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  1. I just upgraded my Backyard Nikon and every time I start it, I have to re-enter my User Name/ID.   The key is there, but the ID is blank.  I've entered it in settings as well as at log on but it keeps asking to validate.  What am I doing wrong?  Thanks.


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      This is an automated message.
      Free support for BackyardEOS and BackyardNIKON is offered exclusively through the online support forum.  We monitor the support forum regularly, and we read ALL posts several times daily.
      If your inquiry is regarding a license key please remember that your key is your private data and should never be posted on a public forum, including the O'Telescope support forum.
      Thank you
  2. SailmmIV

    Mirror Up

    Thanks, I will keep that in mind and not worry about it.
  3. SailmmIV

    Mirror Up

    Thank you both for your responses. I'm using a Celestron C8SE on an AVX mount. However, between the back of the SCT and the back of the Nikon (sensor) there is a Moonlite focuser and rotator as well as a T-adapter for the DSLR. That's a lot of distance between the two optics. My past experience from 50yrs of industrial and commercial photography with tripods on location have taught me the the further the camera is located from the designed point of attachment (where the legs come together), the more likely there is a potential for unwanted vibrations. I saw the post from 2018 and wondered if that would help remover one more variable from my imaging process. I thought the test with the D850 might have been successful so I posted to find out. I'm sure it's difficult working with all the makes and models of Nikons and Canons, so my hat's off to you for such a nice piece of software. I have enjoyed my BYN and hope to continue trying to learn this new hobby of mine. Thanks again for both of your replies.
  4. SailmmIV

    Mirror Up

    I have an astro modified Nikon D610 and I use BYN for my imaging plan. I've been reading through the documentation and somehow I discovered your March 21, 2018 post where you were testing a D810 and mirror lock up. Is it possible to do lock up the mirror with the D610? I'm using a Celestron C8SE on an AVX mount. Regards, John Harris MultiMedia, LLC Aerial and Scenic Photography JohnHarrisPhotos.Com 718 Humphrey Dr Haughton, LA 71037 318-949-2238 Phone 318-840-7982 Mobile Please excuse my spelling as my "smart" computer often "corrects" my "dumb" typing.
  5. I successful started BYN, started TSX and connected to BYN as a camera, then in TSX connected the mount, the autoguide scope and the Moonlite focuser. Four green "ready" or "connected" indicators. I disconnected each device one at a time and then shut down both programs, BYN and TSX. I checked email and then launched BYN again. The D750 connected immediately when chosen from the table of Nikon drivers. But TSX could not reconnect to BYN despite repeated attempts (using Task Manager to stop the hung up BYN). Any ideas as to why? The error or event log shows this: 17:40:29 Licensed to SailmmIV 17:40:36 Attempting to connect camera... 17:40:37 Nikon/D750 drivers initialized. 17:40:39 D750 CONNECTED! 17:41:12 Imaging session started. 17:41:24 NIKON SDK ERROR: [kNkMAIDResult_CameraNotFound] (kNkMAIDCommand_CapStart, 20, kNkMAIDDataType_Null, 0) 17:41:35 NIKON SDK ERROR: [kNkMAIDResult_CameraNotFound] (kNkMAIDCommand_Async, 0, kNkMAIDDataType_Null, 0) 17:41:46 NIKON SDK ERROR: [kNkMAIDResult_CameraNotFound] (kNkMAIDCommand_Async, 0, kNkMAIDDataType_Null, 0) 17:41:57 NIKON SDK ERROR: [kNkMAIDResult_CameraNotFound] (kNkMAIDCommand_CapStart, 20, kNkMAIDDataType_Null, 0) 17:42:08 NIKON SDK ERROR: [kNkMAIDResult_CameraNotFound] (kNkMAIDCommand_Async, 0, kNkMAIDDataType_Null, 0) Thanks. - John
  6. Thanks for everyone's help. I think the problem is solved. I was using USB to Ethernet to USB extenders to carry the data from my observatory into my house. They appear to have been overwhelmed by the amount of data from the Nikon (6000x4000px) so it was a communications issue. I connected direct USB from my hub to my laptop and everything worked as it should. I did add the IP address to my PC but it didn't seem to make a difference but thanks for that information anyway. It might be useful down the road. Clear skies and thanks again.
  7. Does anyone have the correct configuration settings for using BYN as a camera in The Sky X Professional? I got it to work ONE time and it captured an image of the wall inside my observatory. It save a FITS image file to my PC in The Sky X folders and at the same time it saved a Nikon NEF raw file to my PC in the BYN folder I designated. That is what I want it to do but now after shutting everything down and restarting, TSX shows no camera connected, but when I select Take Photo, BYN takes a photo and saves it to the PC. The FITS image does not show in TSX, and the camera is still "not connected" to TSX.
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