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  1. Ok, not a problem, I don't mind paying the cost.
  2. So...any chance of a refund?
  3. Well, maybe you are right, sorry. The first time, when I clicked on "apply coupon", nothing seemed to happen. I just went through it again, and this time, it refreshed and the price went to zero. So I bailed out of that, and I'm just using the key from the first time, for which I ended up paying.
  4. I don't understand your answer Guylain. If you can see it was valid, how could it have been copied incorrectly?...I copied and pasted the first line of the old licence.
  5. Well, that didn't work! I entered the first line of my old key as a coupon, and ended up paying full price! What did I do wrong?
  6. OK hold on, I think I found the upgrade instructions in another thread...going through it now...
  7. I'm a long time user of 3.0.2. I bought a new laptop in December and in the process of installing everything on it. I downloaded and installed 3.1.17 but my old licence key does not seem compatible. What my best option? Is there an upgrade I can purchase, or what's the latest version I can install that will accept my old licence key?
  8. I noticed when doing plate solve in AT by File Open Dialog, it only looks for .jpg files and not the .cr2 RAW files that the Canon makes. So I changed the BYEOS setting to save both RAW+JPG Was that necessary?
  9. Yes, but I didn't get any firewall warnings. So I opened port 1499 in Windows Firewall settings, restarted everything, and now it seems to be working. Thanks!
  10. I have BYEOS Premium v 3.0.2. I've installed AT latest v0.6 In BYEOS settings, I checked the box to Enable TCP Server, and the default port is 1499 In AT, I select BackyardEOS for the camera, press Setup, and the defaults there are for the address, and 1499 for the port. But I'm getting Status: Error, and if I click Capture and Solve, Camera error: Failed to connect to BackyardEOS. Is there something I've missed, or need to change?
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