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  1. Just a follow up in case of folks finding this thread down the road. I think I'm going to start recommending to people that they need to run a "factory reset" of a camera, then upgrade firmware, run another factory reset after firmware, then setup the camera how you want it. I'm not sure if that will hold true in all situations, but in my case it would seem that by not doing this, the firmware upgrade tried to retain my custom settings, and in doing so something went wrong. But logicically they probably test firmware on devices with factory settings, so following the workflow above to up
  2. Good News! Factory reset seems to have done the trick. Everything in BYE is working again after I went back through and changed the camera body settings to what I wanted.
  3. Unfortunately no-go. I did recently update the camera body to the 1.1.2 firmware, I'm not really sure if that has anything to do with it. I'm testing at my dining table now and now I'm in a state where AF Method is grayed out on the camera, and F&R in BYE is not displaying anything. I'm going to try factory resetting the camera body, maybe something got messed up with the firmware upgrade
  4. I grabbed the entire log folder and zip'd it. Located here: Logs Zip These are from last night's session using the .14 release. I didn't spend very much time in frame and focus though, just long enough for the issue to occur. It was a pretty nice dark site night and I know about where my telescope focus point is so I just got to imaging pretty quick. If these aren't useful I can hookup the camera today and generate new logs.
  5. That's why this one is strange. They physical knob is set to M, but when I use live view, BYE will go from M to P and I won't be able to control the exposure settings to see anything for live view or focusing. I've been using the SNAP option to focus as a work around.
  6. realized I was a couple versions back, so I updated to the 14 release. I'm leaving for a dark site in a couple hours, I'll let you know how it goes tonight.
  7. I'm using BYE 3.1.11 with a Canon 70D I have the dial on the camera set to "M" mode. When using BYE things are fine so long as I am using exposure controls. But if I go into Frame and Focus, or Planetary modes using the live view, the exposure controls can't be used and the camera goes into "P" mode as shown in the camera status top left. Let me know if you need the logs or not, I can toss them up on dropbox.
  8. Link to the recorded Live Stream. Watch me get mesmerized and forget to take the solar filter off the telescope ...
  9. Well the countdown is on. See you on the other side.
  10. This is one of those "little features" that makes BYE so awesome. Thank you. This is going to make life so much easier. Im leaving for a darksite now. Later all!
  11. Question, I noticed a new check box to the far right of each capture plan line. I did not see anything mentioned about it in the PDF from page 38 or so. Can someone tell me that function real quick?
  12. Excellent. I ran out today and grabbed a 25' HDMI cable. I plan to setup a TV in the shade about 20' from my laptop and telescope and I just finished practicing with using the Full Screen Presentation window of BYE. I setup the TV as a 2nd monitor and extended the display (not duplicate). I put the full screen BYE window over on the TV and kept the main window on my laptop screen. Works like a charm. Now any little kids can view safely. My wife has been placed in charge of hotdogs, brats, and hamburgers while I run the "show". I'm headed out to a darksite tonight to get
  13. Here is a link to my live stream testing I did today. Please view and give feedback. About 1/2 way thru I did the 2nd monitor mode I think that looks better but would like opinions please. Music is royalty free so I don't run into any issues there
  14. So let's go back to the OP (original poster's) question... Yes I for one am planning not only on using BYE for the eclipse, but I plan to live stream the process at the same time so that people can see the eclipse on my preview window. I live in MO outside of St. Louis in an area that will be getting about 53 seconds of totality. I'm working on my plan, updating all the software on my laptop to the latest versions etc. So far most of the advice I'm seeing is to avoid changing ISO and F stop settings and focus on shutter speed changes. I think that advice was/is great for folks
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