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  1. Hi thanks for the reply. I'll give it a go. I wasn't sure what Telescope Direct was and when I saw CDC in the drop down menu I assumed the planetarium software had to be supported. I'm connecting to a HEQ5 via ASCOM EQMOD and have a few programs connected at the same time so hopefully that'll work.
  2. Just seen the Feature Suggestion section, not sure to repost or if a mod wants to move the post.
  3. Hi, would it be possible to add Stellarium to the supported planetarium list for ASTAP plate solving please? Stellarium supports ASCOM telescope control natively now so hopefully it could be done . Running Backyard EOS 3.2.0 with a Canon 600D.
  4. cuivenion

    Burst mode

    Thats a shame. I like to capture in Raw, which wouldn't be available in Planetary mode.
  5. cuivenion

    Burst mode

    Is it possible to use burst mode in BYEOS? I'm using a Canon 500d. I was thinking this would be useful for lunar imaging.
  6. I changed it to av for flats but that was after it happened.
  7. Hi, Yeah. It worked for a while and then it happened again when I moved between the imaging and frame and focus tabs.
  8. Hi, I was referring to this post. The dial is set to M and I have tried deleting the cache. It keeps happening.
  9. Hi, I'm still having probelms with this. It's intermittant. When folder should I reininstall it to?
  10. Thanks, it's mysteriously working again, but I'll file that fix away in case it happens again.
  11. Hi, I was using Backyard EOS last night and I was unable to change the exposure in the frame and focus section. When I tapped on on exposure I just got bulb and nothing else. Am I doing something wrong?
  12. That's great thanks. The last half of my image run will be dithered.
  13. Probably not how do I do that? Thanks for your reply.
  14. Hi, I'm trying to dither using Ascom in Backyard EOS. when I start the imaging run the log shows 'dithering cancelled-mount not found' after the first image. I am running a HEQ5 via EQMOD and the mount is connected to the laptop and working fine. Gotos and tracking are fine. I have Ascom selected in the BYEOS settings, I'm at a bit of loss.
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