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  1. It's also worth remembering that you can test connectivity and basic functionality indoors in the warm during the day to get familiar with the controls, etc. so that clear dark nights are not wasted. Jim
  2. Jeff, You will need to run the programme initially with internet access to verify the legitamacy of the programme and device but once done the purchased version will not require the internet connectivity, unless a Windows update breaks it (which I believe has happened once or twice in the past). Hopefully Guylain can confirm this.
  3. Jim

    USB cable length

    Szumi, exactly what I did when weeding out active repeater cables and hubs to sort out ones that worked from those that 'nearly' worked. One active cable I tried effectively prevented the hub from running full USB 3 speeds, and one of the hubs only worked at USB 3 from some of its ports. Thanks to Amazon's excellent returns policy I just sent them a copy of my tests and they allowed me to return the items and swap them out for brands that worked :^)) Jim
  4. Jim

    USB cable length

    I use the following USB 3 10m active cable https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00B9G4AZ0/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o05_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 with this USB powered hub (12V) Anker® AH240 SuperSpeed Charger and Data Transfer Hub with 7 USB 3.0 Ports, Including a 12V / 5A Power Adapter [Chipset VL811+] (no longer available but they probably make an equivalent). I run my 7D2 as USB 3, and my scope and data heavy QHY-5II guide camera as USB 2 with no issues. The hub allows USB 3 and 2 devices to run correctly concurrently across different ports, some hubs restrict all the port speeds to the lowest denominator (I.e. if a USB 1.1 or 2 device is connected then all ports restricted to that speed). Hope this helps. Jim
  5. Jim

    5x button

    Is this a similar issue to the behaviour of the 7D mk2 where 5x is affected by the live view focus method selected? Jim
  6. Guylain, Hopefully not too far off topic, is there any way the original post could be 'locked' in place as frequently on long threads I find myself scrolling back to the beginning to remind myself what the original question was and then scrolling back to the bottom to pick up the latest response, but now with context :^))
  7. Jim

    5x and 10x video

    I had a similar problem (as did others) with my 7D mk ii, unfortunately I'm sat in a hotel restaurant at the moment so can't check the camera, but the problem was to do with the focusing selection on the camera that prevented 5x zoom from activating via the SDK, a search of the forum for 7D mk ii may find the original post.
  8. As Rick points out the SDK is available for release in all markets at the same time (as it is required by EOS Utility), it is just not released to third parties in North America in line with the product release. I can see no business reason for Canon North America to delay the release till months after it has been released elsewhere apart from poor internal administration, I.e. they forget to release it. Jim
  9. Are the European and North American SDKs different in any way? As the cameras appear to be released everywhere at about the same time it is very strange that the SDKs aren't also released at about the same time. Oh well, another of life's mysteries
  10. I somehow got logged out and answered as a guest!
  11. Could an agent of yours that lives in Europe download the SDK and send it to you, or would that also be naughty?
  12. From your list I would recommend NOT buying the 650D if you intend to do any planetary imaging. This camera has some internal limitation that restricts the fps rate to 10 or less, in all other respects its fine, the 600D and 700D I believe don't have this issue. If you are interested there are a number of threads on this issue regarding the 650D. I have used the 1100D, 650D and 7D mkii. All worked fine for DSO and the 1100D and 7D mkii work fine for planetary. Obviously the noise levels reflect the price of the camera, however with a good set of darks, flats, etc. coupled with good post processing software good (pleasing) results can be obtained at all budget levels. I use PixInsight but others use many other equivalents or combinations and get great reaults. Jim
  13. Looking through the PHD2 forum, if you have a lot of DEC backlash closer may not always be better! Andy Galasso frequently advises that for mounts with a lot of DEC backlash a small misalignment is advantageous so that DEC guiding can be set in one direction only. I.e. like RA guiding where the guide instructions (hopefully) only slow or speed up the motor, not make it change direction and therefore the backlash is not an issue. By having a slight misalignment it allows the DEC motor to also only be driven in one direction. Obviously not having backlash would be best, but for most of us on reasonable and averagely priced mounts zero backlash is an aspiration more than a fact. Jim
  14. Not tried this but I would have thought manual focus would be more appropriate for AP, or is it not possible to focus the camera using the focus buttons in BYE with the lens switched to manual focus? Jim
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