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  1. Solved!!

    Thank you all. The problem was in my laptop and after digging around in the MS forums found the following solution - it's great to see images in the preview pane now!

    Press Windows + R

    Type in Regedit

    Go to : HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE>SOFTWARE>Microsoft>Windows>CurrentVersion>Policies>System

    Find the key EnableLUA and change 1 to 0

    Press  OK and restart computer

    Thanks again.

  2. 10 hours ago, admin said:

    Maybe, but I find it odd that the event of a drag/drop image in the image area is not even fired. There is nothing special about this event vs other events.  I'm stumped.

    It doesn't seem to be a BYEOS event. When I slide the image across the window of file explorer I get the normal ghost image but as soon as it crosses the window's boundary the ghost changes to the 'no entry' symbol which is why I suspect it didn't register in my log file since it wasn't recognised by BYEOS as an event. 

    9 hours ago, s3igell said:

    Does this PC/Laptop have any special provenance??  Was it originally built for Work Usage - maybe a Locked-Down Environment?? Or running within a VM??

    Do the selected File Names or Directory Path from which they come have anything special??  Special Characters??  Stored on an External / Network Source??

    Thank you. All good points. The laptop was bought by me directly from Dell and has only been used for normal home use.

    I've checked the file names and directory paths and can't see anything amiss. Everything is stored in the computer apart from image files which are stored directly onto an external hard drive

    Thank you all for your help and suggestions which have narrowed the problem down to something in my setup.

  3. I wonder if that's the root of my problem. None of my log files have that line - or anything like it- in them. Does this perhaps indicate what Rick mentioned and that the problem is in my computer. Normally BYEOS works fine in use and otherwise I have no trouble sliding any of my files into new locations

  4. Thank you Rick, this is what I'd suspected. I have only been using one PC - a Dell laptop which was upgraded to W10 from W8.1.  I shall take your advice and investigate the workings of the PC. Otherwise BYEOS works fine but I'm just trying a dry-run in daylight using CDC and ASTAP for plate solving using some of my past images.

    Thank you for your help and advice.

  5. I'm running BackyardEOS on W10 with Canon 600D (3Ti).

    I have been unable to drag and drop .CR2 or .jpg files from my BYEOS folder in File Explorer to the preview pane with camera disconnected, or to the image pane with it connected. I've checked all the app permission folders in Security. When I try to drag and drop the files I get a circle with diagonal line even when waiting for several seconds. I'm obviously missing something and any help would be very welcome please.

  6. Thanks s3igell. That's the best explanation about USB hub usage I've seen. I have re routed cabling so that the guide camera and dslr now have their own dedicated sockets leaving anything else to go through the hub. On a trial daylight run (using the dog as the subject!),it appears to work just fine. Thanks again.


  7. s3igell, thanks for the reassurance. At the moment I have everything connected to the laptop via a powered USB hub and I'm just wondering whether my cables or the routing of them may be slowing things down. I reckon I need to experiment a bit but would be interested to learn how others connect all the various devices to their computers when there 's not quite enough USB sockets.


  8. Hi all

    I'm using Windows 7 64 bit with i3 processor and 4 GB RAM. I've just been using the planetary imaging section on the sun with my 18 Mp 600d. I've been capturing 2500 frames and the average size each file is approx. 5.2 GB.


    The first 6 movies were fine but after that nothing else was saved onto the hard drive although 2 files were shown in the processing window in BYEOS, (version 3.03 premium).There is loads of space on the hard drive. BYEOS appeared to have frozen, although I'm sure that was just the effect and not the cause.


    As a relative novice, have I jammed up my system? I should mention that the only other processes running on the computer were EQMOD controlling the mount and Cartes du Ciel.


    I get the feeling that I might be asking too much of the laptop but would welcome any hints which would allow me to capture more than half a dozen movies.



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