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    astroman133 got a reaction from admin in Slow load of BYEOS   
    There have been changes made since 3.1.18 was released to speed up loading. You should upgrade to 3.2.2.
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    astroman133 got a reaction from admin in Application hangs on "Camera Busy"   
    Inconsistent symptoms does not seem to be a software issue. I would look at cabling and connections.
    Let us know how it goes.
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    astroman133 got a reaction from admin in Planetary mode 5X overexposed but turning it off is fine.   
    Enabling Maximum Sensitivity causes BYE to adjust the ISO and f-stop when you change from imaging to Frame & Focus or Planetary mode. I had thought that it also changed the exposure, but that does not appear to be the case.
    Maximum Sensitivity is useful when trying to focus on a bright star. You should uncheck it for planetary imaging.
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    astroman133 reacted to s3igell in Issue with Raptor 61 and Backyard EOS   
    You need to go into the Settings on your R6, and enable it to take pictures when there is No Lens Present.
    (I don't recall the exact name of that setting.)
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    astroman133 got a reaction from admin in Why does BYN not work when I try to shoot with my Nikon D5100?   
    Again, the values that are displayed in the Camera Information Center are the values that are currently set in the camera. They are not changeable there. However if the camera is not imaging, they are simply the last values used and are mostly unimportant.
    You can change the ISO by setting a different ISO into the first row in the Capture Plan Center and take a picture. The new ISO is set into the camera before the image capture(s) for that row are begun.
    Yes, you need a second cable to take BULB exposures with the D5100. Older Nikon models like the D5100 did not support BULB exposures over the single USB cable. This is a Nikon limitation that BYN works around by supporting use of a compatible shutter control cable for BULB exposures. This is clearly displayed in the Supported Cameras table, via the link at the bottom of this web page. Below is the row from that table for the D5100. The "Yes (serial)" column says that the D5100 does BULB exposures from BYN with the use of a serial cable.

    There seems to be a lot of new user pilot error going on. Hopefully, the answers to your questions will help you to understand how BYN is designed to function with your Nikon cameras. If there is an issue with the 1V3, the authors will be able to help figure out what is happening.
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    astroman133 got a reaction from admin in Why does BYN crash when I try to shoot with my Nikon 1 V3?   
    Comments on your previous test with In-Camera Quality and Save To Camera.
    1- You said that the capture executes and but that no image is saved to the camera's memory card. How did you verify that?
    2-  I don't get your point about the estimated finish time. Here is what I see: you are 8 seconds into a 60 second exposure, not a 1 second exposure. The Duration in the Capture Plan Center is 60! The current time is 22:56:23 as displayed on the title bar next to the padlock icon at the top  right. The estimated finish time is 23:57 displayed in 2 places and is sometime in the next minute. This all seems reasonable and correct. What point are you trying to make?
    Now to your most recent post...
    OK, so you are talking about LiveView Pause and Resume. Thanks for the clarification. With my Canon camera when I Pause LiveView, the image stops updating it doesn't go away. The LiveView button darkens and the button's icon changes to a Resume triangle immediately when I press it. I would expect that BYN would react the same way.
    When I switch from Frame & Focus to Imaging, the Imaging screen the image display area of the Imaging panel is black. This is normal behavior.
    Your comment about the ridiculous finish time when imaging is not supported by the previous screenshot, which is correct. You may be mistaking the meaning of the finish time. It is clock time, not elapsed time.
    Does your 1V3 save images to the camera's memory card when you use it untethered? If so, I don't understand why it would not save to the camera with BYN, since the image saving process is totally within the camera. There have been some past issues with BYN when the user chose to save both RAW and JPG. There was also an issue with Save To Camera where BYN would try to take the next shot before the camera was done saving the previous image. I thought that these had been resolved.
    The D5100 should function perfectly well with only the single USB cable as long as you don't try to shoot BULB exposures. Timed (non-BULB) exposures up to 30 seconds should work just fine.
    I hope that the authors request that you send them a log file from when "all hell breaks loose". It help to explain what is happening.
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    astroman133 got a reaction from admin in Why does BYN not work when I try to shoot with my Nikon D5100?   
