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  1. rm1541

    Camera Selectio

    That did the trick! Thanks! Also I would like to ask: 1. The installer installed three icons, Camera BYE 3.1, Bye 3.1 camera 2 and BackYard Red.. I have two cameras, the EOS 70D and the new EPS R. Should I use one icon for each or is there a way to sett up two cameras in the application itself? The Red one seems to piut everything in night mode... Rafael
  2. rm1541

    Camera Selectio

    The Daylight icon didn't do anything. I will delete the app and reinstall and try again. Thanks...
  3. rm1541

    Camera Selectio

    I just downloaded version 3.1.18 I have 2 questions: 1. Start screen is loaded in red, anyway to change to daylight real colors, like I see on the video tutorial? 2. When I click on Connect Camera a blank screen pops up, no place to select a camera ( I have a EOS 70D). Tried connecting the camera to the laptop, but no deference. Rafael
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