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  1. You should NOT need to format your hard drive and re-install Windows from scratch. This some other issue. Do you have a different camera that you can try? Make sure that wireless communication is disabled in the camera's menus.
  2. Reinhard, You are correct. The device driver for you camera is part of Windows, so there is no separate install from Canon. I know that you have uninstalled the EOS Utility, but it will be helpful to see if that tool can successfully connect with the camera. If EOS Utility can connect with the camera but BYE cannot, then it is likely that Guylain (support(at)otelescope.com) will want to see your log files. If EOS Utility cannot connect either then either some other app (qDSLRDashboard, for example) has use of the camera that is preventing the EOS SDK from connecting with the camera, or there is some setting in the camera that is preventing the SDK from finding the camera. In your note you said that you connected the camera to your PC via a LAN cable. I would try disabling LAN and WiFi connections and try a USB 2.0 connection between the camera and PC. Let us know what results you get.
  3. He also said that the EOS Utility operates the camera correctly on the XP computer...Even more strange!
  4. Dan, I would expect that lots of people use the T3i without encountering the same issue as you. If your friend's camera does not show the same issue I would compare the in-camera settings screen-by-screen to see what is different. If you don't want to wait that long, perhaps another T3i owner could PM you so you could compare how the camera is set up.
  5. For other various reasons, you should probably consider shooting RAW images.
  6. Daniel, It seems that the combination of the T3i and Win XP 32-bit and BYE is not working correctly. Hopefully Guylain will be able to see something in the log files. The T3i does work with the Canon EOS Utility software?? So if it is a camera setting, it is a setting that can apparently be controlled via the SDK. Does the XP machine have all the latest Service Packs installed?
  7. OK, from a discussion on another topic, I may have uncovered a bug...On the Preview screen of BYE 3.1.3 the Capture Plan Center Delay value only goes up to 9999. I did not connect my camera to try the corresponding control on the Imaging screen, but according to Guylain it should go up to 99999.
  8. The Canon EOS SDK does provide access to the necessary information via the EdsGetVolumeInfo method call. Among the information returned is the Maximum size (in bytes) and the available capacity (in bytes). However, it is more involved than that. Some cameras have 2 memory cards and these cameras can be configured to use those memory cards in different ways. For example, the camera can be configured so that the images can go to card 1 until it is full and then they are stored on card 2. Another supported configuration is that JPG images go to card 1 and RAW images go to card 2, or vice versa. There is also some interaction with BYE that for those cameras, and when BYE is in charge, images are only saved to card 1. Along with the fact that the images files are not always the same size, it is somewhat problematic to predict when a given card will be full. There is also a property that BYE could read (kEdsPropID_AvailableShots) which may be easier. It is difficult, but perhaps not impossible, to provide the requested functionality. While I don't see much benefit to storing images to the card as well as the PC, I do see the sense that it would be good if BYE could continue to download images after filling up the memory card. Whether this is easy depends on how the camera reacts when the memory card fills up and whether BYE is able take advantage of that to switch to PC only save destination and continue capturing images. None of my comments are in any intended to provide any information about whether Guylain and Chris WILL provide the requested functionality only that the SDK would provide support for such an effort should they agree to add the functionality to BYE.
  9. There is currently no way to specify a start time for a capture plan, but you can specify a delay between the time the plan starts and the time imaging begins. The following is a workaround that you can currently use to provide an extended start time for capturing your dark frames. The Delay field in the Capture Plan Center allows you to specify a delay of up to 9999 seconds (about 2.8 hours). In addition you can also specify a Pause between exposures of up to 999 seconds (16.65 minutes). To start collecting your darks at some point in the future you could use a combination of the above. For example to begin shooting darks in 6 hours You could use a delay of 9000 seconds (2.5 hours) along with a dummy step in the capture plan that takes 14 short images with a 900 second pause between them. This combination should provide about a 6 hour delay from the time you start the plan until you start capturing the dark frames.
  10. Those suggestions make sense, but why save anything to the memory card?
  11. Do you have long exposure noise reduction turned on in the camera? If so, the camera takes a dark frame for each light frame. So a 60 second light frame is followed by a 60 second dark frame. The dark frame is applied before the image is downloaded!
