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  1. Thankyou for your quick and direct response. My mistake it was 5 issues not 15 out of date; 1.11 but the advice is sound. Certainly I am finding most things are not plug and go, it is part of the fun but taxing on time and perhaps an area of improvement for astronomy. I will follow your steps - thanks again. Update: Fixed Issue. A+++
  2. Error Warning - Serial cable required to enable mirror lock and bulb. I purchased a serial cable to USB connection from one of the sites recommended suppliers. The provided converter cable has a white usb1.0 jack. I have the following kit. Canon 400d xti, Running windows 10 32 bit and Backyard EOS 3.1.1, premium, Laptop has usb 3.0 ports. I can operate Backyard using the cameras normal usb connector but require the cable to enable bulb and mirror lock up. Unfortunately Backyard EOS is not recognising that I have a serial cable attached to the camera. Can anyone please advise as I wou
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