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  1. Ar e you matching the bit-ness of the driver (32 vs 64 bit)?
  2. Well, the Milky Way likes really wide angles, such as 11 - 14mm. The Orion molecular cloud complex (HorseHead, Flame, etc) wants a little narrower. Your 70mm might be good for that. I've gotten some nice shots of M51 and M101 with a 400L.
  3. BYE lists several specific models of equipment for recording weather conditions. Do you also support the ASCOM observing conditions interface, so that we could use any ASCOM-compliant weather station? Or is one of them equivalent to selecting ASCOM?
  4. Ok, if autofocus isn't going to happen, how about an enhanced focus assistant? What I have in mind is a graph of focuser position (which you already have) on the x-axis, vs the selected focus parameter (HFD, FWHM or StdDev) on the Y-axis. That would allow the user to manually generate and process a v-curve. Or at least a table of focuser position against focus parameter. However, I still think a simple iterative approach to focus where it steps the focus in or out until the focus parameter reaches a best point and starts to get worse, then backs back down to the point where the best value was recorded, would be pretty straightforward to develop.
  5. Just another entry in the Switch, I presume?
  6. I have confirmed that 5x live works too, and I re-verified that regular LV,, Tv and bulb all work with the 1DXII. There is one minor bug that I haven't tested with my other camera: when I am in 5x LV in frame and focus, then switch to imaging without stopping the 5x zoom, and then back to F&F (whether or not I shoot any frames), the 5x button stays lit, even though the display is normal (not 5x zoomed). I suspect the other camera will show the same oddity (it feels like an oversight in setting object properties), but haven't tested it. This is with 3.2.0 RC3.
  7. I have used Liveview, Bulb and Tv many times each with no trouble; I'll have to test 5X liveview and get back to you on that. Though my testing will be on the current RC, rather than .18.
  8. You can add the 1DX Mark II (Digic 6) as a supported camera; it works perfectly with ver .18
  9. Considering that must be one of the fastest cards available, it should be! Even the one I use on my 1DX Mk II isn't quite that fast...
  10. It's not just "slightly" older; the 60D is several years older than the 7D2.
  11. Or, move the filter wheel to the "darks" position, which I set up by putting black construction paper over the opening. I would like to see BYE be able to move the filter wheel between steps of the capture plan, though...
  12. How would BYE "know" that the guide star was lost? That seems like more of a PHD native function, rather than the camera control software.
  13. Do an uninstall and then a re-install. I had the exact same issue, and a full uninstall / reinstall fixed it.
  14. Try doing a full un-install of the existing version, and then install 18 after a reboot. I found that fixed some issues I had.
  15. IIRC, there have been questions on teamcelestron.com (the place where the CPWI and Celestron firmware developers hang out) about some mounts not properly reverting to their previous tracking status after some commands. I don't recall if that's fixed yet or not. It doesn't happen with my CGX-L, so I don't follow the issue closely; just saw it in passing. You might visit there if you want more news and information on this. You can also get betas of CPWI and help steer the development too...
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