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  1. >> I'm not sure if CdC's API has that call, I'll look into it, maybe it does. I think that you missed my point. Many ASCOM telescope drivers allow multiple simultaneous connections. So if BYE/BYN is connected to a telescope and CdC, or some other planetarium program, is also connected, both will see the position change as the scope slews. This allows BYE/BYN to see the position that CdC slewed to just by reading the telescope's RA/DEC. Your platesolving capability can then use that RA/DEC as the desired location and sync and slew to get right on it.
  2. astroman133

    Nikon D80

    According to the Nikon camera Support Grid, you need to run BYN in Vista compatibility mode for the D80. Also, you need a second serial cable to control the shutter for BULB exposures.
  3. Have you considered getting the RA/DEC from the connected ASCOM telescope? That could simplify your Feature #1. For example, the user could ask CdC to slew to an Ra/Dec and then use BYE to center on that location. The location does not need to be the RA/DEC of an object, but an arbitrary point. Like halfway between NGC7331 and Stephan's Quintet that the user just points at on a star chart and says go here. I have done that quite a lot with Sky Tools and AstroTortilla.
  4. I agree with s3igell. If you could get WiFi to work you would likely find it to be slower and less reliable than a wired connection. It also appears that Nikon intends that you would only want to control your camera wirelessly from an Apple or Android smart phone or tablet. These are the only platforms where Nikon's Wireless Mobile Utility will work. The disconnects that you are experiencing when using BYN while wired are either a flaky cable, a flaky connector (either at the PC end or at the camera end), or your PC's Power settings are configured to shut down USB after so many minutes of inactivity. Also, since the USB standard for cable length is short (5 meters), it is possible that the length of cable that you are using is causing issues. It is also possible that the USB hub in your computer is choking on data if your setup is downloading both an autoguider image and a D5300 image at the same time. This is usually caused by using an underpowered laptop. Things that you can try: 1) Double-check that the cable is completely inserted into both the camera and the PC. 2) Replace the cable with a new, high quality USB cable that is known to be good. 3) If you must use cabling that is nearly as long, or longer, than the 5 meter (16.5 ft.) length specified in the standard, extend the cable length with an Active USB Extension cable. 4) Change your PC's power-saving settings to NEVER turn off the USB ports while on A/C power. 5) Test in stages. For example, test BYN with the camera and a short USB cable that is known to be good. Set up indoors at the kitchen table. Run a capture plan that exceeds what you are able to do in the field, as far as number and length of exposures. If that works, test the camera while the autoguider is also downloading exposures. If that works insert the active extension cable that you will use in the field. When you start to see failures, troubleshoot them before proceeding to the next stage. While the Nikon SDK is very sensitive to even momentary disconnects with the camera, hundreds and hundreds of Nikon owners are using BYN wired to their Nikon cameras. Those few who have had issues have been able to determine the cause with a bit of troubleshooting. Good luck.
  5. When you re-install BYE, be sure to install it in a different folder.
  6. I don't think that the Nikon SDK supports wireless comms. In any case they would be slower than a wired USB connection and less reliable. Have you tried connecting the camera and operating BYN on another PC? This could point to the USB port connection on the current PC. How about trying another cable, or another USB port on your existing PC?
  7. Hmmm. Inconsistent behavior is troubling! Unplugging and replugging the camera should have no effect. Restarting BYE had no effect previously. What would re-booting do? Very strange!
  8. When I saw your reply and the screenshot I remembered that this had happened before. See the post below: From this post, the issue occurred when the Windows Display settings were modified by the user to increase the scaling to some number above 100%. In this case BYE reacted by collapsing the Histogram area and making it available via a button on the left-hand side of the Capture Plan Center.
  9. When posting an issue or question let us know which model of camera and version (like 3.1.18) of BYE you are using. I am unable to duplicate your issue with BYE 3.1.18 RC11 and my T5i. The histogram displays just fine. Possible reasons for no histogram can be 1) you are saving the image to the camera only, or 2) you have selected Skip Read EXIF data on the Advanced Settings dialog.
