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  1. You tried "various identifiers"? The correct value for the Identifier field is the Username of the account on this site that was used to issue your license.

    Since you are presumably trying to validate your license for the BYE 3.2.0 RC pre-release you need to go to the My Purchases area of your profile and copy the permanent BYE license key to the Clipboard and paste it into the license field of the Validation dialog and then enter "Nelson" into the Identifier field. Note that the Identifier field is case-sensitive.

  2. Barry,

    If you are installing BYE 3.1.18, you may be seeing a problem with the installer that has been noted in several other posts where after a seemingly successful install, that the drivers screen is empty. Sometimes the fix is to re-install BYE to a new folder. Other times it is to install the version 3.2.0 pre-release which uses a different installation program.

    Also, at the point where the drivers should be displayed, the program has not yet tried to detect or connect to your camera, so you should get the same message even if the camera is not connected.

    You are seeing a bad installation, not a faulty camera or cable.

    If you can see the camera in File Explorer, then the USB cable and camera must be working to some extent.

  3. I guess that it kind of makes sense that disabling bulb timing in the camera allows BYE to control the shutter for long exposures. Lower end Canon models do not support camera-timed BULB exposures.

    With external (BYE) bulb shooting, BYE tells the camera to start the exposure and then after some interval that BYE knows to stop it, so it makes sense that any timer setting in the camera would be ignored and unchanged.

    Now that you have sorted out what was causing your issue, I would suggest that if you are shooting exposures less than 30 seconds, that you use Tv exposures where BYE tells the camera to shoot, for example, a 20 second exposure.

  4. BYE 3.1.18 (not 3.2.18 as you stated) is mature and stable. None of the other hundreds of users has reported a similar issue, so It seems reasonable that there is something different about your camera's settings that is causing the behavior that you are seeing.

    If you have advanced features, like Exposure Bracketing or Long Exposure Noise Reduction, enabled in the camera you need to disable them. Settings like these affect how the camera operates, but BYE does not have access to view or change them. One solution may be to perform a factory reset on the camera. If this doesn''t address your issue, you may need to send a log file to the admins by following the instructions in this post from the How To forum.


  5. Yeah, I think this is pilot error. There is no need to keep changing settings in the camera to match BYE.

    • On the camera set the Mode dial to <B>.
    • Start BYE and connect with the camera. BYE's Camera Information Center should show that the Dial mode is B.
    • In the first row of the Capture Plan, set the Shutter dropdown to BULB and the Duration to 90. Click Start Capture.

    You should record a 90 second exposure.

  6. I used to have a 450D. I have never used a serial cable for BULB exposures. That said, if you run both a USB cable AND a DSUSB serial cable between the PC and the camera, you can configure BYE to use the serial DSUSB cable for bulb exposures.

    The key is that you need two cables. The DSUSB cable runs between a USB port on the PC to the remote shutter jack on the camera. This cable only controls the shutter for BULB exposures. The second cable, which runs between a USB port on the PC to the USB jack on the camera and controls everything else (like connecting BYE to the camera, reading and writing camera settings, taking non-BULB exposures, downloading images).


  7. It is not a subscription. You are purchasing a permanent license. So far, at least, purchasers of a license as far back as 2010 have not needed to pay any more money, unless they choose to upgrade or purchase a second license.

    NOTE: that BackyardEOS and BackyardNikon are separate products, the licenses are also separate. That is, a BYE license does not work with BYN, or vice versa. Nor are they transferrable.

  8. Here are some suggestions related to improving the usefulness of the EXIF data that BYE/BYN adds to images, and to make the display of that data more useful.

    1) An EXIF value named "BackyardCaptureDate" is saved. It is not clear from the name whether this is based on the capture start time, the capture end time, the image download time, or the file creation time. My suggestions are to change the name of the parameter to indicate the point in the capture process that it represents. Something like "BackyardCaptureStart" removes the ambiguity. I would also suggest increasing the resolution to include milliseconds. It should be consistent with the Timestamp field in the file name. I should note that this would be a breaking change for any user or application that is extracting and using BackyardCaptureDate, so you may want to get consensus from the community or simply add BackyardCaptureStart as a new EXIF value.

    2) Add additional EXIF values, with similarly unambiguous names to represent the capture end time, image download time, and file creation time.

    3) Improve the Exif Data dialog window to either 1) allow the window to be re-sizeable and/or 2) present the user with a horizontal scrollbar. It should be easy to do both by making the horizontal scrollbar visibility be Automatic so it is displayed only if needed. The initial size could also be specified as the window's minimum size so the user could make the window larger, but not smaller, than the initial presentation.

  9. I looked at a recent image, but the only start time that I found was put there by the camera as "DateTimeOriginal" and "CreateDate". The resolution of these times is 1 second and is only accurate as the camera's time.

    I will create a post in the Suggestion Box Forum to add this time to the Backyard... metadata as well as to make the Exif Data dialog be re-sizeable or to present a horizontal scrollbar.

  10. I would temporarily suspend your anti-virus software and try BYE. It if works then you will need to figure out how to tell  the anti-virus software to allow BYE to download the images. I am running Windows 10 on a desktop with Windows Defender as my A/V software I did not have to do anything to get it to allow image downloads.

    I would also make sure that the folder that is in your BackyardTEMP setting actually exists.


    All of the provided log files have the same error, like the following:

    2020-04-05 12:26:07,655 [OnDirItemRequestTransfer(312903608)] INFO  - WARNING EDS_ERR_STREAM_OPEN_ERROR : EDSDK.EdsCreateFileStream(dirItemInfo.szFileName, EDSDK.EdsFileCreateDisposition.CreateAlways, EDSDK.EdsAccess.ReadWrite, out stream) 

    It seems that the Canon EOS SDK is not able to download the image from the camera. I wonder if anti-virus software running on the Surface is preventing the image download.

  12. Rotating the crosshairs so that East/West motion is parallel to the horizontal crosshair line makes it easier to see the North/South drift.

    If you have a partially blocked view then you should get as close as you can to meridian, east horizon or west horizon along the celestial equator. This is where the motion is most sensitive to polar misalignment.

  13. If you have a 3.1 license key than you have the latest license. The one-line key that is in your My Purchases screen is good for any 3.1 version. All you need to do is download and install 3.1.18 and it should recognize your 3.1 key.

  14. As Guylain has said, what you are reporting has always been true of the 60D and other Canon models with separate Manual and Bulb settings. In my opinion this was a horrible engineering design error.

    You need to upgrade to at least the latest release (3.1.18)!

    Also, the next time you post an issue, please be sure to prominently tell us the model of camera that you use.

  15. Do you have a lens on the camera, just the body cap, or a telescope?

    If a lens, you need to be sure that it is in manual focus mode. Depending on the view, it could be hung trying to focus before starting the image.

  16. The camera puts white balance information in the EXIF data for raw images. Here are EXIF tags that are related:

    WhiteBalance                  : Daylight
    WhiteBalanceRed               : 0
    WhiteBalanceBlue              : 0
    BlueBalance                   : 1.544922
    RedBalance                    : 2.015625

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