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  1. I have no problem with Registax or AutoStakkert opening JPG files from BYE. In fact, I have had intermittent issues with Registax opening the AVI files, so I always feed Registax the JPGs. For AutoStakkert, I believe that you need to load the JPG files via Windows Drag and Drop. That is, open AutoStakkert and with Windows Explorer browse to the folder with the JPG files, select them and drag them with the mouse into AutoStakkert.
  2. I would also recommend that, if necessary, you install the ASCOM Platform from the ASCOM-Standards web site (http://www.ascom-standards.org), not from the Orion web site. That way the ASCOM Platform development team will be better able to assist you and you are always sure to get the latest release of the Platform.
  3. Thanks for all who have looked at, and commented on, my latest images. In preparation for Flickr no longer allowing me to log on with my Google+ logon, I have migrated all my publicly posted images to Astrobin. Here are the new links to the wide-field images of the Milky Way in Sagittarius and Scorpius: Milky Way without annotations Milky Way with annotations
  4. A while ago I pasted some text into a post. In the pasted text was some that was formatted to display in a different color. I tried to remove that formatting so that the text would display in the default color, but the only way I could see to do that was to make the text Black. That worked well while I was composing the post because the message entry control has a white background, but when the post was finished it was displayed with a dark gray background. The problem is that the text was still black while text with the default formatting was transformed to white. Is there a way to remove the formatting from text?
  5. First 2 assumptions: 1) You must be using the Imaging screen to run a capture plan (not Frame & Focus) 2) You have set the Save To location (in the Capture Plan Center) to PC or PC+Camera. If the above options have been set then your images will be somewhere in the Download folder tree which is specified on the Settings screen. Either right in that folder or in a subfolder, depending on which "Sub-folders" option you have selected. I like the "DATE Style" option for sub-folders. Then, as an example, if my Download folder is set to D:\My Pictures\BackyardEOS and Sub-folders is set to "DATE Style", then images shot tonight (6/7/2014) of the target M51 will be in D:\My Pictures\BackyardEOS\2014-06-07\M51. When your capture plan was running, did you see each image displayed as it was downloaded? You should also see a strip of the thumbnails across the bottom of the BYE window. If so, then your image is on your PC in the designated location. When you change targets, you don't have to open or close anything, just modify the capture plan, as necessary, and change the target name before starting the plan.
  6. The day before I left for the Texas Star Party I got a new T5i. At the star party I piggybacked the camera onto my telescope to shoot the Milky Way in Sagittarius & Scorpius. The lens is a stock Canon 18-135mm. There is some noticeable coma if you zoom way in on the stars around the edges. Next time I will stop the lens down more to see if that helps. I have two versions one with annotations that outline the stars in the constellations and label the Messier objects and the other without the annotations. not annotated - http://flic.kr/p/nS9Jrk annotated - http://flic.kr/p/nS9HL2 The images are a stack of 12 5-minute exposures captured with BYE at ISO 800.
  7. Will, According to your most-recent screenshot you still have the download folder as a sub-folder of the BackyardTEMP folder. This is what Guylain suggested that you change. Something like this is more normal: Download folder: C:\Users\William\Pictures\BackyardNIKON Plan folder: C:\Users\William\Pictures\BackyardNIKON\Plans BackyardTEMP folder: C:Users\William\Pictures\BackyardTEMP Notice that the Download and Plan folder are under the under directory tree of the BackyardTEMP folder. I believe that the BackyardTEMP folder is for internal use by BYN/BYE and even if it worked, storing your captured images and stored capture plans in that temporary folder structure is not a good idea. Perhaps there is come confusion about the purpose of the Download folder. This folder is NOT where BYN stores the images when they are downloaded from the camera. It is in this folder, and its sub-folders, that BYN stores the images when it has finished with them.
  8. This has not been a topic in quite some time, but BYE used to have an occasional issue with reading and modifying the EXIF data in your image. When it had that problem, the images were left in the temporary directory where they were downloaded from the camera. These seem to the the symptoms that you are seeing. Try checking the "Skip Read EXIF data" and "Skip Write EXIF data" checkboxes on the Advanced Settings screen and see if that changes your symptoms.
