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  1. Note that the 700D requires 2 cables running in parallel from the camera to the PC for full functionality with BYN.
  2. I believe that this camera is being used by other folks with BYN. According to the Supported Cameras matrix, the D700 should be able to do BULB exposures with only the USB cable, but the camera cannot do Mirror Lockup (this is not normally useful for astrophotography anyway), at least with the newest version of BYN. Make sure that the camera is in Manual shooting mode and Single frame Release Mode. If you have a lens on the camera, make sure that it is in Manual Focus mode. Also you should disable Long Exposure and High ISO Noise Reduction and make sure that the memory card in the camera is nearly empty.
  3. Can you provide a screen shot of the Capture Plan area of the Imaging screen?
  4. If My Purchases shows a free license then it is either a 30-day Trial license which is likely expired, or a free license upgrade from a 3.0.x license to a 3.1.x license. If your profile shows that you have purchased a BYE license then I guarantee that it is still active. A free Trial license DOES require an Internet connection to re-validate the license each time BYE is started up. This is not needed with a purchased Classic or Premium license. The license key is a long string and it is easy to make a mistake while manually typing the string to transfer it from one computer to another. This can make it challenging to correctly enter the license string to validate the license on a computer that is not connected to the internet. However, you can use copy/paste to create a text file containing the license key and move the text file onto your observatory computer via a thumb drive. I have never had a problem with anti-virus software causing issues on my observatory computer nor does it cause clutter on the system, in my experience. I have the Pro version of Windows 10 so that I can exercise some degree of control over when the updates occur. Updates are a necessary part of computer ownership and are more likely to bring enhancements, fixes, and improvements than they are to bring issues and clutter. In any case file storage is ridiculously inexpensive, so I can tolerate any clutter that may occur. System crashes are also a part of computer ownership, but thankfully are rare occurrences. I have never experienced one in over 40 years of computer ownership going back to my first Apple II computer in 1979. Still I plan for how to easily recover from a crash on every computer that I own (desktop, laptop, tablet, and phone). I use the network connection to do this. I also control my observatory remotely which I could not do if the laptop were not connected to my home network and the internet. I guess that we can agree to disagree regarding the wisdom of not connecting a computer to the Internet.
  5. You EOS-R owners can try shooting BULB exposures with your laptop and your camera set up on your kitchen table. You do not care about the image, itself, just does BYE control the camera for long exposures.
  6. Joseph, What "piece of software" are you having trouble downloading? You do not need to purchase anything in order to be able to download the BYE or BYN setup program. Have you tried disabling your anti-virus software? Some anti-virus products will prevent unknown software, like BYE or BYN from downloading because it does not recognize it and assumes that it is malicious. It is also possible that your ISP is blocking access to the otelescope.com domain for some reason, like in response to a large number of malicious attacks from some region of the world.. I was just able to download setup-BackyardNIKON-v2010.exe from the otelescope web site using the Microsoft Edge browser on my Windows 10 Pro system. My anti-virus software is Windows Defender and I am located in North America. I had no problem, so it does not seem that there is any issue with the web site or the download itself.
  7. The End User License Agreement (EULA) for BYE or BYN allows you to install the software on multiple computers as long as you only use it on one computer at a time. So if you have a purchased license for BYE 3.1.x and that computer crashes you only need to download BYE to your replacement PC and validate the same license on the new PC. If your license is older than 3.1.x then you need to upgrade that license by following the Upgrade instructions on this web site. If you read the upgrade instructions, some upgrades are free and others cost a small amount. So to summarize, you can use your BYE 3.0.X license to get a free 3.1.x license, download the latest BYE software and validate the new license key and your username on your new version of BYE. You should also know that the new licensing scheme keeps your license key on the web site. Once you complete the upgrade process your new license key will be available whenever you log onto this web site using the username that was used when you upgraded the license. Just look in the "My Purchases" area of your user profile. So you only need to remember your username and password, but you can reset your password if you need to by using your email address.
  8. With the 14mm Rokinon, the stars will be soooo small you may have trouble getting good focus with BYE. With my 16mm f/2.0 Rok, I had success setting the lens on infinity and taping it down so it would not accidentally shift. I then took 20 second shots all night long while the camera panned around the southern horizon at sidereal rate. I was able to get almost 8 hours of the Milky Way from rise to set as it moved across the sky.
  9. The ASCOM Focuser standard supports absolute and relative focusers. The Absolute focuser is moved by sending a command to go to a specific position (specified by steps from the zero position). A Relative focuser is moved by specifying how many steps inward or outward to move. It has no position value. Relative focuser drivers typically support focusers with a servo motor. Absolute focuser drivers typically support focusers with stepper motors. I believe that the Celestron Focus Motor driver implements an Absolute focuser.
  10. OK, so the Canon EOS Utility will not work with your T3 either then? If that is the case then it would indeed point to the camera being the culprit.
  11. If you have a Premium license for BYE and an absolute focuser with an ASCOM driver then BYE will be able to control it. Offhand I do not know if the new Celestron focuser is a relative focuser or an absolute focuser. If it is absolute, then you should be able to control it from BYE. I should caution you that BYE does allow you to adjust focuser from the ASCOM Focuser panel, but it does not automatically bring your camera into focus. You must driver the movements from BYE's user interface.
  12. Brian, In one of my earlier posts I suggested installing the EOS Utility from the CD that would have come with the camera. I did not see whether you indicated that you had tried that. In a few cases where the kernel level driver was missing from someone's Windows installation, installing the EOS Utility from that disk installed the missing driver. If you don't have that disk you can download the EOS Utility from the Canon web site. Canon may no longer service the T3, but they do still support it. You can find the EOS Utility installation package from the Drivers & Downloads page for the EOS Rebel T3 camera's Support area.
  13. The factory reset can be performed from one of the camera's menu options.
  14. BYE can display LiveView images for both the 1000D and the 70D. I do not use SharpCap so can't comment on how to use SharpCap with your cameras. I have never heard that SharpCap can connect with BYE, however BYE does offer a way for other programs to use images that are captured by BYE, so it is not impossible. BYE does have its own drift align capability.
  15. It would seem that there is something wrong with your system that is preventing the built-in (to Windows) kernel level driver for the camera from loading. Have you done a broad internet search to see of others had this issue and if/how they fixed it? I did a quick search and found this thread with contributions from others who had a similar problem. I hope it helps: https://community.usa.canon.com/t5/EOS-Rebel/canon-camera-not-recognized-by-windows-10/td-p/150600
  16. astroman133

