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  1. From a 2014 thread, I see that one can dither without auto-guiding - something recommended to me by the creator of StarTools. So I want to give that a go, and have a questions. The 2014 post said Follow these steps to configure both BackyardEOS/BackyardNIKON and PHD for dithering. In BackyardEOS or BackyardNIKON Start BackyardEOS or BackyardNIKON. Click the "PHD" button, just right on the Camera Information Centre. This is a toggle ON/OFF button. Start an image capture plan as you normally would. Question 1: Does this feature require a Premium Edition for BYN? Question 2: What is the recommended physical connection between PC and mount for a Celestron SE mount. Is it to the mount AUX or is it to the NexStar/NexStar+/StarSense HC? Question 3: Under the dithering configuration, is ASCOM or PHD preferred? Thank you You are now dithering between each image.
  2. Update: Saving to PC only is now employed with good results. SOME UNEXPECTED TEST RESULTS: On my Lenovo AMD PC, capturing 10 light frames (ISO 1600 .25 seconds) results in consistent failure using powered USB cable consistently on just one USB 2.0 port configured as Standard OpenHCD USB Host Controller. Same PC, same powered cable, I get no failures on a USB 3.0 port. This despite the fact that the Startech cable is USB 2.0 and (I suspect) the Nikon USB out is USB 2.0 This USB 3.0 Port is confgured as Standard Enhanced PCI to USB Host Controller. Notes: The same results occur with or without the Startech cable powered or unpowered over the 15 meter length! Time to download 10 images to PC only: 1:30 to 1:40 over powered AND unpowered Startech cable. Time to download 10 images to PC only using delivered Nikon USB cable: 1:40 Time to download 10 images to Camera only: 0:50. Conclusions: Cable length and powered did not factor in. Camera only image save is much more faster (with obvious drawback) USB port capability is key Comments welcome. John
  3. Replying to the above posts: s3igell: The cable I am using should be up to the task. It is a StarTech.com 15m USB 2.0 Active Extension Cable - M/F - 15 meter USB 2.0 Repeater Cable Cord - USB A Male to USB A Female - 15 m, Black (USB2AAEXT15M) Granted it is 15 m and does not have a mid-length device, nor is it what is indicated as a preferred 2X 7m lengths. However it is used for this purpose by others and I have yet to identify an specific concerns about it. I will ask what the purpose of a powered hub is if neither of the connected devices are powered over USB? At least that is my working assumption: the scope is separately 12v powered; the camera is separately powered. Is the serial-usb converter not powered from the scope? Regardless, I will test further with only the supplied Nikon USB short cable. Astroman: I will certainly move to PC only given your comment and test further. Anything more is redundant and might be problematic for the D5300. Thanks for the guidance here. Re the delay, I am using the D5300 function to delay the exposure to occur .5 seconds after the shutter rises. I see it reflected in the log as a 500 ms delay, and I can here it working for each exposure. Whether it dampens any vibration is speculative but I have seen it suggested if there is apparent motion in an exposure that is otherwise not explained. It is accessed via Nikon's menu as follows: <Menu> <Custom Settings Menu> <d Shooting/Display> <d5 Exposure delay mode = ON> Admin: I will observe the battery removal step after any future failures and certainly move to Camera only. I would never have thought to do this. I will do further testing and report. 'All support is appreciated. Thank you.
  4. 'Appreciate the super-prompt replies and will post back later this PM.
  5. Replying to both queries above: Long Exposure NR is OFF as are most Nikon features. Exposure delay is .5 seconds to reduce possible camera vibration. A retest failed after attempting a SINGLE image capture a single light and record it to PC + Camera. I aborted the session successfully, reconnected the camera and successfully captured a single image to Camera only, and then successfully captured a single image to PC + Camera so the results are not consistent. To eliminate possible issues, I have removed the unpowered USB hub and have directly connected the D5300 to the powered USB cable. Two log files are attached for reference. Again, my thanks. logfile-[20200120-16h30m28s850]-[8220]-2020-01-20.txt logfile-[20200120-16h02m17s453]-[7144]-2020-01-20.txt
  6. I am trying to troubleshoot recurring failed imaging sessions. I am using BYN 2.0.10 on Windows 10 with a Nikon D5300. The log shows a time-out when attempting to save images to PC+Camera. Things seem to be fine if save to Camera only is selected, suggesting to me that I have a data transfer issue. I am using a quality powered USB cable and an upowered hub connected to two devices, neither requiring power over USB. 15:00:31 Licensed to xxxxxxx 15:01:00 Attempting to connect camera... 15:05:04 Imaging session started. 15:05:11 Imaging session completed successfully 15:05:37 Imaging session started. 15:06:49 Imaging session completed successfully 15:07:03 Imaging session started. 15:07:17 NIKON SDK ERROR: [kNkMAIDResult_CameraNotFound] (kNkMAIDCommand_CapStart, 20, kNkMAIDDataType_Null, 0) 15:08:01 Copy to clipboard 15:08:08 Imaging session cancelled 15:08:08 Image download timeout, process terminated after 59 seconds 15:08:18 NIKON SDK ERROR: [kNkMAIDResult_SessionFailure] (kNkMAIDCommand_Open, 1, kNkMAIDDataType_ObjectPtr, 490138596) 15:09:20 NIKON SDK ERROR: [kNkMAIDResult_SessionFailure] (kNkMAIDCommand_Open, 1, kNkMAIDDataType_ObjectPtr, 490124660) 15:10:21 NIKON SDK ERROR: [kNkMAIDResult_SessionFailure] (kNkMAIDCommand_Open, 1, kNkMAIDDataType_ObjectPtr, 490103080) While I am trying to trace down the issue, a key problem is being unable to escape this condition. The Abort command fails and the application retains a "Busy" status. If I attempt to close the program, a prompt indicates a capture session is running and asks if I am sure I want to quit. When I say to quit, the application appears frozen. I need to invoke Task Manager to terminate the program, however sometimes even the Task Manager cannot be invoked, requiring a hard power recycle. Is there another way to exit the program? Is the SDK error communication related? Thanks in advance.
