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  1. Hi Rick, I did that for the 2017 Eclipse. I ran Bye on 2 computers, one connected to a 7D and the other connected to a 7D Mk II, both on the same mount. My hope was that I could use files from both computers to improve the final images by stacking. It didn't quite work out. My imaging plan for this set up was primarily to image Totality from just before the beginning to just after the end. I got shots and some were good and several were not so good. I used recommendations for the plan from several sources including Espenak and Xavier Jubier, to build the script. I did go a few shots too far but that happens for a first time effort. Now I am wiser, maybe, and will not try for earth shine or some of the other longer exposures if there are clouds in the sky. Part of my problems came from the fact there were thin clouds that caused more illumination of the sky and washed out the longer exposures. I plan to use Aperture Bracketing to hopefully salvage some shots that suffered from over and under exposure. I had a tripod mounted 50D that was on an intervalometer using a 24mm+- lens with a FOV covering the Eclipse start to end. I did use Aperture bracketing for that. It did work better. There were some clouds at the site I was at so when processing I could select the best of the 3 shots to use for the all-eclipse sky final image. The intervalometer has a 'bulb' setting and I used that set to 1 second to enable the hold down of the shutter unattended. But I had 10 minute intervals for that setup. I also used Aperture bracketing with my 60Da on a SN6 manually triggered for shots of opportunity. That worked out fine also for selecting the best images. For my next Eclipse, the Annular in 2023, I hope to have a script to test out but not taking off the filters after C2 until C3. The goal of using Aperture Bracketing will be put in that plan in preparation for the 2024 Eclipse. I do have other options which you are familiar with owning Eclipse Orchestrator which includes using multiple computers with that software using identical scripts. It has the capability of increasing the shutter hold down to allow Shutter aperture. I have several old laptop and net top computers to implement that plan. BYE worked so well in the test for single exposure and the serial shutter trigger I saw it as a simple way to implement my plan. I will be out, if the sky will allow, on 11 November trying to get some images of the Mercury transit. I will probably try BYE with several plans in one script to see how it works. Aperture Bracketing will not be a part of that effort. All of this really depends on me being on this side of the grass in 2023 and/or 2024. I hope this sheds some light on my feature request.
  2. First - I know that BYE is designed and programmed for nighttime , long exposure Astrophotography. I find it easy to use and feature filled. I have been a user since it was early Version 2.XX. Second - I appreciate the effort the Design and Programming team put into making it useable for photographing the 2017 Eclipse. A lot of effort was put into it and I used it with excellent results. I even bought a second copy of BYE so I could use two cameras at the same time on separate computers with USB shutter triggering. I could not synchronize the setup to take the photos at the exact same time of fast enough. I am preparing for the 2023 Annular Eclipse and the 2024 Total Eclipse. I have built serial cables for shutter control and tested them using two cameras as Master and Slave. I have stepped out of bounds a little by using a single serial cable and a Y cable to trigger two cameras in this configuration. In tests it works fine in single frame use with synchronized operation but when I use the setup while taking Exposure bracketing shots with 3 shots there is a problem. More often than not all shots in the bracketing sequence do not complete in one or both cameras. My requested feature, if possible: I would like the ability to set the time the shutter is open or the serial cable holds the contact in milliseconds, 1 to 999 ms would be great but steps of 5 or 10 ms in the 1 to 999 ms would be acceptable. Additional information: I also own Eclipse Orchestrator which has this feature but with my camera setup, controls them one at a time in sequence I have used the adjustment to be able to use bracketed exposures but only with one camera at a time and not synchronized. I will exploring this option further in time. I plan to use more than two cameras using the same serial cable and taking as many as 7 bracketed exposures with BYE, if possible. There should be plenty of time to consider this and implementing, if possible Ron
  3. OK I found the post but forgot the title that helped me. It is in the BYE Forum tthe title reads something like "Why are the images horizontal at times and vertical at times". First, I only have Canon equipment and don't know anything about Nikon or BYN. This is for reading RAW files But go into PixInsight Bring up the "Format Explorer" (You may have to click on "View" on the top command line.) Click on "DSLR RAW" Click on "Edit Preferences" in the DSLR RAW box at the bottom Put a check mark in the box in the box next to "No Image Flip" Click "OK" If you are using .jpeg I can't help. No command to not flip .jpeg images. I use Canon CR2 files but there are several formats available including NEF. PixInsigt uses DC-RAW to convert the images. Ron
  4. I had this problem with my Canon 60Da and other Canons in PixInsight. The problem was a setting in PixInsite and is related to the Raw conversionsoftware used. I don't remember the subject where the solution was given. I will try to find either how to change the option of the post. Ron
  5. Ron Hillstromb