    19:14:35  D5100 CONNECTED!
    19:14:39  Imaging session started.
    19:14:39  Imaging session cancelled
    19:14:39  Your camera requires a configured serial cable for BULB or Mirror Lock.
    The above message for the D5100 is correct. You can confirm by looking at the entry for that model in the Supported Cameras page.
    The D5100 does not support BULB exposures over USB so BYN requires a second cable, in parallel with the regular USB cable, to control the shutter during BULB exposures. This limitation is not necessary with the 1V3.
    When you say Frame & Focus works that description is open to interpretation and also that you know how it is supposed to work. You should see the same live images on the BYN screen that you see on the LCD display when the camera is not connected. You should also be able to shoot JPG Snap images. Do both of these functions work?
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    astroman133 got a reaction from admin in Why does BYN crash when I try to shoot with my Nikon 1 V3?   
    So you said Frame & Focus works. Can you see the LiveView frames in the main part of the BYN window?
    Have you tried temporarily disabling your anti-virus software? It could be preventing BYN from working.
    Is the memory card in the camera empty, or nearly empty?
    Have you tried non-bulb exposures?
    Also try shooting RAW only, not RAW and JPG.
    The BYN log file can be revealing. There is a post that describes How To send log files to Support for analysis. Don't send all of them, just the latest when it crashed is fine.
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    astroman133 got a reaction from bcarlowise in Backyard EOS 3.2.2 not connecting to my Canon T6i   
    Make sure that no other apps are already connected to the camera (like the Canon EOS Utility).
    Disable WiFi in the camera and connect the camera to the PC with a known good USB cable.
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    astroman133 got a reaction from Mach13 in Lunar imaging with Nikon D7000   
    In 2012 I used a Canon XSi and an early version of BYE to image the moon. I used 5X zoom in Planetary mode to do a lunar capture of a portion of the disk at full resolution. I understand that 5X zoom does not work the same way with Nikons, so this technique will not work for you.
    In my case I used BYE to capture an 800 frame video of part of the lunar disk. Then moved the zoom box to a different portion of the disk and repeated. It took 6 captures to get the entire visible disk. Then I used Registax to stack each of the 6 videos and RegiStar to assemble the 6 images into a single image.
    The attached image is the result.

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    astroman133 got a reaction from admin in Planetary mode 5X overexposed but turning it off is fine.   
    First, thanks for telling us  which version of BYE you are using and which model of camera you are shooting with. These are important pieces of information that most first-time posters neglect to include.
    In Planetary and Frame & Focus modes, you can control the brightness of the image by turning off BYE's Maximum Sensitivity setting and adjusting the ISO and Shutter values in the Capture Plan Center. When using a lens you can also darken the image by raising the f/stop to reduce the amount of light that is being let in to the sensor. Set the lens to f/12, the ISO to 400, and the Shutter to 1 second. Then progressively shorten the Shutter to see the image begin to darken.
    When you tame the image brightness, you will probably discover that your lens just has too short a focal length for planetary imaging. Longer focal lengths in the range of 4000-6000mm are commonly used for capturing the planets. You will also probably notice that when you darken the image so that the brightest objects are not overexposed, that the rest of the image is dark. This is because Planetary mode uses the camera's LiveView capability. When you adjust the Shutter during LiveView, you are not changing the actual duration of the LiveView frame or the frame rate, just the amount of digital brightening that is performed by the camera. LiveView exposures are always just a few milliseconds in length.
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    astroman133 got a reaction from admin in live view and shutter speed   
    For Canon cameras, the exposure setting does not control the frame rate. It does control how much the camera brightens the image, which is always just a few milliseconds long. This is how the camera works and BYE cannot change it, since it must go through Canon EOS SDK to control the camera.
    If you want longer duration images on BYE's Frame & Focus screen, use Snap images. Snap images are small JPG images that update quicker than RAW images. You can set the Snap image parameters and then Loop to continuously update the image. Snap images can also be used for focusing, with FWHM and HFD focus metrics.
