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  1. Yes, a Celestron ascom works with BYE, but CPWI also work like a planetarium program including star alignment.
  2. I was wondering if you plan on adding Celestron PWI (CPWI) to be used to acquire target RA/DEC coordinate as an external source as well? CPWI is a great and very simple program for the cgem user out there.
  3. Awesome news, Thanks for the update.
  4. Sorry, I should have included this info. I'm currently using 3.1.18 version of BYE and yes to everything else
  5. Okay, thanks for the update and appreciate the fast response.
  6. I'm sorry I didn't mean control the PPB, I was referring to the recent update advising the support with providing the weather info.
  7. I didn't create two threads. There is a difference in making a thread and asked on someone else thread about it regarding my question.
  8. Do this updates work with the Pegasus Pocket Powerbox as well? I recently purchased the PPB and currently have BYE 3.1.18? and the weather station on BYEOS isn't reading my PPB. I have SGP and it's able to communicate between them. Any thoughts>
  9. I read where BackyardEOS works with the Pegasus Powerbox and I recently purchased the Pegasus Pocket Powerbox (PPB) and trying to get it to work with BYEOS. I download the ASCOM driver and the control panel for the PPB, which all works well including on SGP, but I'm unable to see it work with BYEOS. What do I need to get it to work with BYEOS and is the PPB version work with BYEOS?
  10. georgiasky

    Ascom focuser

    Can you please recommend some for me to look into. Thanks.
  11. georgiasky

    Ascom focuser

    So would those Orion auto focuser work?
  12. georgiasky

    Ascom focuser

    What kind of auto focuser can be controlled by BackyardEOS ascom focus feature?
  13. I just bought the premium backyard eos and didn't get my license key, I never got the trial one.
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