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    astroman133 got a reaction from admin in Celestron Focus motor   
    I work on the ASCOM support forums quite a bit and have written several drivers and ASCOM applications.
    That message ("Move is not allowed...") must be coming from the Celestron driver. ASCOM does not have the concept of a focuser needing to be calibrated before it can be used. There is nothing that BYE can do, except to catch the exception and report the error to the user rather than leaving the exception be unhandled.
    For developers, ASCOM's mantra is do it right or raise an error. From the application programmer's perspective the developer needs to be prepared for any ASCOM call to raise an error. BYE is not doing this which is why you are seeing the Unhandled Exception dialog.
    My guess is that Celestron provides different variants of their focuser with draw tubes of different lengths. If that is the case then "calibrating" the focuser would be related to the process of determining the number of steps between the full in and full out positions. This is solely a focuser driver and/or focuser issue and there is not much that O'Telescope can do except to catch the exception and report it, which they are not now doing. It is up to you to ensure that the focuser is ready per the manufacturer's recommendations. Celestron provides a program for calibrating the focuser.
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    astroman133 got a reaction from admin in Support for Canon EOS R5   
    That is the version of the SDK version that was released on June 30th) that is included with BYE 3.2.0, but the developers need to use the information (Device Information and model number) from your original post to identify the camera model in BYE so that they can behave appropriately for those properties and commands that differ from model to model.
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    astroman133 got a reaction from admin in intermittent download of longer *.avi files in BYN   
    BYN does not download AVI files. It downloads individual LiveView frames and after the requested number have been collected, it assembles the individual frames into a video (AVI) file.
    You never said which version of BYN you are using. This could be important and should always be provided. Please provide the full version number, not "the latest".
    Someone else reported Planetary issues with longer video files. Their issue was resolved by enabling the BackgroundWorker on the Advanced Settings dialog. You should also download BYN 2.1.0.
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    astroman133 got a reaction from admin in bross199@comcast.net   
    When you got your Trial license key there were on-screen instructions about how to get your key.
    Basically, click on "My Purchases" at the top of this page after logging onto this site with the same username that was used to get the Trial license. Be sure to use Copy and Paste to transfer the key into the software. That way you will be sure to not mis-spell the key.
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    astroman133 got a reaction from rm1541 in Camera Selectio   
    You should get a clean install and then read the manual with regard to how to set up 2 cameras. There are two options. You can access the manual from the start menu or by clicking on the "?" icon at the upper right of the BYE main window, assuming that you have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed.
    You have two camera models, but there may not be any model-specific setup necessary. So it is likely that you can use the same setup for both cameras. This means that you would only need to use the second instance of BYE if you are trying to control both cameras at the same time.
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    astroman133 got a reaction from bXi0YAX in Manually set fps sample rate prior to capture?   
    I don't disagree. You should create a post in the Suggestion Box Forum to allow the LiveView frame rate test to be bypassed per a new setting. Be sure to state your reasons why such a change would benefit your workflow.
    The frame rate is not that useful to experienced users, but it may be used internally to determine the most efficient way to process the incoming data.
    You can use the Loop count to direct BYE to capture multiple AVI files. This only causes the frame rate to be sampled once. You can also  loop numerous times and  for example you can use a capture to reposition the scope and then throw that capture away.
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    astroman133 got a reaction from admin in Canon EOS Rebel T7   
    By "the latest", I assume you mean 3.1.18. This is important since versions of BYE that were released before the camera was supported in Canon's SDK will not be supported by BYE.
    There are two banner lines at the top of this page. One asks you to always include the Camera model and version number of BYE with each new question or issue. The second banner line asks you to re-install BYE if you get the EDSInitializeSDK error, which you can see is in the last line of the reported log entries.
