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  1. Thank you for all the information, I am guessing that you are using BYN v 2.0.11 rather than 2.0.22. When BYN is connected with the camera, I would expect that the LCD display on the back of the camera would be dark (nothing displayed), but this is behavior is controlled by the camera. Does LiveView work if you turn Vibration Reduction off? What happens if you remove the lens? Does the error go away? Guylain may ask for a log file. Do not post the log file to this forum. Keep the log file small and only do the steps necessary to recreate your error. Then follow the instruc
  2. Which version of BYN are you using with your D5300, per the orange banner at the top of this page??? You said << Live View will display an error message "Cannot start live view, etc....", and of course, there is no preview to observe in the BYN window. >> What are the steps to cause the error message to be displayed? Is it on the PC or the camera? What "preview" do you mean? Do you mean an actual LiveView image? It goes without saying that if LiveView cannot be started that you would not see any LiveView images. Do you mean something else? There have been severa
  3. astroman133


    Of course, the lights must be oriented the same way as the calibration frames, so if some of your lights were rotated by the camera, you should be able to rotate them back before calibration. That is rather than throwing them away.
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    Sorry, I don't use DSS.
  5. astroman133


    If you are using PixInsight, I believe that there is a setting that can rotate images. You may want to turn it off. You may also need to turn off AutoRotate in the camera. Here is a relevant thread -->
  6. I was just going to post the same link. I found the setting by launching the Group Policy editor as described about halfway down the linked page that Guylain provided. If your PC requires FIPS mode to be on, then you may not be able to use BYE. This could be if you are on a government network. Maybe a secure campus network or a corporate network for a government contractor? It was disabled on my home PC.
  7. Ray, By "the latest", I assume you mean 3.1.18. This is important since versions of BYE that were released before the camera was supported in Canon's SDK will not be supported by BYE. There are two banner lines at the top of this page. One asks you to always include the Camera model and version number of BYE with each new question or issue. The second banner line asks you to re-install BYE if you get the EDSInitializeSDK error, which you can see is in the last line of the reported log entries. Please re-install 3.1.18. If that doesn't work, please install version 3.2.0 Release C
  8. The planets and stars are all at infinity as far as the telescope is concerned. Focus on a bright star, like Vega. Then slew to Saturn.
  9. You wouldn't even need to dither, since the "hot" pixels of the satellite track would only be in one image, whereas bad pixels on the sensor would be bad in every image. You could use a stacking method that is designed to remove an overly bright pixel and stack the rest, on a pixel-by-pixel basis. Two stacking techniques that come to mind are Min/Max Excluded Avg which removes the darkest and the brightest pixel and averages the rest or Sigma Clip which considers the values for a pixel that are going to be combined and calculates the standard deviation of the pixel values. You provid
  10. Do you have the latest Adobe Camera Raw?
  11. Another solution is to avoid TIFF files until after stacking.
  12. BYE uses DCRAW to create TIFF files and since DCRAW does not support CR3 file format BYE will not be able to convert your raw files TIFF files. If you select the option to create the TIFF file I do not believe that there will be a visible error other than no TIFF file will be created. This has been mentioned with respect to other CR3 cameras, like the EOS Ra. My guess is that as the file format becomes more popular, applications like DSS and BYE will support it. In BYE's case Guylain needs to find an alternative to CDRAW. In another thread, LibRaw was suggested as the possible replacement
  13. An access denied error usually means that the account has insufficient permissions for the folder/file location. It can also mean that the file is unavailable because it is locked by another process. You did not follow the guidelines at the top of the page and provide the version number..."New BYE version" will mean something different to a different user with the same error a couple of years from now. Please provide the version number, like 3.1.18. The BYE directories are selected by you in the Settings dialog. These directories must exist AND your username must have full access to
  14. Sandman, Unless you expose your email address to other members of these support forums, your address is hidden. I can only respond to your post here on the site. You need to configure your profile to forward posts to your email address. I am a long time user of BYE and can say that the current licensing for BYE and BYN is not an annual subscription! I have only had to pay an additional license fee one time when I upgraded from the Classic license to the Premium license. That was several years ago.
  15. You may also need to disable the camera's internal Bulb timer.
  16. Adam, Very nice image! Canon in their wisdom has provided another astrophotography camera that has separate shooting modes for Manual and Bulb shooting. This requires you to be physically at the camera to switch between Tv and Bulb imaging. Also you need to download BYE 3.2.0 RC6 or later which has a fix to register that the camera has the separate modes. Go to the Downloads page and look in the pre-release area to get the RC.
  17. I have gotten the dreaded Fingerprint Verification error when traveling domestically within the US to a location in a different timezone, or even in the same timezone where the Daylight Saving Time setting is different. I totally understand about protecting your intellectual property and the investment in your software. However, please consider the impact on a licensed user who has traveled to attend a rare celestial event and whose software stops working because of this error. If the site location does not have internet access or cell phone service, the user is unable to access their acc
  18. Yes, it is likely that the lens is trying to autofocus, but is unable to do so, so it won't take the picture. There are two solutions to this...1) put the lens in manual focus mode or 2) your camera may have a custom function called Shutter/AE Lock button. Read the manual and you cam move the autofocus function to another button, so a shutter press does not cause the lens to try to autofocus.
  19. I am glad that your issue is resolved. It is too bad that you did not follow the instructions at the top of this page to "Be as specific as possible when reporting issues and *ALWAYS* include the full version number of the application you are using and your exact *CAMERA MODEL*" If you had reported your error in your original post your issue would likely have been solved that day.
  20. First, there is no such thing as a "trial version". The version is a number like 3.1.18. There are three licenses: Trial, Classic, and Premium. The Trial license is free and expires after 30 days. If you are trying to use your Trial license from 2017, then it will not work because it is expired. If you don't have a Classic or Premium license showing in your My Purchases area of your profile on this site, then you never actually purchased a license. If you already got a free Trial license, then you cannot get another one. Think about it...If you could just keep getting a new Trial license,
  21. If you have an old, multi-line license key from version 3.0, then you need to follow the upgrade instructions at the bottom of this page. If you can see your license key in the "My Purchases" area of your profile on this web site then copy it to the Windows Clipboard and paste it into the license validation dialog. You also need to enter an Identifier, which is the case-sensitive username that was used to purchase the license key.
  22. Also, the Celestron 6SE is an alt-az fork arm mount. In order to avoid the effects of field rotation in long exposure images, the mount must incorporate a wedge to convert the alt-az mount into an equatorial mount. If you are planning on using a DSLR for astrophotography, make sure that it is supported by whatever camera control software you choose. In the case of BYE and BYN, you need to verify that the camera model is in the supported cameras list. If the camera is a recently-released model and is not in the list, then you should investigate further and ensure that the camera supports
  23. Peter, If you are a BYE licensee, then what you probably like about it is the elegant user interface that simplifies the complex operations surrounding DSLR image capture. According to Microsoft, ".NET Core is a cross-platform version of .NET for building websites, services, and console apps." I don't see any mention of any desktop user interface technology beyond console apps. BYE and BYN use custom Windows user controls to support the user interface. None of this is portable to other the operating systems that are supported by .NET Core. Sorry.
  24. I have been using 3.1.18 since January with out any crashes. This seems to be an installation issue. Please re-install 3.1.18 and report back to us. Thanks.
  25. There are thousands of BYE owners who are making it work. The issue that is stopping you is something unique to your setup. You are not giving a good description about what you are seeing with the laptop. Please be more specific and provide screenshots of any errors. Thanks!
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