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  1. Dear All


    Thank you so much for the prompt feedback. All the messages received were all very useful. The update of Backyard associated with the correct set up of the Camera regarding Live View configuration seems to be solving almost 90% of the problems. The minor that remaui I am crediting to those terrible on line updating routines of Microsoft on Windows 10.

    I will keep all informed.

    Best regards,


    Paulo Alonso

  2. Dear All, Last year in July I purchased Premium Version 3.1.1of the Backyard EOS Software. I was quite familiar with the software because I met Guylain in person during the ENAIC Fórum in the States in 2011 and at that ocasion I purchased a basic version of the software. The premium version operated quite well during last year but I did not use the software for about 7 months. Tomorrow I am going to the XI Brazilian Astrophotography Encounter and I decided to test all my set ups in this weekend prior to my departure. I was surprised that the software presented me a number of bugs but the most importante is the unability to let me toggle between Image Mode and Frame and Focus Mode. In the Image Mode, everything Works well and I can develop my exposures sequences normally. But when I want to focus before a new capture I am unable to change to Frame and Focus. When, after some trials I manage to open the screen of the Frame and Focus, the setting of the duration of the exposure is empty and you cannot set the time duration of the exposure. You can not also put the circular grid in the middle of the photo área and other facilities also. My câmera is a Canon T3i. I uninstalled the program and installed it again but the problem remains. I am crediting this to the numerous updates that Microsoft makes to Windows 10 everyday. May be some incompatibilities between Backyard and those updates of Windows 10 may arise. Do somebody has any News about this or have any suggestion on how I can fix it. ? I am travelling just tomorrow morning ! I live in Brazil South América. My personal email is Alonso.psr@gmail.com Many thanks in advance ! Paulo Alonso
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