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  1. I believe I have finally came across the solution. In this instance it is two fold. In my D810 I had "Rotate Tall" turned off. It turns out this is only for display. Another setting "Auto Rotation" was turned on and as the telescope tracked throughout the night the camera was interpreting even a slight shift as a rotation. The second problem was occurring in PixInSight, as suggested by Ron. When trying to stack images PixInSight was rotating again some photos and not others. Again, the solution to this problem came from Ron in the form of telling PixInSight to ignore rotation information in th
  2. Thank you very much, Ron. This could have saved me a lot of time. I do use RAW.
  3. Thank you, Ron. I’m new to PixInSight and I rotated everything back in Photoshop.
  4. D810. Yes, there is a rotate tall setting in the camera but it is turned off. Between the light frames and the calibration frames I didn't change anything. The camera and telescope were in the same orientation. It is odd, isn't it? I didn't see anything in BYN either. If I ever come up with a solution I will repost it here. It is minor, as I can simply rotate the calibration masters back in PixinSight.
  5. When I photograph an object in the sky my camera is orientated on the telescope such that it is viewing the object in landscape mode. As BYN goes through the set the light frames all show up in the thumbnails and on the screen in landscape mode. Following the light frames I immediately and without changing anything record flats, bias, and dark frames. They also appear in the thumbnails and preview screen in landscape mode. When I close BYN and go to the directory to load the images to PixInSight the lights are still in landscape mode but every calibration frame (flats, bias, darks) i
  6. My apologies astroman133, I should have thought to say prime focus. I picked up on non CPU lens because in the Nikon D810 setup menu there is a place to enter non CPU lens data so that information can be saved in metadata. I should have stated prime focus. The problem is resolved and it was my error. In the camera, under Custom Setting Menu, item d4, which you can set an exposure delay. This is a different setting than the self-timer where you can run around and get in the photo. This is intended to be used on a tripod where you aren't using a cable release. You can press the shutter rel
  7. I do have the AF/M switch in the M position, the operating mode in Manual, and shutter speed in Bulb. However, I may have found the problem. I will test this further tomorrow but I just ran through a capture plan twice with no problem. It appears the problem is related to an exposure delay setting I set a few days ago for some landscapes I was working on. I forgot to turn the delay off. It is odd that this did not affect my capture plan with a Nikon lens attached but did cause an abort when I had the .85 Reducer / Connector attached. I'm not sure of the reasoning but it looks like this is the
  8. If I have a Nikon CPU lens attached everything seems fine. The problem occurs when I connect the camera directly to my Sky Watcher ED100 telescope through a .85 Reducer / Connector. This is 100% manual connection and there isn't anything for me to change, like take the lens out of auto focus. I'm not sure how else to explain. When I run a capture plan with a Nikon lens attached it functions normally. When I attach my camera to the Sky Watcher .85 Reducer / Connector the capture plan aborts. The log file shows me the following error: [kNkMAIDResult_ValueOutOfBounds] (kNkMAIDCommand_CapStart, 3
  9. I have searched the forum and support and don't see this question anywhere. I am using a trial version. I absolutely love the ability to focus on the PC and not stand on my head trying to focus the camera. I tested out the capture plan sitting at my desk and it all went perfectly. Then we went out to shoot last night. Everything was fine, I was able to focus with the Bhatinov mask. Then we went to take pictures. The first photo took, and then everything stopped. If I turned off the camera and back on, again I got the first photo and nothing more. I tried a different tethering program and same
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