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    astroman133 got a reaction from admin in BYE in offline mode   
    The internet connection is required ONLY for the Trial license. A permanent purchased Classic or Premium license does not need to verify the license with the O'Telescope servers at startup.
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    astroman133 got a reaction from admin in Live Autofocus   
    Yes, you must have LiveView enabled in the camera for Frame & Focus to work.
    If you put the lens in MF mode and manually run it through the full focus range do you see the star at some point? The correct focus point should be at infinity.
    LiveView exposures are very short and the camera's autofocus circuitry is unlikely to work when the image is mostly black or nearly so. Even a bright star will be just a dim dot.
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    astroman133 got a reaction from admin in Live Autofocus   
    Some of the newer cameras have "smart" LiveView autofocus modes that are not compatible with the Canon SDK and BYE. Unfortunately the Face+Tracking mode is one of those modes and is the default. Use the camera's menu to choose the various modes to see if one of them will allow LiveView to work with BYE.
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    astroman133 got a reaction from admin in Upgrade 3.1.16 to latest version ?   
    In general they include 1) changes to the list of supported cameras, 2) bug fixes, 3) new features, 4) performance improvements. The upgrade is free!
    The following were copied and pasted from the author-created release notes for the releases of BYE newer than 3.1.16. They are also viewable from the Downloads pages elsewhere on this site.
    What's New in Version 2019-02-22 (3.1.17) 
    Released March 18, 2020
    CHANGE: Canon SDK 3.9.10 update
    CHANGE: DCRaw update
    CHANGE: Splash screen performance start-up. 
    CHANGE: Removed limit of 1000 loops in imaging mode.
    CHANGE: Reordered the ASCOM panels to Telescope, Focuser, FilterWheel (Premium version).
    CHANGE: Removed ASCOM Platform 5.5 references.
    CHANGE: KMTronic and SMAKN serial cable support
    CHANGE: License information moved to registry
    CHANGE: Removed Canon215 drivers
    NEW: Canon 200D support
    NEW: Canon 4000D/T100 support
    NEW FEATURE: Ability to open image file location from thumbnail (Premium version).
    NEW FEATURE: Ability to filter Exif data inside the Exif viewer window.
    NEW FEATURE: Ability to purge log files, default is 3 months.
    BUG FIX: Selected Thumbnail visual cue.
    BUG FIX: Capture plan item reset when exposure set to 0.
    BUG FIX: Window resizing issue introduced in BYE 3.1.12.
    BUG FIX: 6DMkII mirror lockup.
    What's New in Version 2019-12-22 (3.1.18)
    Released August 5, 2020
    NEW FEATURE: Canon EOS-R support
    NEW FEATURE: Canon EOS-RP support
    NEW FEATURE: EOS-M6 MkII support
    NEW FEATURE: EOS-M50 support
    NEW FEATURE: Canon T7 support
    NEW FEATURE: Canon 90D support
    NEW FEATURE: Canon 250D / SL3 support added (work in progress - live view not working yet)
    NEW FEATURE: Ability to set a delay as absolute "Start At" time.  Enter 20:00:00 to start the plan at 8pm.
    NEW FEATURE: Ability to add slashes in file name template for dynamic subfolder support.
    NEW FEATURE: Pegasus Powerbox weather provider added.
    NEW FEATURE: Added +/- button to zoom in/out image.
    NEW FEATURE: Added horizontal/vertical image flip.
    NEW FEATURE: CR3 image decoder
    CHANGE: PREMIUM: Capture plan has 10 rows by default with the ability to add plan rows at run time.
    CHANGE: CLASSIC: Capture plan has 20 rows.
    CHANGE: Capture plan image type (LIGHT/DARK/etc) now part individual line item; you will be asked to cover/uncover the telescope when required.
    CHANGE: Capture plan now has better scrolling, including mouse wheel.
    CHANGE: Park Telescope link now right justified
    CHANGE: Extra logging.
