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  1. When I said "serial", I was referring to USB. Both BYE and my telescope control software recognize the USB ports as Comm ports, just with higher numbers (6, 7 and 8, usually) than the standard RS-232 convention of 1 through 4. BYE works perfectly when I use USB to the camera.
  2. It's Digic 6, and works perfectly over a serial port.
  3. I haven't tried connecting via ethernet yet; I was assuming (yes, I know what that does!) that it wouldn't work out of the box because the communications dialog didn't seem to support it. I'll look at the WiFi threads to see if that gives me a hint. This camera doesn't do WiFi without an external adapter, but I know networking fairly well, so I might be able to get it to go.
  4. My new camera has an ethernet (RJ-45) connection that can be used to control the camera; I use it as the primary link for EOS utility. Any chance of getting BYE to use ethernet rather than serial? Low priority suggestion, but would be a nice alternative when you need to be further away than serial will allow.
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