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  1. The title of this post says it all.
  2. It is working now. As it turns out, Windows became corrupted prior to the installation of BYN. I had to reinstall but thanks the stars for cloud backup of my files. Thanks for your help.
  3. I can try that, but looking closer at the before mentioned message, it was dated at over a year ago.
  4. When I bring up Windows Device Manager I can see the camera listed under USB devices. But, when I look in Explores, I don't see the camera listed as an additional drive. So I can't transfer files from the camera to my hard drive. Digging further within Device Manager I found the following: "Device USB\VID_04B0&PID_0430\2510246 requires further installation." Any Ideas?
  5. Is it possible that another software may be conflicting with BYN? If so, could you suggest programs to be on the lookout for?
  6. Tried the reset. No luck. The cable I'm using is about 30" long. I've tried three different cables of various length. The one I'm using now is the shortest. I'm not using a hub and I've tried all of the USB connection on my laptop.
  7. Tried it. Still no luck.
  8. Tried two other shorter cables. No luck. But the camera does show up in Device Manager. I would assume that means the cables are good. The camera does not have wifi, so that isn't it either. Also tried the older drives, still no luck.
  9. I did not know this, but both cards were formatted prior to attempting a connection with BYN. So....that isn't the problem. I didn't mention it in the original post, but I'm running Windows 10. logfile-[20190508-17h35m20s061]-[10152]-2019-05-08.txt
  10. BYN won't connect to my D7100. I've tried several cables. Updated to the newest camera firmware (it wouldn't connect with the older firmware either), tried reinstalling BYN. What should I try next? I should add that the version of BYN I'm using is 2.0.10. Robert
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