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  1. It is possible that the camera or cable has gone bad. What version of BYE are you using...not the license, but the full version number, please. Also tell us which Driver you select at connect time (you should select Canon, not Canon210 or canon 215).

  2. I tried to re-create your issue with BYE 3.1.18 RC11 and my T5i. I had no problem downloading images when BYE was minimized. This is not surprising. All that Windows does when you minimize a program is to move its screen location to coordinates that do not display. I believe that it is off the screen by 10,000 pixels in both the x and y directions. 

    I would consider a faulty cable or saturated USB hub in your PC as the culprits.

  3. Bryan,

    You talk about cabled and wireless connections. I assume that you are cabled to the camera and using wireless communication from the PC to the mount via the CPWI driver. I would not expect loss of comms with the mount to hang BYE.

    Running LiveView for an extended period can cause the camera to shut down without warning to prevent damage to the sensor caused by overheating. LiveView may also shut down automatically after 30 minutes of continuous use. Also, the Canon SDK does not react well to even momentary communication glitches between the camera and the PC. Glitches can cause unrecoverable errors that can cause BYE to hang or crash. A 16 foot USB cable is right at the length limit for USB 2.0. You may want to use two shorter cables with one of them being an Active Extension cable and both of them being quality cables.


  4. No, this thread is in the Feature Suggestion Box forum. It is where users add their wish list items for BYE. It does NOT now do automatic focusing, but can allow you to adjust your computer-connected ASCOM focuser manually. Many of the contributors to this thread have requested the feature, however.

  5. There is a difference between having logic to automatically adjust the focus between exposures and having the ability to adjust your computerized focuser from BYE. This thread is about the first. BYE, with a Premium license does the second.

    Look in the ASCOM control panel area of the main screen. This is where you can select, configure, connect, disconnect, and control a telescope, a focuser, and a filter wheel. The button with the Star icon is for the Focuser control.


  6. If you want to use BYE for Planetary imaging, then I would suggest another camera than the T4i. Several users reported a slow USB download rate with that model. I get more expected frame rate with my T5i.

    In general, I would expect the newer models to be improved. Otherwise why release a new model? The question really is are the new features and improvements of benefit for the types of astrophotography that you anticipate shooting.

    The amount of processing that is performed on your images by BYE is limited to updating the metadata in the image and changing the name if the image file. The image pixels themselves are not altered. In fact you can prevent BYE from even updating the metadata by selecting the Skip Writing of EXIF Data option on the Advanced Settings dialog.

  7. Egil,

    Scroll to the bottom of this page and select "Upgrade Instructions" below the BackyardEOS column. The upgrade is indeed free, but you use a portion of your old license key to get a new license key that is maintained on this web site. You then enter your new license key (in the My Purchases area of your Profile) into a new version of BYE to activate it.

  8. When the authors released BYE 3.1 they changed the licensing scheme. For version 3.0 the purchased key was a multiline key that you were responsible for maintaining. With version 3.1, they maintain the key and all you need to remember is the logon credentials that you used to purchase the license. The 3.1 key is available from the My Purchases area of your profile once you are logged onto this web site. If there is no key, then you must have used a different account when purchasing your license.

  9. The fact that .NET 3.5 is already installed is why your attempts to install it failed.

    If you have Windows 7 or later then .NET 3.5 is already installed, but it is deactivated by default. You need to go into the Programs and Features applet in the Control Panel and select "Turn Windows features on or off" from the left hand menu then select .NET Framework 3.5 from the list. This will activate it.

  10. If you get all your Sony astroimaging friends to reply to this post then perhaps the devs will consider it. Other questions are

    1. Is the SDK full-featured enough?
    2. How many camera models are supported?
    3. Is there a channel for 3rd party developers to get support from Sony?
    4. How large is the customer base?
    5. How easy is it to reuse the BYE/BYN code for a new product?

    However, if I were the developers, I would not make my plans and investigations public until I was sure that it would definitely happen!

  11. The thread was dead until your post. The admins were waiting for a log file to do some in-depth troubleshooting. Please follow the link in the previous post to package and send log file(s) to the support email address. Do not post here.


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