  12. Malcolm, I'm sorry that you are having a problem. What version of BYE? I am assuming that it is 3.1.3 since you are a new user, but it does not hurt to say. What version of Windows? 32-bit or 64-bit Running on a Mac under Parallels or BootCamp? When you re-installed BYE did you re-install it to the same folder or did you select a different folder? I would try installing it to a different folder. BYE will not try to use the same configuration files, which may be the cause of your issue. If the problem still occurs then I would post the detailed set of instructions that describes the steps necessary to cause the issue. Guylain may also want you to privately send him the log files.
  13. I am glad that you got BYE installed, but my question was not where it was installed to, but what folder the setup program was in when you started the installation. BYE SHOULD be installed under C:\Program Files (x86), not C:\, so Guylain is correct that there seem to be some non-standard permissions/security on Program Files (x86)!
  14. I have an unmodified T5i and have not experienced amp glow. I thought that this issue was corrected by Canon long ago and only exists on older (5 years or so) models. What makes you think that your issue is due to amp glow? Are you sure that it is not caused by light pollution? Do you see it in your darks?
  15. I think that the issue is why is a .tmp file in the Program Files folder? Access to those "system" folders is restricted and the delete warning may be Windows designed behavior. That said, nobody else has reported this behavior. That would tend to indicate that it is something that you are doing that is unique. What folder are you downloading the BYE setup program to and installing it from? Hopefully not under C:\Program Files (x86).
  16. I don't believe that white balance adjustment is the answer to light pollution. The Astronomic EOS clip-in CLS light pollution filter is about $130, which is about what Photoshop costs per year. If you are limited to what equipment and software you already have, I would suggest looking at Nebulosity for tools to do background neutralization and/or gradient removal. I tried to find info about its capabilities but apparently they want you to download a trial version to get the manual. Since I already have CCDStack, ImagesPlus, and Photoshop I decided not to go through the exercise of downloading Nebulosity. Otherwise I would try to find a dark sky site for imaging. Before I moved to a dark area, I was limited to imaging at star parties because of the light pollution near where I lived. I also bought a CCD camera and did some narrowband imaging; which is immune to light pollution.
  17. Perhaps, instead of a GPS location, the latitude and longitude of the connected ASCOM-compliant mount could be used. Since it is a video I am assuming that the time would change as you play the video. Is that what you would expect to see? What time granularity (minute, second, millisecond)? Is the accuracy of the PC system time good enough?
  18. I am not sure that you can use White Balance to remove light pollution from wide angle images. It may be better to use a clip-in LPS filter and then fix the color balance in post processing.
  19. I tried to duplicate Daniel's issue with my T5i and BYE 3.1.3 on my Win 7 x64 desktop and was not able to re-create it. I had Planetary/LiveView exposure set to 2", captured a 100 frame video, switched to imaging, captured a 40 second bulb exposure. I heard the mirror go up at the start of the exposure and back down 40 seconds later. I repeated this test with the Max Sensitivity setting checked on unchecked. It made no difference. I hope that the log file reveals the root cause.
  20. I was wondering if Daniel was confused about the imaging settings only being set when an exposure is shot. However the issue that he appears to be reporting is that when he has the set the capture plan time to some BULB value and starts the capture plan, only a 2 second image is taken and downloaded but that BYE hangs until the exposure was expected to be complete. I have asked what camera model he is using and whether he is using a separate shutter control cable. I was wondering if he has an old camera where the second cable is needed for BULB exposures. As far as I have read, he has never provided that information.
  21. Look at this related post --> http://www.otelescope.com/index.php?/topic/931-files-are-only-saved-to-pc/#entry6248
  22. Jerry, The observatory is functioning well. Thanks!
  23. astroman133

    windows 10

    Jim, What makes you think that it is not supported? The T3i is a DIGIC IV camera. it may no longer be manufactured, but it does appear to be supported. It is listed as a supported camera in the 2.15 version of the Canon SDK.
  24. astroman133

    windows 10

    Jim, A better question is...Will Windows 10 be compatible with Windows 7 and 8 applications? The answer is yes, with near 100% security. Microsoft would be skewered by the user community if this were not so. Not so certain is whether Windows will supply drivers and recognize all the cameras that it does today. This is not a BYE issue!
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