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    Trial Version

    The Trial license activates all the features of BYE but expires after 30 days. Also, the Trial license requires an active Internet connection to validate that the Trial license has not expired. This is checked each time you start BYE. Once you purchase a Classic or Premium license BYE no Internet connection is required. So yes, you can capture images with the Trial license. The Trial license is intended to allow you to try the software before you purchase a permanent license. I would suggest trying BYE first in the house at your kitchen table with a lens attached to the camera. This way you can become familiar with the operation of the tethered camera and the software without wasting a dark sky night.
  2. astroman133


    According to Google Translate, your message says "Hi, I can't activate the backyardEOS 3.1.but the owner of the piremium. My computer crashed." I am confused. Does your computer crash when you try to run BYE? When you launch BYE, or when you try to connect with your camera? If so we need more information...Which version of Windows? What is the complete BYE version? like 3.1.17? I assume that you have the Windows culture set to Turkish...Is that so? What error do you see? It is very unusual to have a program like BYE cause Windows to crash. This is most likely a problem with your Windows and there is nothing that the BYE authors can do to fix it but please provide more detailed information. Thanks!
  3. Of course you mean USB, not UBS. Your version V3.1.16 is out of date by a few years. You should install the free upgrade to at least V3.1.17 or even V3.1.18 PRE-RELEASE RC1. Support for the T3 has been in BYE for several years, after Canon added support for the camera to the SDK in 2011.. Low-level drivers for supported Canon EOS cameras are built into Windows 7 and later, and are maintained by Windows Update. Starting with BYE shut down and the camera physically disconnected from the PC, plug the USB cable into both the PC and the camera, put the camera in M (Manual) shooting mode and power the camera on. Windows Plug'n Play functionality should recognize the device and load the low-level camera driver. You can verify this by listening for the sound that the new driver has been loaded for the camera. You should also be able to locate the camera in the Windows Device Manager's device list. If the camera is not recognized and not found in the Device Manager list then there is no way that BYE will be able to connect. If this is the case then I would suggest that you connect the camera to a different PC to see if it is recognized. If the camera is not recognized on any PC then the issue is either with a bad USB cable or with the camera itself. You will need to try replacing the camera and the cable to figure out which thing is malfunctioning. If Windows sees the camera then you should start BYE and attempt to connect with the Canon (not Canon210 or Canon215) drivers. If BYE does not connect then you need to try to control the camera with the Canon EOS Utility. The EOS Utility can be installed from the CD that came with the camera or from the Canon support web site. If the EOS Utility connects then BYE will connect as long as the EOS Utility is completely shut down. If the EOS Utility is running it can prevent BYE from connecting with the camera. This can happen if Windows is configured to automatically run the EOS Utility when the camera is first recognized. You need to figure out prevent the EOS Utility from being started automatically. I hope this helps.
  4. I think that the ultimate answer is accurate and repeatable pointing beyond what slewing to a set of celestial coordinates accomplishes, regardless of the quality of the alignment. To me it means being able to quickly and easily get back to the same field-of-view for multiple sessions so that when the images from those sessions are stacked that there are minimal pixels to crop to eliminate artifacts.
  5. Currently, when you start an imaging plan you can suspend it after the current image is downloaded, but unless you abort the plan it is not possible to switch to the Frame & Focus functions. This has been requested before, although I could not find the post where that request was made. Any absolute focuser with a compliant ASCOM driver should work with BYE's focuser functionality (Premium license only). Options for focusers include Moonlite and Optec. I personally love my Moonlite focusers (I have 3). I believe that both brands are available on this site.
  6. Just to be clear...This does not seem to be due to an installation failure. With my Win 10 x64 Pro system I tried several ways to try to get BYE 3.1.18 RC1 to launch on a secondary monitor that was previously in use, but not now. With my test I was not able to re-create your symptom with regard to the window not appearing on an active monitor.. What happens if you connect your secondary monitor and launch BYE? Does it show on the secondary monitor?
  7. Is it possible that BYE is positioned on the secondary display? If there actually is no secondary display then it may exhibit the symptoms of the window not being visible when restored to its normal size.
  8. Is the "window button next to the close button" the Minimize button which makes the window disappear from the main desktop and appear as an icon on the task bar? If so, the method to make the BYE window reappear is to click on the task bar icon. This is like virtually every Windows GUI application ever written. Perhaps if you killed BYE while it was minimized it now starts up in a minimized state. I tried to duplicate this behavior but could not. How did you close BYE if it was not visible on the screen??? I have used virtually every version if Backyard EOS since its early release and have never seen the "too small" window that you are describing on versions of Windows from XP to 10. I am having trouble visualizing what you are describing. Perhaps a screenshot would help. If your issue is a due to a corrupted configuration file then perhaps if you uninstalled BYE and re-installed it, but to a different directory it would create new, uncorrupted config files.
  9. There are likely 2 drivers for your Skywatcher mount. One is available from the ASCOM web site. the SkyWatcher SynScan Mount Controller. It works for mounts with the SynScan controller. On the ASCOM telescope driver downloads page there is also an external link to the EQMOD Project. EQMOD should be able to control your mount and with the addition of the EQASCOM driver it should be controllable from ASCOM telescope client applications like BYE or BYN.
