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  1. How about incorporating SQM readings into BEOS, adding the SQM value into the filename? Andrew Cool www.skippysky.com.au
  2. I do a lot of measuring of dark sites with SQMs, and take matching allsky photos to prove the sky was clear. Phyllis Knight's very nice SQM Preader Pro will optionally take readings exactly on the Minute, e.g. at 0101, 0102, 0103, rather than at some semi-random number of seconds into the minute. Suggestion 1 It would be very nice to have BEOS do the same, so that I can be guaranteed of synching SQM readings with a particular image. Of course I'd need to have slightly shorter images than the SQM reading interval in order to allow time for the images to be written to the card. Andrew Cool www.skippysky.com.au
  3. Ah, of course. I've never understood why a camera worth twice as much as the 6D lacks GPS and WiFI. Thanks, and excuse my idiocy!
  4. Hi Guylain, I've noticed that the EXIF timestamps from my Canon 5D MKIII are about 10 minutes out from the timestamp in the filename, e.g. :- FIlename : 23:54:13 EXIF : 23:43:25 This is for 60 second exposures, using BEOS v3.1.11 The offset is consistent across a night of exposures. I was also running a Canon 6D in BEOS, where the filename timestamp is within 1 second of the EXIF timestamp, no doubt due to the inbuilt GPS. I have placed 3 CR2 files from the 5D MKIII spaced over the night in http://www.cool.id.au/astronomy/BEOS_exif_error/ Regards, Andrew Cool www.skippysky.com.au
  5. BEOS v3.18 (and 3.17) are resetting the camera quality options that I have specifically set in the camera menu. On my Canon 6D, I do this :- 1. With camera physically disconnected, I set RAW only in the menu. i.e. NO JPEG. 2. Turn camera off/on, and the RAW only setting has stuck. 3. Connect usb cable from PC to camera, turn on camera, connect to BEOS v3.18 4. After a short time, BEOS shows RAW + L (with the 1/4 round symbol in front of the L) I've repeated this several times. Same effect in v3.17 and the new tonight upgrade to v3.18 BEOS should_not_ be playing with settings that the user has made in the camera menu... ;-( Regards, Andrew
  6. Hi, I have a Canon 5DsR on loan, using the latest BEOS v3.1.6 downloaded today. The Mirror Lock function doesn't work. Setting Virtual Mirror Lock in Advanced Settings makes no difference. The 5Ds R has a range of time delay settings for Mirror lock that doesn't appear in my 5D MKIII, which simply offers ON/OFF. Regards, Andrew
  7. Hi Guylain, With BEOS as it stands right now, if I start the program with Task manager, such that the GUI is up and the server port is open, is there anyway of sending a "connect to camera" command via a socket to the port? There's nothing in the doco about that, but perhaps there's more commands available than you've publicly documented...? A friend and I are at the stage of being able to take a photo by using Socket commands, but there's still the need to manually press that Connect button. Regards, Andrew
  8. >There is no such option right now, not even a command line option Hi Guylain, OK, then I'll say "Bugga!" as every good Aussie would. However, I'll also read between the lines and note the "right now" element of your reply. Does that suggest the possibility of adding either/or a command line or auto-connect option in the near future? Is it possible using your API as it stands to automatically connect to a camera that the program detects? I note that your example API program still has a big "Connect" button, but I wonder if it's really necessary. If only 1 camera is detected, why not auto connect to it? Or have an option to do so in the settings? I have added a Feature request for command line/auto connect. Looking forward to v3.17... ;-) Andrew
  9. I need to auto start BEOS via Task Manager, and auto connect to a camera when the computer reboots after a power failure in a remote location where there's no human to click on the Connect button.An "Options" flag to do this would be nice, or possibly a command line option, e.g. BEOS -auto_connect Once connected, I can use the Server socket to control the camera. Andrew Cool
  10. Hi, I want to run two 6D's in a remote environment, with no human present to click the connect button when the laptop reboots after a power failure. If I set up a Task Manger task to start BEOS at boot time, is it possible to have it connect automatically to the same camera that it was previously connected to? It should just be a matter of running the same code that gets run when the "Connect" button is clicked on? Alternatively, I could work with a Command Line option to connect to a particular camera... Andrew
  11. Andrew Cool

    NEF to fits?

    Hi Steve, If you get utterly stuck finding a batch capable NEF => FITS converter, I'm willing to knock up a utility using IDL, the language of Professional Astronomy, that will call DCRAW to create TIFF files from a folder of NEF files, and then use IDL routines to read the TIFF files and write out FITS files. It won't be quick,or pretty, and it will help if you have a gutsy PC with oodles of HDD space and RAM. Oh, and 64 bit Windows. Cheers, Andrew www.skippysky.com.au
  12. Hello Guylain, All is AOK. Last night I used the camera.one and camera.two executables, and both cameras ran for 4 hours without a hitch. Clearly I did something stupid the first night. But then, if you asked my wife, she'd tell you that's my normal state of existence.. ;-) All I need now from BEOS is the ability to determine the start time of Astronomical Darkness for a given lat/long location, and to then start an imaging plan automatically that runs until Astronomical Darkness ends before Dawn. Thanks for a great porgram, Andrew
  13. Hi Guylain, Log files attached. They are all from the same evening. The laptop had a clean install of Windows and every available update was installed, running dotnet 4.5.2 The reason for many logs is that I was previewing the raws with the new 64 bit version of Irfanview, but it displayed the raws as 160x120 pixel images, but JPEGS at fullsize! That really threw me for a while until I tracked the culprit down to Irfanview and not BEOS. Andrew
  14. Hi Guylain, On reading the instructions for the Master/Slave environment for use with Cameras1/2/3/4, it didn't really seem to suit my needs, where I have the two cameras each taking different length exposures. I recalled that with a previous recent version, your instructions were to copy and rename the .exe file, which seemed to work AOK. Anyway, it was working AOK last night too, until I retired to the car to get some sleep, came out again before dawn to find the Out of Memory errors. The logs do complain a lot about writing to protected memory locations, which may be symptomatic of the config fiels getting muddled? I didn't have time to actually try this out at home before deploying to the bush, as my laptop died during the week, and I'd spent the morning before leaving frantically re-loading software onto a reformatted drive. Andrew PS : Question. Will the Master/Slave setup handle one camera imaging every 45 seconds and the second camera imaging every 120 seconds?
  15. Hi Guylain, I was running two instances of v3.1.5 (copied the main.exe file to another name), and after some unknown time, both instances apparently ran out of memory. See attached screen dump. The two instances of BEOS were the only programs running under WIn 7 Pro 64 bit with 16GB of RAM on board. Any log files that I can send ? Andrew Cool
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