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  1. Quick question, currently I can see this feature only while performing Frame & Focus. Is there a way I can get these values on existing images once the Plan is in execution? Focus changes during the night and if I see the value change a lot I can stop and check / perform re-focusing.
  2. Success The new installer allowed me to select new folder and I can so much further. I will let you know in case I see any other issue. Yes, I used windows System restore to go back a few days to make it work with previous version. Thank you for such a quick response
  3. Tried a few times to uninstall but getting this error even after system restore. Also the new wizard gives me no option to change install on a different folder.
  4. Getting some error after installing 3.1.18 and then when I click settings icon, log file attached. Log.txt
  5. I am not sure but this year experienced a lot of cloudy nights and even clear nights changed to cloudy all of a sudden. Generally I make an exposure plan and watch the weather on another window. Once I notice there is a chance of thin clouds think of changing my plan. Is there a way to change the plan without aborting the current plan? Plan change such as changing the total remaining exposure count or exposure time in seconds or ISO settings? Also, is there a way I can execute a command line from the plan such as adding extra delay after a few exposure if exif shows camera temperat
  6. Quick question for BYEOS, is there a way to dynamically change the plan sequence while capture is executing? I know we can suspend or abort but is there a way to change the sequence? I live in a place where weather is not that predictable and all of a sudden one can expect cloudy sky for say 1/2 hr. Now, at times I simply abort the sequence and then rearrange or re-plan based on immediate sky conditions.
  7. WoW, it worked. Thank you Astroman133
  8. Hi, A few releases ago I used to be able to set high ISO H1 or H2 on my Canon 50D for preview but now I can set only up-to 3200. Is there a way I can get the old setting back? I do like the setting for preview / framing purpose and without that my preview exposure takes 2-6 times time before starting my capture sequence. Thank you, Ansuman.
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