    CHANGE: Dithering every x frames increased from 10 to 999
    CHANGE: Image thumbnail scroll refactoring
    CHANGE: Updated Canon SDK 13.11.00
    CHANGE: exiftool version 11.73 upgrade
    CHANGE: ASCOM Telescope DEC slew range fixed
    CHANGE: ASCOM Telescope slew scale (advance settings)
    CHANGE: Canon 250D live zoombox refactoring (attempt to fix live view not working)
    BUG FIX: Removed weather provider com port auto-detect due to port denied issues.
    BUG FIX: Minor issue displaying Tooltips
    BUG FIX: Minor issue with text control.
    BUG FIX: Fixed plan pull down data issue introduced in RC1
    BUG FIX: Canon EOS-RP bulb dial mode is now registered properly.
    PERFORMANCE: Significant performance increase at application start up.
    PERFORMANCE: Moving planetary jpgs images (instead of copy/delete)
    What's New in Version 2020-08-05 (3.2.0)
    Released December 3, 2020
    NEW FEATURE: (Premium) Default plan load at start up if plan name default.txt exist.
    NEW FEATURE: (Premium) Telescope SLEW to target.
    NEW FEATURE: (Premium) Telescope CENTER on target (PLATE SOLVING).
    NEW FEATURE: (Premium) ASTAP Plate Solver integration.
    NEW FEATURE: (Premium) Ability to acquire RA/DEC coordinate from Telescopius URL.
    NEW FEATURE: (Premium) Ability to acquire RA/DEC coordinate from selected target from Carte du Ciel.
    NEW FEATURE: (Premium) Ability to acquire RA/DEC target name from selected target from Carte du Ciel.
    NEW FEATURE: (Premium) Ability to acquire RA/DEC from connected telescope.
    NEW FEATURE: Added DARK_FLAT option in imaging session plan.
    NEW FEATURE: Added Canon 850D / T8i support
    NEW FEATURE: Added Canon 1D C support
    CHANGE: Canon SDK 13.12.31 update
    CHANGE: Serial cable test button moved closer to cable support pulldown.
    CHANGE: Mirror lock field in capture plan is now hidden. See advance setting to enable it.
    CHANGE: Microsoft .Net 4.5.2 update.
    CHANGE: Structure Map IoC container update (attempt to fix install issues in BYE 3.1.18).
    CHANGE: ASCOM dithering aggressiveness minor changes. May require that you adjust your aggressiveness setting.
    CHANGE: ASCOM dither extra logging.
    CHANGE: EULA update on install
    CHANGE: Removed license fingerprint validation
    CHANGE: ASTAP plate solve JPG priority over RAW.
    CHANGE: Disabled enforceFIPSPolicy in .net config file.
    BUG FIX: Save to card on some model was not working properly
    BUG FIX: Abort not working when invalid plan detected
    BUG FIX: Powerbox weather provider bug fix.
    BUG FIX: Decimal parsing issue (attempt to fix 250D live view).
    BUG FIX: RA/DEC rounding issue when = 60
    BUG FIX: Parsing issue; comma vs period as decimal in some rare cases.
    BUG FIX: 5x liveview zoom.
    BUG FIX: Minor bug fix to address rare key not validating
    BUG FIX: Canon EOS R/Ra BULB dial mode.
    BUG FIX: Canon 250D / SL3 live view bug fix
    BUG FIX: Canon 850D live view bug fix
    What's New in Version 2020-12-03 (3.2.1)
    Released Thursday at 04:17 PM
    CHANGE: Support for TLS 1.2 protocol for license validation
    CHANGE: Added logging for trial key validation 
    CHANGE: Removed forcing trial key license validation to use the latest release only
    CHANGE: Plate solve extra logging
    CHANGE: Telescope coordinates updated after slew/sync 
    CHANGE: Canon EOS R6 support
    CHANGE: ASCOM Telescope extra logging
    CHANGE: Canon EOS R5 support
    CHANGE: Canon EOS M200 support
    BUG FIX: Rare out of memory error when loading images
    What's New in Version 2021-03-09 (3.2.2)
    Released March 10
    3.2.2 2021-03-09
    NEW FEATURE: Support for EOS M50m2
    NEW FEATURE: Added support for serial cable SMAKN LCUS-1 HEX for BULB.