  10. Let me guess...you are running Windows 10. Please install it to a different directory. This seems to fix issues where Windows prevents settings from being saved.
  11. If Canon supports the M50 in its SDK then the answer is almost certainly MAYBE. That said, for the other M series cameras they chose to not allow tethered capture control, or even tethering at all. So, who knows.
  12. The Canon210 drivers are for very old cameras. Newer cameras should use Canon, instead.
  13. The T7 is not in the supported cameras list, so perhaps Canon has not yet released a version of the SDK that supports that model. Which version of BYE are you using? If not 3.1.18 Pre-Release, you should upgrade. This uses the latest SDK, but it may still not connect until the authors update it with identification information that you may be able to provide from the connection error. Please copy/paste the connection error.
  14. John, I am confused about the title of your post...Use of BYE does not require you to "log in". It does require you to validate your license each time you get a new license key. How did you complete the license validation entries? Did you manually type the license key into the license validation dialog? If so, then you most likely did not enter the exact key string. Use Copy/Paste instead and make sure that the Identifier is the username for the account that was used when you ordered the trial license from the O'Telescope Store. It is case sensitive.
  15. I don't think that this is a privilege issue. Even though the control allows entry of values up to 100 I can save values less than 10, but not values greater than 10 with BYE 3.1.18 RC1. The fact that values less than 10 are saved and that other settings are persisted as expected seems to indicate that permissions are fine.
  16. Do you hear the shutter open at the start of the exposure? If so, it would seem that the cable is functioning correctly. If you have Long Exposure Noise Reduction (LENR) enabled in the camera, you should turn it off. If that does not work I would suggest doing a factory reset on the camera.
  17. Does the cable work with the Shoestring DSUSB test program? In BYN, on the Imaging screen, in the Capture Plan Center...what are you selecting from the Cable Support dropdown list?
  18. Aaron, The reported FWHM and HFD values by BYE are already averages based on a changeable setting (see the LiveView area of the settings screen). For me I set it to 20 frames. I am a retired software developer and when I could not find a camera control program for my non-DSLR cameras that had all the features that I wanted I wrote my own. It does what you suggested by displaying the focuser position at which the smallest HFD was calculated as well as graphs of the HFD and focuser position values during the focusing run. I can also easily send the focuser to a given position, but it is on a separate panel and must be manually entered. I have never found the need to send the focuser back to that position, but that may be because I always end my focusing process with a series of small inward moves of the draw tube.
  19. Wade, The validation of the Trial license is not to validate the license key, but to get a date that is independent of the PC date to determine whether the 30-day trial has expired. The trial is not really intended to be used at a dark sky site. It is meant to be used at your kitchen table to test that the software works with your camera and is a fit with your imaging workflow.
  20. If you have a license for BYE 3.1.11 then that license is still good for BYE 3.1.17 RC1. You should only need to download and install the latest version. It will use the registered license.
  21. Jonny, BYE uses ASCOM to talk to telescopes, filter wheels, and focusers. This means that you must install the ASCOM Platform from the ASCOM web site at https://www.ascom-standards.org. You must also install a driver for each device. ASCOM drivers are sometimes written by the hardware vendors and sometimes by independent software developers. I am not sure, so hopefully someone else will chime in but many Orion mounts can use the SkyWatcher SynScan driver that is available from the ASCOM web site. It may also be able to use EQMOD and the EQASCOM driver that are available from the EQMOD Project web site.
  22. There is no such thing as a "platinum version" of BYE. A BYE version is identified by its number, as in '3.1.17 RC1'. Then you purchase a paid (Classic or Premium) license or a free (30-day Trial) license. The license activates the purchased features in the code. If you change your license there is no need to download a new version of the software. You simply apply the new license to the code that you already have installed. The Trial license activates all the features for 30 days. It also requires an Internet connection to validate the license at startup. This requirement was forced on the authors when they discovered that some users were adjusting their system time on their PCs to prevent the Trial license from expiring. There is no Internet requirement for the Classic or Premium licenses.
  23. Support for tethering of mirrorless cameras by both Nikon and Canon ranges from spotty to totally unsupported. On the product page for BYN in the store area of this web site is a list of supported cameras. the J3 is not listed and if Nikon has not provided an SDK for a camera that is now 6 years old, I would be very surprised if they ever did. You would have to ask Nikon why they made this decision. There is nothing that O'Telescope can do about it. BYN offers a 30-day free trial license to allow users to test the software's compatibility with their camera. You should have taken advantage of that. The author's policy is that they will not offer refunds for software products once a license key as been issued. This is clearly stated in their Return Policy. At this point, your only option is to purchase a supported camera.
  24. astroman133

    Canon 5D Mark II

    Also, there are several released versions of BYE 3.1 all the way up through 3.1.17. Please provide the complete version number. Start BYE and go to Settings and Advanced Settings. Make sure that "Ask for camera drivers" is checked. Save the settings and restart BYE. Be sure to select Canon driver/SDK when prompted at connect time.
  25. astroman133


    What changes did you make to get it working? Thanks!
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