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  1. If you get all your Sony astroimaging friends to reply to this post then perhaps the devs will consider it. Other questions are

    1. Is the SDK full-featured enough?
    2. How many camera models are supported?
    3. Is there a channel for 3rd party developers to get support from Sony?
    4. How large is the customer base?
    5. How easy is it to reuse the BYE/BYN code for a new product?

    However, if I were the developers, I would not make my plans and investigations public until I was sure that it would definitely happen!

  2. The thread was dead until your post. The admins were waiting for a log file to do some in-depth troubleshooting. Please follow the link in the previous post to package and send log file(s) to the support email address. Do not post here.


  3. This has been discussed in this forum several times in the past. If my advice does not help perhaps you will find more info in the archives.

    The Imaging screen does not use LiveView, but perhaps the LiveView Autofocus Mode is interfering with Imaging

    From the camera's menus change the LiveView Autofocus Mode to something other than Face+Tracking and then try LiveView again.


  4. You said: I have tried to send a log file but as usual I can’t, so.

    Providing the log files is an important step for the authors to investigate your issue without looking over your shoulder. It would help if you could provide information on why you are not able to email the logs to them. This is not a problem that anyone else has had and the BYE community should be able to assist you.


  5. Ok, but if BYN is going to offer the ability to save images to the card, it needs to work, whether it saves any time or not. It also seems as though you have two choices, put in a hard delay to give the camera enough time to become unbusy or poll until the camera says that it is unbusy. The problem with the first option is that it undoubtedly takes longer to process a large image and store it to the SD card than it does a small image. Using one hard delay for all models wastes time for those with small sensor model cameras that could be ready sooner.

    Ideally the SDK should tell you, through a callback, when it becomes unbusy, but if that is not possible then a loop with a 1/10 or 1/4 second delay between checks should return as fast as possible and be a good compromise.

    I am surprised that there is not a way to read a busy flag, or camera state, from the SDK that does not raise an error.

  6. O'Telescope is a 2-person shop where they also have day jobs. Hence they rely on experienced users (the community) to help provide support for common issues.

    So I understand that you are having difficulty connecting BYE to your 5Ds via WiFi. And that when you are able to connect, that the camera does not reliably stay connected. Is that it?

    BYE uses the Canon SDK to manage the camera.The SDK does not provide the capability to connect via WiFi. For this reason use of WiFi is an unsupported configuration.

    The EOS Utility also uses the SDK, but Canon has built into the EOS Utility the ability to complete the pairing process before using the SDK. They have not published that the details of the pairing process so that 3rd party developers can implement that missing functionality. This means that you have two choices...Disable WiFi in the camera and connect via USB or use the EOS Utility to complete the pairing but disconnect and allow BYE to connect. Some people have gotten this to work but I suspect that most have given up on WiFi. If you must have WiFi, I would suggest that you troll the archives here for how others have solved this issue. This has been discussed many times on this forum.

    Reasons not to use WiFi are the following:

    1) Use of WiFi for instrument control is not allowed at large star parties because it is a hog of WiFi channels.

    2) Even a momentary loss of the WiFi connection can cause the Canon SDK to lock up which in turn can cause BYE to lock up because a synchronous call to the SDK never returns.

    3) Even if it works reliably enough to use, it will be slower than a wired USB connection.

    30-day trial keys are not revoked without cause which would have been communicated to you. Trial licenses do however require an internet connection. You can thank license cheaters for forcing the developers to implement this behavior which is designed solely to check with a server to verify that the current date is still in the 30-day trial period. This is not a problem with a purchased, permanent license.

    If you are running BYE in a virtual machine, this has been a problem for some users if they have re-created the VM. The new VM will not have your license key stored and when you validate the key it will be registered on the validation server as a new activation. There is some limit on the number of activations per license. This is an attempt to prevent license sharing, but should be sufficient for a normal user.

    I hope this helps. If you still have licensing questions, please wait for Guylain to reply. He does check the forums at least several times a day.


  7. You should be sure to use Copy/Paste rather than manually retyping to transfer your license key from this web site into the BYE license validation dialog and be sure the identifier is the username of the O'Telescope account that contains the license.

  8. You have repeatedly said the following:

    ·         save to Camera: KO

    ·         save to PC: OK

    ·         save to PC+Camera: camera OK, PC not OK (picture is in download folder of BackyardTEMP folder).

    I must be misunderstanding this because I believe it to mean the following:

    1) when you select Save To Camera you have no problem...You say KO but I assume that a typo that really means OK

    2) when you select Save To PC you have no problem

    3) when you select Save To PC+Camera the image is saved to the camera but not to the PC. In this case, the image is in the BackyardTEMP folder, but never moved into the Download folder.

    Is this correct?