  10. Bob, Systems tend to be matched, so if the CPU is fast enough, the USB ports should also be more than adequate. I would say that getting a laptop with a mid-range i7 processor, 8GB of memory, and USB 2 and 3 ports would be fine for controlling your equipment and temporarily storing your raw images. That is what I have and have never had an issue controlling the same mix of gear as you outlined in your previous post.
  11. I reviewed several of the log files that you submitted and could not find any files that support what you say you are seeing...Imaging plan is aborted when saving to PC+CARD. However, I did see two different errors. Error 1) When saving to the PC, several numeric format errors are reported, but the image is saved anyway. Error 2) When saving RAW images to the camera's memory card, the Nikon SDK reports an error and cancels the imaging plan. Here is the error: 2019-10-31 20:32:02,315 [Main] DEBUG - ButtonPlus_MouseClick(btnImagingCapture = 'Start Capture') 2019-10-31 20:32:02,357 [Main] INFO - Imaging session started. 2019-10-31 20:32:02,568 [Main] INFO - ----------------------------------- 2019-10-31 20:32:02,568 [Main] INFO - Application state changed: 'ImageCaptureBusySessionPlan' 2019-10-31 20:32:02,574 [Main] INFO - Camera action fired: 'ValidateCapturePlan' 2019-10-31 20:32:02,583 [Main] INFO - CameraPropertyChangedArgs fired: ImageQuality = 'RAW' 2019-10-31 20:32:02,666 [22] INFO - Temp folder: D:\BackyardTEMP 2019-10-31 20:32:02,666 [22] INFO - Download folder: D:\BackyardNIKON 2019-10-31 20:32:03,542 [CameraTakePictureOnMessageRecieved] INFO - CameraPropertyChangedArgs fired: SaveTo = 'CARD' 2019-10-31 20:32:03,701 [CameraTakePictureOnMessageRecieved] INFO - CameraPropertyChangedArgs fired: MirrorLock = '0' 2019-10-31 20:32:03,725 [CameraTakePictureOnMessageRecieved] INFO - CameraPropertyChangedArgs fired: Tv = 'BULB' 2019-10-31 20:32:03,736 [CameraTakePictureOnMessageRecieved] INFO - CameraPropertyChangedArgs fired: Av = '4.0' 2019-10-31 20:32:03,836 [CameraTakePictureOnMessageRecieved] INFO - CameraPropertyChangedArgs fired: Iso = '400' 2019-10-31 20:32:03,878 [CameraTakePictureOnMessageRecieved] DEBUG - TAKE PICTURE ::: Shutter(MANUAL) Cable(CameraUSB) Av(4.0) Duration(1,0) Iso(400) Quality(RAW) Mirror(0) SaveTo(CARD) 2019-10-31 20:32:08,834 [CameraTakePictureOnMessageRecieved] ERROR - [kNkMAIDResult_ValueOutOfBounds] (kNkMAIDCommand_CapStart, 33560, kNkMAIDDataType_GenericPtr, 225767552) 2019-10-31 20:32:08,834 [CameraTakePictureOnMessageRecieved] ERROR - à BinaryRivers.Camera.Nikon.Wrapper.NikonTaskQueue.Invoke(Delegate d, Object[] args) à BinaryRivers.Camera.Nikon.Wrapper.NikonBase.Start(eNkMAIDCapability cap, eNkMAIDDataType dataType, Int32 data) à BinaryRivers.Camera.Nikon.Wrapper.NikonDevice.StopBulbCapture() à BinaryRivers.Camera.Nikon.CameraModel.<>c__DisplayClass26_0.<DoTakePictureBulb>b__0() à BinaryRivers.Common.ProviderInterfaces.Camera.CameraControllerBase.DoWithCameraLocked(Action action) à BinaryRivers.Camera.Nikon.CameraModel.DoTakePictureBulb(Boolean start, Single mirrorlockseconds) à BinaryRivers.Common.Model.CameraModelBase.TakePictureBulb(Single durationseconds, Single mirrorlockseconds, String progresstext) à BinaryRivers.Common.Model.CameraModelBase.<>c__DisplayClass77_0.<CameraTakePictureOnMessageRecieved>b__0(Object state) 2019-10-31 20:32:08,844 [CameraTakePictureOnMessageRecieved] INFO - Timespan 6,179 2019-10-31 20:32:08,850 [CameraTakePictureOnMessageRecieved] INFO - Imaging session cancelled TAKE PICTURE ::: Shutter(MANUAL) Cable(CameraUSB) Av(4.0) Duration(1,0) Iso(400) Quality(RAW) Mirror(0) SaveTo(CARD) I am not sure, but I see one thing that seems inconsistent...The aperture value uses a decimal point in the numeric value, but the Duration uses a comma in the numeric value. This could be due to how the log is formatted, but could cause an error, depending on how the values are passed to the Nikon SDK. If my analyses are not helpful, I will bow out from further comments on this thread.
