file. Nothing wrong with the images, just the EXIF text files. Log and a sample EXIF file attached. But 3.1.18RC7 support for the M6mkII is functional, and entirely usable. (At least based on a quick run though...) I await the next test build. Thanks! grnbrg. logfile-[20191005-21h16m10s317]-[1084]-2019-10-05.txt M6mkII-Test_LIGHT_90s_100iso_f8_20191005-21h17m43s258ms.CR3.EXIF.txt
  4. USB. Full remote control. Camera connected via USB, EU allowed live view, modification of most of the common shooting settings, and I did two 60 second bulb exposures, one with the mechanical shutter, and one with the new full electronic shutter. Behaviour is essentially identical to my other Canon DSLRs. A BYE 3.1.18RC6 log file of the attempted connection is in your inbox. grnbrg.
  5. The USB-C port allows full remote control. I suspect (but haven't tested) that you can also do full remote control over wifi. Bluetooth likely only allows remote shutter, at best -- when using the Android camera app, many of the more complex functions when only connected with Bluetooth started the auto-wifi-setup routine.... There is also the standard 2.5mm (?) phono jack used by the standard Canon wired remote shutter release. I haven't tested that, either, but it's fairly definitively labelled. grnbrg.
  6. Just downloaded the latest EOS Utility, and plugged in my shiny new M6mkII. Full remote USB control, and made a couple of 60 second bulb exposures. Brian.
  7. It may be worth pointing out that the manual for the latest version of the EOS Utility (released on August 29th, 2019) clearly indicates that the EOS R, EOS RP are fully capable of tethered, remote shooting. The M50 also appears to be supported, but does *NOT* allow the "Bulb Timer" to be set, which may or may not mean that general bulb exposures are not possible. This version also includes support for the new 90D and M6 Mark II, both of which seem fully supported. I expect to have an M6 Mark II early in October, and will post my results when it arrives. I have spent a lot of time writing and debugging code, so hopefully I can be a helpful and responsive guinea pig to get M6mkII support tested. As far as the new CR3 raw files.... From posts in the libraw github, it looks like that team has reverse engineered the format, and they expect to have CR3 support in the fall (next) update, so that should help. (I assume BYE (And BYN...) uses libraw, but I could be wrong.) grnbrg.
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