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  1. Hello Guylain, it is in the display of the Monitor in the Camera Information Center. If you want to be very precise and if there si enough space in the Display you can ad a "°" so it would be for example "32°C". Up to now i never used the chip-temperature. Werner Rahn
  2. Hello Guylain, congratulations! RC11 does all I expect. Thanks a lot. Werner I still have a small hint, the "c" in the temperature-field of the camera data should be a "C" for centigrade.
  3. Hello Guylain sorry for answering so late, but now I found the time to test Version 3.1.18. This version made a lot of steps further. My Canon was equipped with a zoom lens 24-105 mm an a fixed lens with 300 mm an no Camera contacts. The Canon RP connects to my PC. BYE shows the correct data in the 'Camera Information Center (EOS-RP)'. When I change the Camera from P to M, to B the Data are correct. Also the Opening of the lens 4 to 8. If I use a Lens without contacts to the camera, the opening is not shown in the Infocenter, that's OK. When I choose 'Frame and Focus' in BYE the PC shows in BYE the Camera-signal/Picture and calculates a FWHM. (I tested indoors, so I had no star) When I chose Imaging, I can set up a Program of Pictures, but when I start Imaging the Protocol says: Imaging session Started Imaging Session cancelled. Make shure the Camera is set to Manual, turn Dial to 'M' I do so, but when I restart the Imaging session the pictures are taken in 1/125 sec, even when I say Bulb with 30 seconds of time. The 1/125 is taken from the Camera in M-Mode. The ISO-Sensitivity is correctly changed apropriate to the Data in the Imaging-Session.. To give you a maximum of Info, I 'zipped' all my logfiles. logfiles-2019-10-nn.rar
  4. Hello Support team, I use a Laptop MSI with an Intel I7-4810MQ with Win 8.1 Pro 64 bit and Backyardeos version 3.1.18 - RC5. EOS-Utility ist deinstalled and the PC ist rebooted When I try to contact the Camera connected by USB-cable i get the following reactions: With DIGIC2 The Camera is not recognised. ( that is Understandable) With DIGIC 3,4,5,6,7,8 Your Program can contact the Camera '01:23:59 DEVICEINFO DESCRIPTION IS Canon EOS RP 01:23:59 DEVICEINFO NUMBER IS 2971957768. 01:23:59 YOUR *REAL* MODEL NUMBER IS 2147484723(80000433) 01:23:59 YOUR camera is not currently supported by the Canon SDK available at the time of this software release.' but it does not receive Camera informations (at least there are no informations displayed in the Info center). How can I help you to bring up support for this Camera? The last logfile ist attached. Many thanks in advance, Werner Rahn (Germany) logfile-[20190924-01h23m45s379]-[8068]-2019-09-24.txt
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