    I Checked the Camera Support grid and the 5D (Original) has to be used with a 32 bit system. Are you using a 64 bit system? if you are then it won't likely work as you expect it to. Ron
  6. For s3igell, et al The 50D doesn't have a movie mode. It does have a live view and BYE does give it the same Live View for focus and all Planetary recording "just like". The 60D has the Movie with internal movie crop sensor function you described. When temporarily using my 60Da for wildlife photography when the 7D was in the shop I missed getting a close-up movie of a pair of Black Bok jousting during rutting season because I was unfamiliar with the 60Da's movie function. Arrrrghhh. Ron
  7. I have noticed on the Blueastro web site (www.Blueastro.se) that Baader Planatarium has posted a note saying they are picking up Per's line of products, including the StickStation, to make and sell. They say they are having a problem with one of the eyepieces they were developing and will not proceed with Per's Line until the eyepiece product is corrected.. There may be some hope for another/previous product to get back in the supply chain sometime in the futuree. I have a StickStation and have no complaints about it. Ron
  8. Ron Hillstromb

    Thank You

    Hello Guylain Thanks to you and Chris for the time and effort you put into giving BYE/BYN the capabilities to be used for solar photography control during the eclipse. It made my recording of the whole eclipse a mush less frustrating experience. Maybe for the next event, the Mercury transit, you will put out another product line specifically for solar imaging. Also thanks to Astroman133 for posting the link to Jerry Lodriguess page on imaging the eclipse. It helped me a lot in getting ready. I didn't have a perfect run but I did get more and better images than if I had gone it alone with a camera on a mount with a remote shutter control. Again Thanks to all. Ron
  9. Yes. Hope you have a good hotspot with wide coverage while on the way to and from Glacier Nat'l Park as well as Casper, WY. Otherwise we are going to miss you. I was working along that line and also using EOS Utility as a back up plan with a third computer if necessary. I have it figured out and tested now. Thanks Ron
  10. Please confirm for me that in Dual camera you can't use a camera with a lens and a camera on a telescope in the Dual Camera Function ,particularly in the AV mode with a imaging plan using AV.. I have tried with 3.1.14RC and 3.1.13. I have realized that the camera on the telescope doesn't report the f/stop If the plan has an f/stop in it then BYE give the error that the camera can take the picture because of an invalid argument or something similar to that. I will have a 60Da on a telescope and would like to automate all of the partial eclipse then manually operate at C2 and C3 then continue with a plan for the rest of the partial phase. I can get by using the audible sounds of shutters to take the images as I want but to automate the partial phases would reduce some of the stress. Trying to use a plan with AV today caused a lot of stress with the 60Da on a telescope as the #2 camera.. I had the setup working on the table top but now I am not sure I didn't have the 60 Da in P or TV mode. A yes or no is what I am looking for. I don't think so now. Ron
  11. Hi s yes it helps those of us whose mount controllers try to keep us from looking at the Sun and then litigate why they damaged their eyes. ha ha ha On the matter of things getting complicated This link shows how various eclipses will happen. You can put in cities but I found that the computations and animations go to a nearby city if the city input isn't in the data base. https://www.timeanddate.com/eclipse/solar/2017-august-21 Put in Corpus Christi Texas and watch the partial eclipse they will view. The moon hooks a sharp right turn in mid eclipse. Surprised me. Thanks for the comments. Dick Seymour said sever factors would complicate keeping the Sun in the center and beyond being able to correct it in the 497. Ron
  12. Hello all An addendum to the previous post concerning the -.35 percent of sidereal motion of the Sun for Tracking. Dick said the Sun doesn't follow a strait line across the sky. If using a German Equatorial Mount (GEM) you may have to tweak the position of the Sun over time. Good Luck. Ron
  13. Hello All I have a Meade LXD75 mount with an AutoStar 497 controller I will be using during the solar eclipse. Dick "ETXAutoStar" Seymour and several others have provided elements that approximate the Earth on the far side of the Sun for the Autostar 497, 497EP and AudioStar controllers. If the mount you are using allows you to manually input an Asteroid you may be able to enter the following data and get close to the Sun. This can be used anytime you want to get close to the Sun for whatever reason. Remember to use adequate Solar filters on whatever ever optical device you are using NAME = SUN EPOCH = 1.5 Jan 2005 ECCENTRICTY= 0.0167 SEMI MAJ AXIS = 1.0 INCLINATION = -0.0001 LONG ASC NODE= 168.7394 ARG OF PER = 114.2078 MEAN ANOMOLY = 357.5172 ABSOLUTE MAG = -12.0 MAG SLOPE = 0 ... if any of the lines "don't fit" (such as 114.2078) just round them ( 114.208 ) The LXD 75 mount is lower middle cost mount at the time it was released ($800-900) range. You get what you pay for, not exactly a super precision mount. An addendum to the previous post concerning the -.35 percent of sidereal motion of the Sun for Tracking. Dick said the Sun doesn't follow a strait line across the sky. If using a German Equatorial Mount (GEM) you may have to tweak the position of the Sun over time. Good Luck. Ron
  14. Hi Falconr I suspect that the 300mb/s card is UHS-II if it is a SD Card. You may not get the 300 mb/s write you are expecting. I don't know what speed it will revert to when used in a UHS-I slot but it will be slower than 300 mb/s. I haven't looked at recent cameras released but until last year none had incorporated the UHS-II. Ron
  15. Hi Rick Part of the test was to see if not saving .jpg would save time. It didn't or if it did it was in the tenths or hundredths of a second. I:58 both ways. Ron
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