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  1. Gordb

    Flat box

    Sorry, they make the SnapCap.
  2. Gordb

    Flat box

    HI Guylain. Yes, they work with other programmes such as SGP. Andras at Gemini Telescope Design would be a good contact.
  3. Hi Guylain. I'm wondering if support for an automated flat box such as the Alnitak Flipflap or the Gemini Telescope Design SnapCap might be in the cards? It would be very handy. Cheers, Gord
  4. Hi Guylain. Any chance of these being reordered in an upcoming release? ;-) Cheers, Gord
  5. Hi Guylain. Thanks for looking into this. Cheers, Gord
  6. Hi Guylain. I also now see what you mean. I agree, the telescope first followed by the focuser and lastly the Filterwheel would be ideal. Thanks! Gord
  7. Hi Guylain. When BYEOS starts up, to the right of the camera information window is the focuser window. To the right of the focuser window the Filterwheel window is displayed. These are the defaults when BYEOS is opened. The thought is to not have the Filterwheel window displayed on startup but rather the telescope window as the default choice. Cheers, Gord
  8. Hi Guylain. Rick is correct. Having telescope open on start-up as the default with focuser would be much more functional, I believe, than filter wheel. Cheers, Gord
  9. Hi Rick. I did bring this up quite a while ago and was hoping to give it a gentle nudge to bring it top of mind. cheers, Gord
  10. Hi Guylain. On a future release, is there a possibility of making Telescope as default window rather than Filterwheel on start-up? For those of us not using a Filterwheel (which I suspect would be the majority as we are mostly using OSC cameras) it would be a convenience. Cheers, Gord
  11. Hi Guylain. I was wondering if there is a way to change/select the order of responses in threads on your new website? I've been following your interesting exchange with Alexey but find that, now that the conversation is three pages long, it would be convenient to reverse the order so that the most recent response is first viewed. Cheers, Gord
  12. Thanks Guylain. The MBox seems to work quite well. Looking forward to your next update. Cheers, Gord
  13. Sorry, I didn't notice this was part of another topic. Perhaps this should be a new thread? Cheers, Gord
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