  12. The USB3 ports will downgrade to USB2 as necessary.
  13. There are usually 3 reasons why BYE will not connect... 1) the Canon EOS Utility or some other program is already connected with the camera 2) too long or bad USB cable 3) WiFi is enabled in the camera...This prevents the camera from communicating via USB. Of course there could be some other problem, like a broken camera, but these are the top culprits.
  14. Thanks for letting us know that your problem is solved.
  15. Looking at the log file that you previously submitted, I see the following error: 2019-10-28 22:42:10,016 [7] DEBUG - NIKON EVENT --> OnDeviceOnImageReady(1,type[5]) fired 2019-10-28 22:42:10,262 [CameraTakePictureOnMessageRecieved] ERROR - Le format de la chaîne d'entrée est incorrect. 2019-10-28 22:42:10,262 [CameraTakePictureOnMessageRecieved] ERROR - à System.Number.StringToNumber(String str, NumberStyles options, NumberBuffer& number, NumberFormatInfo info, Boolean parseDecimal) This could be due to the fact that you have the comma as your decimal separator and is causing a format error. This should be reproducible.
  16. Sorry, but I am confused. Your previous note indicated no problem saving to the camera. Only to the PC when PC+Camera is selected.
  17. >> BYN TEMP folder don't change place even i change it in settings...probably due to nikon sdk too. No, the SDK helps BYN control the camera, but the TEMP folder is outside if the SDK...It is BYN that uses the TEMP folder. Can you provide a log file where you attempt to save to both the Camera and the PC?
  18. What if you perform a factory reset on the camera? Another user had the same issue which they solved by turning off mirror up. Here is their post: If your issue persists, it may be helpful to have the complete log of the session. Follow the instructions in the post that is pinned near the top of this forum to submit the log file.
  19. Barry, Be patient. Only the admins can deal with licensing issues. It appears that you used a different account (username) when you purchased your BYE license. You must use that username as the identifier when validating your license. The admins have helped others in the past, with the same issue.
  20. cevoner, Your issue is different from the original poster. Do you have ASCOM version 6.4 installed? If not, please install it. It appears that BYE is being forced to try to use ASCOM 5.5 which is very old.
  21. I would also suggest comparing the specs of the machine that you are looking at purchasing against the requirements of whatever software you are planning to use for image processing. Other things to consider are the USB ports and the speed of the video processor, since processing apps can use the video processor to speed up image processing.
  22. Thanks, that makes perfect sense. So, the argument for the shutter parameter can be any value that appears in the Shutter dropdown? Does it include 'AV-Flat' and 'PROGRAM' or are only the numeric values and BULB allowed? Thanks!
  23. Just so that I understand...You seem to be saying that the current version of the API only does BULB exposures of 1 second or longer. Tv exposures, shorter than 1 second are not currently possible. Is that correct?
  24. It is not clear from the API documentation whether the takepicrure command can take Tv exposures, but if it is supported perhaps you should use a decimal number, for example, 0.01 rather than a string like "1/100" that is not a number. I would also expect that if any of the arguments do not make sense, that the command would raise an exception rather than misinterpret the command.
  25. The camera used in the 2 hour video demo of BYE on this site uses the EOS Rebel Xs (1000D), not the 60D. The Xs does not have a BULB setting on the rotary dial as the 60D does. This allows an Xs user to put the dial in Manual and shoot both BULB and Tv exposures. This is different from the 60D. 60D users need to put the dial on BULB mode for long exposures or in M mode for Tv exposures. This means that you need to be near the camera while imaging and to touch the camera to change the dial between B and M. Don't blame the BYE developers for this, this is Canon's design and there is nothing the developers can do to overcome it.
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