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  1. PoppaChris


    But I don't see it in the Downloads area. Whoops! I found it... No need for it just yet. I'm still using a 550D (T2i)
  2. PoppaChris


    When do you anticipate releasing this new update?
  3. Did you try also covering the viewfinder on the camera? I've had light leak on my darks by not covering it with my Canon T2i. With it covered the problem was solved.
  4. I see that the Background Worker is now optional and is disabled by default. Other than having to wait for files to download to the computer between image captures, is there any other effect by having it disabled? I can see disabling it for some shorter duration images or AVIs, say 2 minutes or less, and using it for longer image/AVI captures. Does this make sense?
  5. BTW... What happened to using YAHOO for weather info in 3.1.7? It was there in 3.1.6... It not even a possible selection in 317.
  6. Thanks for the tip. Yes, it was the Background Worker. Your tip did prompt me to shut the computer down and reboot. Then before anything else, I temporarily disabled Norton Internet Security. Then I checked my download folder for the Setup-BackyardEOS-v317 file and executed it again. This time everything worked beautifully and I now have a clean install. I should have done this procedure from the beginning. I knew better. Sigh... Getting older is not for sissies...
  7. Swarm of installation errors. 3.1.7 downloads easily but when trying to install I keep getting errors where certain file need to be automatically closed but I keep getting an error code 5 - acess denied... I even uninstalled 3.1.6 to try a new clean install, same problems. On my 4th attempt I just kept hitting IGNORE for each error and the files finally extracted. But when I open BYE it still says 3.1.6 in the opening startup frame. There is an additional icon on my desktop marked 3.1 Camera 2 but it won't open anything. I am running Windows 10 professional. HELP!
  8. Next release? Can you give an approximate date for this yet?
  9. The 5 minute rule is something I did not know about. Sounds like a very good feature.
  10. Curious... I was running Win 7 Pro when I had my issues. I'm now running Win 10 Pro on the same machine. How is your "busy" time with the native encoder? Do you need to limit the number of captures waiting in the queue until they clear? I still try to limit to no more than 3 or 4 before waiting on things to catch up.
  11. Perhaps I misspoke myself. It was not my intent to say that the encoder would lock up BYE all the time. It only happened to me when there several ( 3 or more ) videos waiting in the queue and would force me to reboot my laptop. I merely meant to say that your previous (and very helpful) advice to use VirtualDub was a great deal of help with this issue. I have not had a repeat offense since I followed your suggestion. Trust me when I say that I'm a HUGE fan of BYE and only think the very highest of your work in creating it and the superb support you give to it.
  12. Found it! www.otelescope.com/index.php?/topic/213-how-to-use-virtualdub-to-encode-planetary-avi-movies-automatically/#entry1416
  13. Really? I distinctly remember your advice to add Virtual Dub to the BackYardTEMP folder because you had licensing issues and couldn't add it to BYE (or some similar situation). It's inclusion certainly helped the lock-ups I used to have. Search your previous threads to look for this issue. I'll do the same and we can refresh our memories.
  14. I thought we needed Virtual Dub to prevent the Backyard Worker from locking up BYE when the number of AVIs to be compiled and downloaded to the PC grew past 1 or 2 files. Is this still true?
  15. Possibly the best advice would be to buy a decent used Windows laptop and dedicate it to astrophotography...
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