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  1. Jerry_K

    PHD/PHD2 Graph

    Thanks Rick, I will experiment a bit more with that tiny 15" screen. I will try to have BYE preview at bottom and PHD2 graph at top and on top and see how it works. How is your observatory working? I have to visit your Flickr. Jerry
  2. Jerry_K

    PHD/PHD2 Graph

    Thanks guys, I did try that already before call for help but it is hard to see either window in my tiny 15" laptop. I was hoping for something like ASCOM Celestron hand controller that you can place on top of any opened application. Jerry
  3. Jerry_K

    PHD/PHD2 Graph

    Is there a way to see PHD guiding graph on top of BYE? I want to be able to see progress of my session in BYE but also see the PHD graph. I have asked at Stark_labs as well. Jerry
  4. Thanks Guylain, I realized that the second I hit "Post" button. Jerry
  5. Same here, I didn't have to fill anything. However, I can't see PHD anymore. No mater what I tried it is not available. I start BYE 1st then PHD and reverse, nothing. Jerry
  6. Jim, it is in #2, "Choosing and Using your Telescope Mount" and starts around minute 33. One thing I wouldn't do though is focus camera first and then orient the camera so stars slew parallel. Orient camera first with rough focus done already and fine focus after. You can see how far in and out his camera moves as he turns it. Jerry
  7. Excellent! In version All I want is clean images bar with no previews and deleted or otherwise marked images. Jerry
  8. This time the update was done in under 1 minute and totally painless. With 3.1 it wasn't my day, I guess. Thanks Guylain, Jerry
  9. I understand your reasoning Guylain. What about just being able to move them from images bar like in Lightroom where you have option to just move them from the bar. Of course in Lightroom you also have the option to physically delete them. I just want them out of sight. Jerry
  10. I was hoping that request from several members to have images marked "Deleted" to be actually deleted didn't find its way to 3.1, they are still occupying real estate at the bottom bar. Or, is there some undocumented way to get rid of them? Jerry
  11. I found the key bellow my purchases. Boy, why are all the fonts so bloody tiny, like 3 points? I had to increase my screen resolution for this site, and this site only, by 200%. Nuts. Jerry
  12. So I got the 3.1 but now my old key doesn't work so I can't open it. BTW Guylain, that coupon tab is really small and very easy to miss for my 70 years old eyes, even with glasses on. Also, why don't I have a key in "my client area"? There is no place for it or what am I missing? Jerry
  13. OK guys, I do admit that I was a bit in a rush but I did follow the instructions but I didn't see any coupon field. I'll give it another try right now. Jerry
  14. I have no idea how you update from 3.03 to 3.1, it is so frustrating. Guylain, why do you make it so complicated? No matter what I do I end up in PayPal. I'll just stick with Candidate 5 for now, I guess Jerry
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