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  1. The JPG images are the individual LiveView frames that BYE gets from the camera. The JPG files are combined, after the fact, to make AVI. This means that the quality is the same. Initially the downloaded JPG planetary images are saved in the BackyardTEMP folder. Once all the requested frames have been collected in the BackyardTEMP folder, a background thread is used to move them to the Planetary folder, rename them, and potentially combine them into the AVI. You need to let this process happen without intervention. By you worrying that BYE is not doing what it is supposed to and moving the files manually, you are interfering with that process. BYE will warn you if you try to quit the program while you have unprocessed data. You can tell that it is finished when the Queue entry (in the Camera Information Center, to the right of the battery indicator) disappears. I suggest that you play around with BYE and your tablet, connected to the camera, at the kitchen table, so you are familiar with how to use it and are comfortable with how it behaves. I have an i7 desktop PC with Windows 10 Pro and a T5i camera. I get about 14 fps in Planetary mode. I created two 3000 frame AVI files, back-to-back (by setting the Loop count to 2), using BYE 3.2.0 RC4. I had no problems. The frames for the first video were being processed while the data for the second video was being collected. BYE's memory usage did not come close to the 2GB limit, staying below 160MB and its CPU usage was always under 10%. It took about 3.5 minutes to capture the 3000 frames and less than 2 minutes to create the AVI, so the number of queued tasks never got above 1. If you are trying to capture Jupiter, you need to keep your video short. I have heard that less than 70 seconds is good. If you go longer than that you will start to see blurring in the stacked image due to the rotation of the planet. Of course there is software that can de-rotate the images to let you go longer.
  2. You may have available RAM, but Windows only allows 32-bit applications to use a total of 2 GB. BYE must be a 32-bit app, because it uses the Canon SDK which is a 32-bit API. So can you do multiple smaller captures, back-to-back, keep them as JPGs? You may be able to use dcraw, or some other program, to combine into an AVI them outside of BYE.
  3. Dave, Don't create a new account. Use your "planetnoble" account when you go to the Store to get a free Trial license. You do not need or want to have multiple accounts.
  4. You should not have to install the any software from the Canon Solutions disk to get BYE to connect with your camera. The only software outside of a good BYE install is the low-level Canon driver which is part of Windows. If the camera and cable are working properly then the issue could be a bad USB port or some other software that automatically connects with the camera when Windows detects that the camera is plugged in and powered on.
  5. Patrick, You are correct. However, with BYE Planetary mode in 5X zoom you will get better resolution. The downside is having to shoot a mosaic and combine the images. The attached image was shot by me in 2012 with an EOS Rebel Xsi and a Celestron Edge HD 800 SCT. I shot 800 frames in each of 6 positions by moving the BYE zoom box around. I used RegiStax to combine each of the videos into a single image and them assembled them with RegiStar. I think that the resulting image was worth the extra work.
  6. Was the lens set to Auto Focus? Automatic focus does not work for astrophotography. It is likely that the camera is trying to focus but that won't work because the field is too dark.. You may need to manually focus and then tape the lens in place so the focus can't shift.
  7. Geoff, As far as I know, Canon does not provide any info on the exact location of the temperature sensor in the camera. BYE harvests the value from the metadata in the downloaded image. I believe that if the camera senses the temperature is high enough to cause damage to the camera it will shut itself down. If you are running off the battery, you might find that the camera will run cooler if you replace it with a "fake battery" A/C adapter. Also, limiting the use of LiveView can help the camera run cooler. However, pausing between long duration exposures is typically not productive. You may be better to get a cooled camera for summertime imaging.
  8. Patrick, The short answer to your question is No. BYE uses the Canon EOS Software Development Kit (SDK) to control the camera. The SDK does not provide 3rd party apps access to video mode. Instead BYE downloads LiveView frames and optionally assembles them into a video file. Fortunately, the 5X zoom mode for LiveView gives you a 1:1 ratio of sensor pixels to image pixels. Since planetary objects are small targets, the small field-of-view of 5X mode is usually adequate.
  9. That is great news, and the info about disabling the camera's bulb timer is also valuable for other users.
  10. It would be nice if there were a way to enter Frame and Focus without triggering LiveView. If so Snap images could still be used for focusing.
  11. BYE doesn't care about the camera's firmware version. However, it is possible that a firmware update could require a newer version of the SDK. It is also possible that the Err 70 could be caused by a bug in the new firmware. When BYE 3.2.0 is released, it will undoubtedly be released with the latest North American version of the Canon EOS SDK. This should help provide maximum compatibility with the newest camera firmware versions.
  12. This is a Canon/BYE issue and should have been posted in the BYE forum. Dithering has nothing to do with the camera. It is between BYE/BYN and the Dither Provider. The camera is just sitting there, between exposures.