    By the way, the log file attached to your previous post clearly shows the following error:

    2019-10-28 22:43:02,888 [CameraTakePictureOnMessageRecieved] DEBUG - TAKE PICTURE ::: Shutter(MANUAL) Cable(CameraUSB) Av(4.5) Duration(5,0) Iso(400) Quality(RAW) Mirror(0) SaveTo(PC+CARD)
    2019-10-28 22:43:12,725 [25] DEBUG - NIKON EVENT --> OnDeviceOnImageReady(2,type[1]) fired
    2019-10-28 22:43:15,156 [CameraTakePictureOnMessageRecieved] ERROR - [kNkMAIDResult_ValueOutOfBounds] (kNkMAIDCommand_CapStart, 33560, kNkMAIDDataType_GenericPtr, 378861632)
    2019-10-28 22:43:15,157 [CameraTakePictureOnMessageRecieved] ERROR -    à BinaryRivers.Camera.Nikon.Wrapper.NikonTaskQueue.Invoke(Delegate d, Object[] args)
       à BinaryRivers.Camera.Nikon.Wrapper.NikonBase.Start(eNkMAIDCapability cap, eNkMAIDDataType dataType, Int32 data)
       à BinaryRivers.Camera.Nikon.Wrapper.NikonDevice.StopBulbCapture()
       à BinaryRivers.Camera.Nikon.CameraModel.<>c__DisplayClass26_0.<DoTakePictureBulb>b__0()
       à BinaryRivers.Common.ProviderInterfaces.Camera.CameraControllerBase.DoWithCameraLocked(Action action)
       à BinaryRivers.Camera.Nikon.CameraModel.DoTakePictureBulb(Boolean start, Single mirrorlockseconds)
       à BinaryRivers.Common.Model.CameraModelBase.TakePictureBulb(Single durationseconds, Single mirrorlockseconds, String progresstext)
       à BinaryRivers.Common.Model.CameraModelBase.<>c__DisplayClass77_0.<CameraTakePictureOnMessageRecieved>b__0(Object state)

    Have you tried the latest BYN 2.1.0 pre-release version?


  9. A 2 meter cable should be fine, but a 5 meter cable is definitely as long as you can go without an active extension cable even if the cable is a good cable that is working perfectly. Also, these cables do go bad...more often than we would like.

    Does BYE crash in Imaging or Frame & Focus, or both?

    Have you checked that Windows is not shutting down parts of the computer, for example the USB, ports to save power?

    BYE is only for Canon cameras. It will not control a ZWO camera.

  10. Please tell us which version number (for example 3.1.18) of BYE and what model of camera you are using with BYE. Also "it keeps crashing" is a pretty vague description of what is happening. It would be useful if you can provide a series of steps that describe what you were having the program do immediately before it crashed. For example it was imaging or LiveView was on during Frame and Focus.

    By far, loss of communication between the camera and the PC is the most common cause of BYE becoming unresponsive. Reasons for this can be one or more of the following:

    1) Cable too long

    The USB spec for cable length is 5 meters (16.5 ft). Test at the kitchen table with the camera connected to the PC using a short USB cable that is known to be good.

    2) Cable is faulty

    Try a different cable.

    3) Cable not completely plugged in 

    Make sure that both ends of the cable are completely inserted into the camera and the PC.

    4) USB connector bad, at either end (camera or PC)

    Try a different USB port on the computer or try a different camera for test purposes.

    5) Overloaded USB hub

    A PC has one or more internal USB hubs. Each hub typically serves only some of the ports that are available on the PC. Try a different port, especially try a port on the opposite side of the case. When testing, do not use any more ports than necessary. For example, do not autoguide while testing the PC to camera connection.

    6) Camera is malfunctioning

    Temporarily try a different camera. 

    7) Windows goes into power saving mode.

    If this happens, BYE will work for several minutes and then quit working when Windows powers down the USB ports. You should be able to prevent this by changing the power saving settings for the PC.

    If the BYE starts up and connects with the camera then it is unlikely that re-installing the software will fix anything, unless your version of BYE is out-of-date. So I would not expect that re-installing BYE would fix anything based on your description of the symptoms, unless you are running some version that is older than 3.1.18.

    You might also look through old posts on this forum to find what solved similar issues for other BYE users.

  11. I think that he is saying that conversion from decimal degrees or hours to sexagesimal (DD° MM' SS" or HH:MM:SS) can be tricky. For example, when the seconds has a decimal value between 59.5 and 60.0 the displayed value can be rounded to 60 if no decimal places are being displayed. However, it should be 0 and the minutes be incremented, which can mean that the hours or degrees may also need to be incremented.

    For example a value of 3.996 degrees should be displayed as 4° 0' 0" rather than 3° 59' 60". That is, that the minutes and seconds should always be less than, but never equal to, 60.

    I get what he is saying, but the screen shot does show the Dec as 4° 0' 0", so I am a bit confused.

  12. >> I'm not sure if CdC's API has that call, I'll look into it, maybe it does.

    I think that you missed my point. Many ASCOM telescope drivers allow multiple simultaneous connections. So if BYE/BYN is connected to a telescope and CdC, or some other planetarium program, is also connected, both will see the position change as the scope slews. This allows BYE/BYN to see the position that CdC slewed to just by reading the telescope's RA/DEC. Your platesolving capability can then use that RA/DEC as the desired location and sync and slew to get right on it.


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