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  1. Try disabling your anti-virus software as a test. If it works, then figure out how to whitelist BYE to allow the downloads.
  2. That is what you cannot do. Store both image types to the memory card, but only transfer JPGs to the PC. I do not know if the SDK would allow it, but you should create a post in the Feature Suggestion Box Forum to create the enhancement. Please provide the reason for your request, as outlined in this thread. Thanks!
  3. Nobody running BYE or BYN on native Windows has reported that issue. |Perhaps the VM is getting in the way.
  4. OK, as stated previously, Save To the camera's memory card functionality was fixed in BYE 3.2.0. If you don't want the free upgrade, then you can add a delay between exposures. If BYE is transferring both CR2 and JPG files it is because you have asked it to transfer both file types. The speed of saving to the Camera only is controlled by the speed of the camera and the speed of the SD card in the camera. With my T5i, it takes about 1.25 seconds to save a completed image to the memory card. I bought a fast card. Also, BYE's capture plan is mis-characterized as an intervalometer. An intervalometer cannot display your image on a 15" screen or save raw, JPG and TIF versions of the image on your hard drive, or trigger dithering between images, or platesolve to perform precise centering. The list goes on and on.
  5. With many cameras, when you increase the shutter duration and ISO during LiveView, it brightens the image. This increases the noise as well as the signal. Let me say that again. In LiveView, if you adjust the shutter or the ISO and the image gets brighter this is not affecting the frame rate, only the brightness. In order to brighten the stars, it also brightens the noise. This is typical behavior. Normally, the noise does not affect your abliity to focus your telescope. If you want to frame dim objects, you may need to take short snap images (like a few seconds long). BYN can be set not to save those images. Snap images can also be used for focusing.
  6. astroman133


    I went back and examined the Ra manual and found that s3igell was correct. There is a Custom Function setting (Release shutter without lens) in the camera's menus that when enabled will let you shoot photos without a lens attached. This setting is not available to BYE to read or change, so you must make the change yourself.
  7. astroman133


    His camera is an EOS-Ra. I don't think that the setting that you reference is relevant for that camera.
  8. astroman133


    Do you have a memory card in the camera? There is a setting that prevents the camera from taking a picture unless there is a memory card present.
  9. It is the browser that comes with Windows 10. I believe that this started happening with the last major Windows 10 release. I have spend a couple of hours trying to figure out how to disable it, but have not found any advice. Thanks!
  10. When I visit the web site using the Edge browser, I get the following popup at the bottom of the screen. Is there any way to turn it off? It is pretty annoying as it keeps coming back with every page refresh. I have done as much as I am allowed to disable notifications in my profile, but some are locked. In general I dislike notifications and try to disable them wherever I can. Thanks!
  11. No charge. Download the new version. Your existing license will apply. The admins have day jobs, so there may be some delay with the other means.
  12. You could upgrade to BYN v2.1. There were numerous new features, improvements, and fixes.
  13. You should probably provide the entire log file, rather than the abbreviated Log History. It should be in the BackyardTEMP\Logs folder. The admins would prefer that you not post the log file here, although many people ignore that request. Instead, they would prefer that you send it to the support@otelescope.com email address and reference this thread. Sometimes the camera takes a picture and sometimes it doesn't. Do you have the lens set to autofocus??? If so, set it to Manual Focus. In low light situations, or when the image field has no shapes like a blank wall, the camera may not be able to autofocus and so will not take a picture. If your PC is set up near the camera, you should be able to hear the mirror flip up once the camera is satisfied that the lens is in focus. The file names in the log history show that you are shooting Tv exposures of 1 second and 10 seconds. These are not Bulb exposures. With a Tv exposure BYN tells the camera the length of the exposure and the camera controls the opening and closing of the shutter with no intervention. The longest Tv exposure is typically 30 seconds. With Bulb exposures BYN sends an open shutter command and then later sends a close shutter command. The shutter stays open until the camera receives the close shutter command. This is generally used for exposures that are longer than 30 seconds.
  14. astroman133


    Before you purchase the linked adapter, check with Agena Astro to confirm that it is compatible with the EdgeHD optical tube.
  15. You should upload the requested files to your Dropbox and send Guylain a link.
  16. dyemul, Your post above doesn't make sense. The screenshot of BYE and the two attached log files are for BYE 3.1.18, but it appears that you thought that you were running BYE 3.1.16. What gives?
  17. astroman133


    It would be exactly what you need, if you didn't have an EdgeHD. The threads are different. I mentioned this in my previous post when I said "Note that this part is specific to the EdgeHD so a standard SCT 2" adapter will not work".
  18. What is your computer? What version of Windows?
  19. astroman133


    I have been looking for the part that you need for over an hour and cannot find the one that I have. Neither can I find that part on any web site. I posed the question, vie email to a vendor. I will let you know what I hear. Basically what you need is an EdgeHD 2" Adapter. It is often used to allow a non-Celestron diagonal with a 2" barrel to be connected to the rear cell of an EdgeHD SCT. Note that this part is specific to the EdgeHD so a standard SCT 2" adapter will not work. Then you can put Barlow into the 2" adapter and your camera into Barlow. Of course you would need a T-Ring, a T-adapter, and a 2" T2 adapter in between the Barlow and the camera.
  20. You need to disable WiFi in the camera and connect via a known good USB cable.
  21. The frame rate is always "as fast as possible". BYN takes each frame as soon as the camera signals that it is available. So the rate is determined by the camera, the USB cable, and the PC. There is no way for BYN control it (to either speed it up or slow it down). I am not a Nikon owner, so I only have hands-on experience with Canon cameras. However, it has been reported in other posts in the BYN Forum that 5X zoom on Nikon's does not work the same as it does on Canon EOS cameras. With my camera I get a steady 14-15 fps regardless to the zoom factor. Also, with my camera the 5X zoom has a 1-to-1 ratio of sensor pixel to image pixel. This allows Canon 5X zoom to provide the image at the maximum resolution of the camera. From what I understand, Nikon does not.
  22. Another thought is to temporarily disable your anti-virus software or whitelist BYE. Anti-virus protection could be preventing the image download.
  23. Are you using Exposure Bracketing? If so, you need to disable it. I would also suggest RAW only, not RAW + JPG, at least for testing purposes.
  24. I saw several "out of memory" errors in your log file. These are not normal and could indicate an issue. There was one of these errors just before the camera shut down. The last "take picture" command appears unusual. 2020-08-09 19:09:20,477 [8] DEBUG - TAKE PICTURE ::: Shutter(MANUAL) Cable(CameraUSB) Av(f/4.5) Duration(0.0) Iso(1600) Quality(IMAGE_RAW) Mirror(0) SaveTo(PC) It is a 0.0 second manual exposure. That does not make sense. I also saw that, in some cases, you were trying to save to the camera's memory card. If this is important you need to upgrade to BYE 3.2.0 as this capability is better supported in the latest version. There are also numerous additional fixes and features in the latest release.
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