  13. astroman133


    You can find your license by navigating to the My Purchases area of your profile on this web site. Be sure to use the same account that was used when you purchased the license. You do not need the license to download the latest version of BYN, but you do need to apply the license to use it.
  14. Saying that you are using "the latest" verson does not mean same the same thing to someone who is reading your post today as it does to someone who may read your post in 2 years. And even to day "the latest" could be 3.1.18 or 3.2.0 RC 11. Please let us know both your camera model and the version number of BYE that you are using. Also, the web site has a Search function and if you search "This Forum" for "Err 70". You will see that others have reported this issue for certain models of camera and that it is as yet unresolved.
  15. You may need to tell Windows not to set up the SD card as an external drive. This may be preventing BYN from connecting. I believe that the Tether Tools USB cable is connected correctly for BYN. This is confirmed if Windows is able to access the memory card to support image transfers. Also be sure that WiFi is disabled in the camera and that the SD card is nearly empty. The two log files in your previous post show two different errors. The first shows a "Camera Not Found" error. This could be due to windows accessing the camera as a storage device. The second shows that BYN is getting an access denied error when trying to read its configuration: 2020-06-07 18:06:56,209 [Main] ERROR - An error occurred loading a configuration file: Access to the path 'C:\Program Files (x86)\BackyardNIKONv2.0\ukltygqd.tmp' is denied. (C:\Program Files (x86)\BackyardNIKONv2.0\BinaryRivers.BackyardNIKON.Start.Camera1.exe.user.config) 2020-06-07 18:06:56,209 [Main] ERROR - at System.Configuration.MgmtConfigurationRecord.SaveConfigSource(DefinitionUpdate update) at System.Configuration.MgmtConfigurationRecord.SaveAs(String filename, ConfigurationSaveMode saveMode, Boolean forceUpdateAll) at System.Configuration.Configuration.SaveAsImpl(String filename, ConfigurationSaveMode saveMode, Boolean forceSaveAll) at BinaryRivers.Basics.Configurations.SettingManager.SaveCache(Boolean force) Did you have two instances of BYN running?
  16. Sorry, I am a Canon owner. The cable that I use came with the camera. According to the D5300 manual, Nikon includes a cable, too. A UC-E17 USB cable. The Canon cable is a standard cable and folks often replace the Canon-supplied cable with a longer one.
  17. Yes, per the D5300 manual, you need to connect the microUSB port on the camera to the PC for tethering. You should also make sure that WiFi is disabled in the camera and that the memory card in the camera is nearly empty.
  18. Backyard EOS uses the Canon SDK to control the camera. The SDK does not directly support WiFi, so Backyard EOS cannot support WiFi, unless Canon discloses to 3rd party developers how to make it work. Other users have been able to keep the pairing alive and report that BYE works for them. However, they may have used different camera model(s). You should have some luck searching this Forum for reports from these users. Their procedure(s) may help. Does the camera connect, if you disable WiFi and connect a USB cable between the camera and the PC? This is the only method that is supported by O'Telescope. What version number of BYE are you using? BYE 3.1.18 and the pre-release of BYE 3.2.0 are both currently available.
  19. OK, your friend's 60D connected, but what about your 200D Mk 2? Guylain needs the model number information, unless you are content to use your friend's camera for imaging.
  20. Sorry for my confusion about the model number. I now understand that the 200D Mk2, the 250D, and the SL3 are the same camera just marketed in different parts of the world. Follow Guylain's advice and collect the requested numbers, but be aware that it can take a while before BYE fully supports the new camera. For most cameras all that is necessary is to register the camera with BYE so that it is recognized. In other cases, there have been code changes to BYE to make the camera fully functional. In the case of your camera it appears that Guylain already knows that the current code base needs to change and that he needs to have a camera on hand to test with BYE. It can take time for a local Canadian supplier to have a model available for him to rent so that he can make BYE work. Search "This Forum" for reports of problems with the SL3 camera.
  21. The naming/numbering convention is totally confusing.
  22. So does the OP have an 200D or a 250D?
  23. I thought that the 200D is AKA the SL2. It is on the supported cameras list. AFAIK it was released nearly 3 years ago.
  24. I would pose a question to Ray Gralak, the author of APCC and the Astro-Physics V2 ASCOM telescope driver about how to prevent a meridian flip when doing a short slew across the meridian. That said, now that you know what the behavior is, you should be able to prevent the flip by setting the driver's Meridian Flip delay time.
  25. Trial is the license, not the version. The version is a multi-part number; something like 3.1.18. The code is the same, only the license is different. You don't need to download different code. Simply apply the purchased license to the existing software. if you bought a Classic license then the features of the Classic license are activated and the Premium-only features are deactivated. This should not affect simple imaging. It is likely that something else is different. Are you using a lens on the camera? Is it in Manual Focus mode? What length of exposure are you shooting? Is LENR disabled?
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