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    BYE is fantastic imaging software for sure. For my particular needs though, APT (Astrophotography Tool) wins out since I can select objects and slew to them right from APT. I never got QPPA2 to work. I gave up and started using the polar alignment tool in SharpCap. I'm thinking about grabbing a Polemaster though.
  2. PsylumWayne


    Right. Yeah... I gave up on it. I don't even use BYE anymore.
  3. PsylumWayne


    Question... I use Stellarium to get the current coordinates of Polaris and HIP3182. Which set is right, the "J2000" or "onDate"?
  4. I'm expecting a T ring tomorrow. I'll try out both modes and see what results I get. I also plan on using eyepiece projection.
  5. And further... If BYE simply records the live video then why not put it in movie mode, turn the crop on, and then let BYE do it's thing?
  6. So I wonder then... How are those results different from using the 5x zoom in BYE?
  7. I can't. My house is surrounded by trees. I could start it here and then go to the field. That's not a bad idea. You're saying that the internet connection is only required when the app starts?
  8. Indeed. I have a T2i. Can you give a little more detail?
  9. Thanks guys. The software looks very promising. I plan on buying it if the trial goes well. My only complaint is that the trial version requires an internet connection. There's no internet in the field. So I'm pretty much stuck testing it in my living room. My house is surrounded by trees.
  10. In most of the planetary photography with DLSRs articles I've read, it is recommended to use the "crop sensor" in movie mode. BYE makes no mention of this. Is the in camera 5x zoom the same thing? Do they do the same thing?
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