  7. deansj

    USB cable lenght?

    Just checking in on this thread. I use a StarTech.com 15m USB 2.0 Active Extension Cable - M/F - 15 meter USB 2.0 Repeater Cable Cord - USB A Male to USB A Female - 15 m, Black (USB2AAEXT15M) It seems to connect fine via an unpowered USB hub without the included power adapter and am well beyond the so-called length limits of unpowered cables. My question is whether these so-called length limits apply neither connected device (in my case a D5300 and a NexStar mount) requires USB power? I am experiencing intermittent connection issues with with BYN however these occur whether or not I am using the power adapter. Advice above from s3igell is to use both a powered cable and a powered hub, but is that not "overkill" on the power? (I know if it works, don't knock it 🙂 I would appreciate your comments, with thanks!
  8. After struggling connecting to my just-bought Nikon D5300, the following step was taken, resolving the problem on 3 of 3 Windows PCs that I experienced the issue on: Following the connection failure message, I went into Settings, Advanced Settings, Reset Defaults, Apply, Save, Save. The Connection was immediately successful at next attempt. Previously I was unable to connect my D40x, but lacking LiveView, I abandoned that DSLR in favour of the D5300. I can't say for certain if/how this tweak did the trick, but the result was the right one :-) Could a switch/setting have crept into the software that needed to be changed, and doing the above effected that change? Hopefully this share helps others.
  9. Trial complete. Same result: 15:46:59 Licensed to deansj 15:47:26 Attempting to connect camera... 15:47:26 Nikon2015/D40X drivers initialized. 15:47:34 Camera Not Found! Make sure it's connected to the PC and turned ON I verified that the SD in the camera is indeed readable and therefore that I had a good cable connection. HOWEVER!! I have installed the same version on an old Intel CPU PC and have been able to connect. I can verify that MTP/PTP is the correct USB mode - not Mass Storage. That leaves me to attempt to find out what is different in PC's operating environment. This may prove impossible of course. If you have any areas for me to investigate, please share those. I have a plan for evaluating the software now. If I like the software, I will buy a full license and a new Nikon D5300 with LiveView. I appreciate your assistance. I will try an install of the software onto another computer, to rule out any PC local issues.
  10. BYN 2.0.9 Trial version is being used. For the D40x model (a great vintage ) USB only two options. The other is mass storage. My understanding of that option is for access to SD card. "When the camera is in the PTP (Picture Transfer Protocol) mode, it appears to the computer as a camera. As such, aside from basic file transfer tasks it allows you to remotely control the camera (fire the shutter, change exposure, etc.) as well as use various advanced features (custom curves, additional settings, etc.). Generally speaking most PTP drivers will also mount the camera's memory card, so you'll have all the functionality of MSC as well." The above comment seems supported by my experience using DigiCameraContol. No communications is possible to that software using Mass Storage" mode. Regards
  11. C++ redistributable was installed, but required a repair. Repair completed. PC restarted. BYN restarted. Connection failed under Vista compatibility setting with this log: 12:41:44 Licensed to deansj 12:42:38 Attempting to connect camera... 12:42:38 Nikon2015/D40X drivers initialized. 12:42:46 Camera Not Found! Make sure it's connected to the PC and turned ON No C++ errors. Are there further troubleshooting options? Regards.
  12. Condition: Camera not connecting: Nikon D40x, fully charged, few file on SD card Direct USB cable connection to PC working – indicated by other capture software USB mode set to MTP/PTP (not mass storage) Windows 10 on ASUS running on AMD chipset Connection attempt times out (never ends – need to kill BYN) Other compatibility options tested and failed. Elevated privileges used, same result. Sample Log using XP SP3 compatibility test mode: Nikon 2015 selected, followed by D40x selection 11:25:55 Licensed to deansj 11:27:05 Attempting to connect camera... 11:27:05 Nikon2015/D40X drivers initialized. 11:27:12 Camera Not Found! Make sure it's connected to the PC and turned ON Following one test where the connection attempt just kept going, I killed the BYN and had this error: (Screeny attached) C++ Error.docx
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