    Please re-install 3.1.18. If that doesn't work, please install version 3.2.0 Release Candidate from the Pre-releases menu at the right of the Downloads page
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    astroman133 reacted to admin in Image session won’t go past 1 exposure   
    Looks like I may have found the camera event in the Canon SDK when the camera is busy writing to card... I'm testing it now with a Canon EOS RP, 450D, 550D, and 60D and it seems to work very well when saving to card only.
    Incidentally I looked deeper in the Nikon SDK and was able to address this as well for Nikon.
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    astroman133 reacted to admin in Fingerprint Verification Error   
    This is fixed, I completely removed this validation and should not occur again from 3.2.0.RC7 which I hope to update in the next week or so.
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    astroman133 got a reaction from admin in Planetary function not active   
    Please read the red banner at the top of this page.
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    astroman133 reacted to xxlotus8xx in Relicensing failure.   
    I copied blank characters in my initial paste. It is working now.  
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    astroman133 reacted to admin in LENR Canon Ra   
    Alan Dyer, although well respected, is wrong.  You do not want to waste precious dark time taking darks.  
    Take as much light frames as your can during the night and use/build a dark library that you can re-use time and time again some other time.... a cloudy night is the perfect time to take dark frames.
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    astroman133 reacted to Aplajoie in 600d connection issue   
    Issue resovled. I rebooted the computer and all is working.
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    astroman133 got a reaction from Aplajoie in Trial version update   
    Your issue has nothing to do with downloading, installing, removing, or reinstalling BYE. You did not need to any of that. The software is the same for all licenses. It is the key itself that enables or disables features in the software.
    What you do need to do is to enter your purchased license key in place of the Trial license key in BYE's License Validation dialog..
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    astroman133 got a reaction from Luca in Session canceled   
    If the lens is an autofocus lens, make sure it is set to manual focus before trying to shoot images. You may be able to use it in AF mode with LiveView to focus on a bright star or the moon, but tape it down and switch to MF to image.
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    astroman133 got a reaction from admin in How-to activate your BackyardEOS or BackyardNIKON purchase or trial key   
    I should also say that the How-To Forum is not the place to ask questions. If the How-To information did not address your question or solve your issue, you should have posted to a new thread in the BYN Forum (or the BYE Forum for a Canon camera).  The vast majority of users do not have a problem validating their license, but if everyone who did replied to this post then it would be difficult for any reader of the thread to find help for their issue.
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    astroman133 reacted to magicmotorworks in Canon EOS Ra won't take bulb photo   
    Tested 3.2.0.RC5 that you posted on my EOS Ra and could use the bulb mode as intended so the fix works.  
    One thing that I did notice was the following
    Using Bulb mode on Canon Ra and BYE
    If using bulb mode on BYE, the Canon EOS Ra needs to have the bulb timer option in the camera menu set to disable so that the BYE program sets and controls the bulb time.
    If the EOS Ra bulb timer is enabled on the camera then whatever bulb time is set in the camera will be what is taken regardless what the setting is in BYE.
    Canon EOS Ra settings:  Bulb timer is disabled
    BYE settings under Capture Plan Center (Shutter): Bulb  (Duration): 60
    Outcome:  Ra takes a 60s image using bulb mode
    Canon EOS Ra settings:  Bulb timer is enabled  Expo. Time:  00:01:00
    BYE settings under Capture Plan Center (Shutter): Bulb  (Duration): 120
    Outcome:  Ra takes a 60s image using bulb mode instead of taking a 120s exposure as in BYE plan.  BYE thinks it took a 120s exposure when it didn't
    Canon EOS Ra settings:  Bulb timer is enabled  Expo. Time:  00:04:00
    BYE settings under Capture Plan Center (Shutter): Bulb  (Duration): 120
    Outcome:  Ra takes a 240s image using bulb mode instead of taking a 120s exposure as in BYE plan
    For BYE to use the bulb mode correctly in the capture plan make sure the  EOS Ra in camera bulb timer is disabled.
    Thanks for your quick attention to this.
