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  1. Awesome! Looking forward to this as well!
  2. I have a Z6 and access to a Z7. Will be glad to test as well.
  3. No problem. I have a Z6 on the way and dad has a Z7 - no problem being test subjects!
  4. https://sdk.nikonimaging.com/apply/ The SDK does seem to mention the Z6 & Z7 so fingers crossed! Following with interest - also considering taking the leap...
  5. I spent a bit of time last night comparing them. I saw no obvious mismatches. All the Parallels settings were the same as was everything I can find in the Windows settings. However - I did discover a bit to my surprise that the original VM was Windows "N" variant. (stripped down of multimedia stuff). I'm surprised if that mattered. Maybe MS also stripped out some camera driver support in N. The primary function of that VM is my software development work so it was installed from a MSDN subscription and I never noticed the missing features. The new one is a clean straight up Win
  6. So I finally got a cable for my D7200. It failed miserably as well. So I said screw it and created a brand spankin' new Parallels Windows 10 VM and that solved the problems! So I am in business. I'll rock this for a bit until I find a great deal on a dedicated windows laptop. Thanks for all the input!
  7. Thanks and will do. Can't wait to start using the software - looks awesome! I created a support request with Parallels. Let's see how that goes...
  8. Did everything in this post: https://kb.parallels.com/en/111725 Downloaded trial version of Camera Control Pro from Nikon - it doesn't work either. I think I gotta find a cable for my D7100 and see if that works better than the D300. Prefer the 300 as it is modified. Dedicated laptop is looking better!
  9. Yes. And as administrator just for good measure too. Didn't work. To eliminate problems with the camera and the cables I brought the camera to work today and tried it on my Windows 10 work machine. That connected right up.
  10. @admin - I tried both sets of drivers for the D300 - still no joy. If I switch the in camera setting for USB from MTP/PTP to Mass Storage Windows 10 recognizes the camera as a drive as it should. I do have USB 3.0 shared to Windows. I'll try to do a search again.
  11. Thanks for the response. The memory card is empty. Nothing I know of is using the USB - not sure how to 100% be sure though. The log goes through initializing the drivers "Type0001_D300\Type0001.md3" without any logged issues - It just has the "Camera Not Found! Make sure it's connected to the PC and turned ON :)" Thanks for the help! logfile-[20180304-13h02m27s492]-[5388]-2018-03-04.txt
  12. Hi Any suggestions to minimum requirements to successfully run BYN? Looking for a cheap laptop/netbook or similar that I can use in the field and keep my expensive laptop home where it is safe! Thanks in advance
  13. Hello. I am unable to connect to my Nikon D300 running Parallels on my MacBook. It works using Lightroom on the Mac side and shows up in the Windows device manager (see attached). Know issue? Any suggestions? Or do I have to accelerate my plans to get a cheap Win10 laptop for asto purposes? Thanks!
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