  9. Z, This brief description may be useful: Clicking on the Star HD Tool shows or hides the LiveView enhancement tools. These tools provide the ability to adjust the displayed LiveView image to improve frame and focus. When displayed, the controls of the Star HD Tool are positioned immediately above the LiveView image display area. The Brightness, Contrast, and Gammasliders adjust the image to improve the ability view dim, hard-to-see stars.The Edge1 and Edge 2 checkboxes adjust the display to enhance the edges of brighter objects in order to improve detection of those objects. The Logarithm checkbox allows you to do a simple logarithmic stretch which brightens the entire image but brightens darker areas more than the lighter areas. The Invert checkbox cause the display to be inverted. That is, dark areas become light and the light areas become dark. The Stack slider allows you to brighten the image by additively stacking multiple LiveView frames. The default value is 1 (no stacking) but you can choose to stack up 20 frames. The Presets dropdown list provides several preset groups of settings that may be useful. If any of the above information contradicts what you know about the Star HD behavior, please correct me.
  10. Tony, Please see my reply to your post on the other thread. And, thanks for starting a new thread!
  11. Tony, Have you set the "Cable support" dropdown to an appropriate value for your serial cable? It is in the Capture Plan Center of the Imaging screen.
  12. I shoot my darks ahead of time, so that I don't waste time with them while the sky is good and dark. In-camera LENR would be a waste of the night sky for me.
  13. Aaron, The device that I have is a Cat5 USB Extender (USB 2.0) made by Black Box. It is a powered 4-port hub on the telescope end. I use a 50 ft Cat 5 cable between the scope and my PC. I also have another powered 4 port hub that connects into the Extender, giving me the ability to connect up to 7 devices. Here is a link to the extender product --> http://www.blackbox.com/Store/Detail.aspx/USB-Ultimate-Extender-over-UTP-4-Port/IC400A
  14. Sorry, but I am confused by your last post...What program is showing the amount of battery life? Is it possible that this program interfering with your ability to connect BYN with your camera? Have you tried connecting BYN when the memory card in the camera is empty?
  15. Sudden disconnects like that are usually battery/power related or cabling/communications issues. Try disconnecting the camera, rebooting the PC, and then re-connecting the camera. BYE is at the mercy of the Canon SDK with issues like that.
  16. To get RegiStax to stack JPG files, just change the file type from Video files to Image files and then select all the files to be stacked.
  17. I have also had RegiStax choke on some of my videos created by BYEOS, but only some of them. The author of RegiStax speculated that my issue is due to not having the correct codec, but if that were the case I would think that the failure of RegiStax to load my videos would be consistent. I believe that my issue is a Windows issue, not RegiStax and not BYE. When I ask RegiStax to open my video, a Windows file open dialog appears. When I click on the video file name, the dialog wants to display a thumbnail of the selected file. The thumbnail image is never displayed and the dialog hangs. I have to use the Task Manager to kill RegiStax. As I said, this does not happen with all the videos that I have captured with BYE, but it does happen enough that I no longer try to use the avi files. Interestingly, all the video files will play in the Windows video player app. My workaround is to select the JPG files for processing by RegiStax.
  18. Guylain, Thanks for the information. I see from the data that Gary Honus presented that the 700D runs warmer than my old 1000D, or a 6D for that matter. However, my use for lunar, planetary, and wide-field imaging should not be bothered by that. I am more concerned about what I can expect for the LiveView frame rate.
  19. The Canon SDK reported several unexpectedly shutdowns. It gave no info as to why these events happened. I was just trying to give you some direction as to where to look for the root cause. These unexpected camera shutdowns are not caused by BYE. BYE is merely reporting the event to you as it was told about it by the Canon software. I still think that the most likely causes are disconnects caused by a bad USB cable or a power interruption.
  20. astroman133


    Jerry, I am without a camera at the moment so I can't verify the exact option, but in the camera's menus there is an option to "style" a JPG image as black and white. However, if you are capturing RAW data such an option is not used because the whole idea of a RAW image is for it to be largely unprocessed in the camera. Whatever software you use for image processing there is probably an option to convert from RGB colorspace to luminance. This is the best option.
  21. I wonder if the unexpected shutdowns are due to a low battery, or perhaps a bad USB cable.
  22. To start a new topic: From the Forums page, select the forum, for example BackyardEOS. Then select New Topic above the header bar on the right hand side of the window. XP should automatically recognize your camera. This must happen before BYE will be able to connect with it. After plugging the USB cable to a both the camera and the PC and powering the camera on, you should see the camera in the list of devices in the Windows Device manager. If this does not happen, then there is some problem with XP.
  23. I sold my venerable 1000D (XSi) and am considering a T5i. Does anyone have any comments (positive or negative) about that camera or alternative Canon suggestions? Thanks,
  24. Jim, BYE is a 32-bit application that will run on either 32-bit or 64-bit versions of Windows.
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