    CHANGE: Canon SDK 13.13.00 update
    CHANGE: Added 5x live view support for EOS R/Ra
    BUG FIX: 4k DPI resolution.
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    astroman133 got a reaction from admin in Canon EOA Ra to BYE   
    PLEASE tell us which version of BYE you are running. You need to have 3.2.2 for the EOS Ra.
    Have you disabled WiFi in the camera and connected it to the PC with a short USB cable that is known to work?
    Also you need to prevent the Canon EOS Utility from automatically connecting to the camera when you first power it on.
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    astroman133 got a reaction from admin in Mirror Lock setting   
    The screenshot below shows where to toggle the option, as well as the control to adjust the mirror lock delay. Both controls are annotated with a red rectangle.
    That said, it is almost never necessary to specify a mirror lock value. This is why it is hidden by default. For mounts that are capable of doing long duration astrophotography there is no discernable degradation of sub-exposure from vibration due to the camera's mirror flipping. This vibration is of very short duration compared to the length of the exposure and the typical effects of seeing.

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    astroman133 got a reaction from NilsL in Premium License not working on new laptop   
    Do you have the required version of the .NET Framework installed on the new laptop. I believe that it is 4.5.
    Have you tried re-installing BYE? Be sure to use the latest version (3.2.2) and in the future please include the version number in your posts.
    Did you enter your Premium license key into the validation dialog in BYE on the new machine?
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    astroman133 got a reaction from admin in License activation after upgrading to Pro   
    That is because the Classic license is still active. It is still valid.
    Click on the padlock icon at the top right of the BYN window to launch the license validation dialog window.
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    astroman133 reacted to s3igell in Not getting images   
    You've found the issue - Nikon Camera Control is blocking BackyardNikon.
    The Canon equivalent of Nikon Camera Control, EOS Utility, has specific settings buried in its menu to control whether the Program does the "Auto Connect to Camera".  You'll need to either find the similar setting and turn it off, or configure it to NOT Load on PC Reboot, or simply uninstall it.
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    astroman133 got a reaction from JonSlater in Shutter release cable for Nikon D80   
    You are in no different position than someone who has been using a camera that works with on old version of BYN but is removed from support by a newer version because the camera maker dropped support. Camera makers drop support for old models every year. Independent software developers are at their mercy, as are end users.
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    astroman133 got a reaction from admin in Shutter release cable for Nikon D80   
    Scroll to the bottom of this page and under the BackyardNikon column, select the Supported cameras link.
    You will see two things. First you will see that the Nikon D80 is listed as "Not Supported" by BYN. Second, just above the table is a link to Shoestring Astronomy's web site where they sell shutter control cables.
    Obviously, because the camera is not supported, you will probably not need the serial cable. I mention it in case someone else has the same question regarding a cable for their camera.
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    astroman133 got a reaction from admin in Low FPS on BYEOS when using Planetary Imaging   
    Low frame rate can have any of several causes:
    The camera...the T4i seems to have lower frame rate than other models USB contention...traffic to and from other devices is slowing all USB traffic down.  Communication errors due to a flaky cable O/S infrastructure issues, perhaps due to running a Windows VM on a Mac. So, try a different cable. If possible, the cable should be known to be good
    If the Mac has multiple, internal USB hubs as PCs do, try putting the camera on a hub by itself.
    Try the Canon EOS Utility software. If it gets a low frame rate then you can be confident that BYE is not the cause.
    Continue pursuing support from Parallels experts.
    Try the camera on a PC with no VM to see what is possible.
    Not a Mac guy so sorry that I cannot be of more help.
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    astroman133 got a reaction from admin in Paying for BackyardEOS   
    Click on the Store menu item at the top of this page. Click on the BackyardEOS button. Click on the button for either the Classic or the Premium version. Click on Add To Cart and proceed through the purchasing process. Once the purchase transaction has been completed, click on the My Purchases and Orders options at the top of the page.  Find the license key for the purchased license, copy the key, without any other leading or trailing characters to the Windows Clipboard. Open your current copy of BYE and click on the padlock button at the top right to open the license validation dialog. Paste the license key over the existing Trial license key. Click OK; you are done.
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