    Shut down

    If your PC was at the login screen then it seems that your PC rebooted. I listed some historical causes for BYE to shut down (in case I misunderstood the state of your system): BYE can have problems if there is even a momentary loss of connection with the camera. This can be due to a malfunctioning cable or loose connection. BYE may be hung to the point that you need to kill the process from the Task Manager. The camera can shut down due to low battery or overheating. This can cause BYE to need to be killed via the Task Manager. The PC can shut down parts of the system during periods of "inactivity" to save power. This can include USB ports and hard drives. This can cause issues with BYE not being able to talk to the camera. You need to configure your system's power saving feature so that this does not happen when you are imaging. I typically run my PC off of external power and so disable all power saving during that case. Windows 10 can reboot without approval in order to complete a software update that it started without approval.
  17. Sorry, but the short answer is that BYN is not able to control either of your cameras with only a DSUSB camera. The DSUSB cable can be used for BULB shutter control, but it is not required for either of your cameras. What is required is a regular USB cable to connect from the USB port on the camera to a USB port on the PC. This connection is ALWAYS required. It is used for connect and disconnect, setting image properties like exposure, ISO, f/stop, LiveView, and image download. So if you used a DSUSB cable with either of those cameras in the past it was in conjunction with a regular USB cable.
  18. As I said in reply to your previous post, you do not appear to have the cameras connected to the PC correctly. You need a regular USB cable to connect between the camera and the PC, NOT a DSUSB cable. Also, the D850 is new enough that you may want to upgrade to BYN v2.0.11 PRE-RELEASE to see if that allows connection to that camera, once you have the correct cabling. Both cameras can do BULB exposures via USB. In the future please do not post the same issue to multiple threads!
  19. No, the D850 connects to the PC with a USB cable. Since the SDK and camera support BULB exposures over USB, a DSUSB shutter control cable is not necessary.
  20. Yes, go to the Store area and select BackyardEOS followed by BackyardEOS Premium. Then scroll down and select the Upgrade tab. Follow the instructions to purchase a Premium license upgrade. Then apply this new license to your existing installation of BYE to activate all the Premium features.
  21. So, I assume that you are interested in stacking planetary JPG images or BYE videos which are made of individual JPGs that are assembled into an AVI file. Just because RegiStax has not been updated in a while does not mean that it does not do a good job. Have you tried it? You really have nothing to lose.
  22. astroman133


    You can install BYE on another computer with no problems, except that you can only have BYE active on one PC at a time.
  23. astroman133

    Trial Version

    BYE provides the "camera 2" desktop icon to support people who want to image with multiple cameras at the same time. It is not likely that the camera 2 executable works with your camera but the camera 1 executable fails. This feature has been in BYE for several years and nobody else has reported a similar issue. If camera 2 works, I would suggest going back to camera 1 AND please provide a log file that shows the issue.
  24. astroman133

    Trial Version

    Yes, provide the log file. It should have information about why it disconnected.
  25. astroman133

    Trial Version

    The partial log history shows that BYE connected with the camera, but the screenshot shows that you are not now connected, since the Connect/Disconnect button caption is Connect only when not connected and the Preview button is only visible when not connected. This is not enough information to help us understand what is happening. You are going to need to follow the procedure listed near the top of the How-To's forum for how to provide a log file to the authors.
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