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    astroman133 got a reaction from Adlezana07 in New Canon T8i   
    It would be nice if there were a way to enter Frame and Focus without triggering LiveView. If so Snap images could still be used for focusing.
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    astroman133 got a reaction from tzaranek in Planetary Live View   
    When in LiveView, the camera uses both ISO and shutter as brightness controls. They do not affect the frame rate, just the brightness. You can play around with these controls to see what I mean with a lens on the camera and not even connected to BYE. Set the ISO to 200 and the shutter to 2" (2 seconds). Then use the shutter speed wheel on the camera to shorten the exposure while watching the LiveView display. As you get shorter the display should darken. 
    You will see the same behavior when you are connected to BYE on the Frame & Focus or Planetary capture screens, if you uncheck Maximum Sensitivity in the Settings.
    When you are using BYE to focus on a bright star, you want to set "Maximum Sensitivity" on the settings, or set the ISO to maximum, say 12800, and the shutter to 2" (not BULB). That is just about the maximum brightness that you can do. Then when you slew to Jupiter, you want to uncheck Maximum Sensitivity, set the ISO down to a reasonable value, say 200 or 400, and start lowering the shutter until the planet darkens and you can see the equatorial bands.
    I hope this helps.
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    astroman133 got a reaction from admin in i upgraded to 3.1 but mark IV connects and then shows error   
    Please read the orange banner at the top of this page and provide the requested information.
    There are multiple Mark IV models and multiple versions of BYE 3.1.
    It would also help to have the exact error message. Either type it in or provide a screenshot.
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    astroman133 got a reaction from YOURJONES in FRAME RATE and SHUTTER SETTING   
    BYN does not use the camera's movie mode, so the camera's movie frame rate is not applicable to BYN.
    BYN's frame rate is the rate at which it downloads LiveView images. This has to do with the speed of the USB connection and your PC. The ISO and Shutter settings do not affect the frame rate only the brightness of the frames. This is how the camera is designed to work and BYN cannot change that.
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    astroman133 got a reaction from admin in Backyard Nikon using VMware fusion on MAC   
    The bottom line is that there are nearly 10 times as many Windows systems as there are macOS systems and if anyone is going to commit to an effort of several thousand hours to develop an essentially new application for macOS, there has to be some realistic expectation of reward for the effort. Making the time to do this has also got to be behind any day job and family commitments. I understand why the authors have decided to let someone else write a DSLR camera capture app for macOS.
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    astroman133 got a reaction from g__day in Canon 40D - pictures not appearing in BYE 3.18 or downloading to PC   
    What is the Save To setting in the capture plan area?
    Is your Anti-Virus software preventing the image from being stored?
    Make sure advanced shooting features like exposure bracketing, LENR are disabled.
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    astroman133 got a reaction from admin in How to set video resolution in planetary mode?   
    I was imaging at a shorter focal length but was able to use the BYE Planetary mode at 5X to capture frames of part of the lunar disk. Then by moving the zoom box and repeating the capture I was able to collect 6 videos that between them covered the entire visible part of the disk. I reduced each video into a single image with RegiStax and then combined the 6 images into a single image with a program called RegiStar. This was back in 2012 when I first started using BYE with my XSi. The result came out quite good. Now if I could only find it.
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    astroman133 got a reaction from gperuzzo in Histogram in BackyardEOS   
    This has been discussed a few times, but not recently.
    The histogram that BYE displays is created from the JPG image that is embedded in the RAW image. I would suggest that it is not suitable for determining your flat frame exposures, because the embedded JPG has been auto-stretched and color balanced in the camera.
    I would suggest getting a starting point for the exposure of your flats by putting the camera in AV mode and selecting AV as the shutter in BYE. When you take an image, the cameras exposure circuitry will determine an exposure. You can then switch the camera back to Manual adjust the exposure as necessary to get a flat frame that you are happy with. Just be sure that PI does not base the histo on a stretched image.
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