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  1. Hi guys, fixed - you also need to use patch called "Clean HDMI & LCD Liveview" - you have to sacrifice all the icons in your lifeview on the LCD screen when using DSLR for normal photo shooting, but as the reward you get rectangle-free 5x liveview when using DSLR with Backyard Nikon. Frank
  2. Hi guys, without the hacked firmware, the exposure settings in planetary view had no effect at all - no matter what shutter speed and ISO I've used, the resulting AVI would still look the same. Pausing live view, changing the settings and then resuming the liveview made no difference. I've researched the internet and found out, that Nikon D5100 has no exposure simulation, no matter what you do and that the hacked firmware enables exposure simulation. And it really did - it works, now when I change shutter speed and ISO, i get different AVI files. Even without stopping/resuming the live view. The only trouble is that GREEN or RED RECTANGLE, that get's into 5x view mode..... it's the rectangle you normally see on the screen of your DSLR when you zoom in the live view. However, without hack, it would not show in Backyard Nikon 5x view. Now it does. I've forgotten to upload the attachement when posting, so I updated the post - please see the picture above. Thank you, Frank
  3. Hi guys, I just patched my Nikon D5100 with hacked firmware. From the patches available I chose just the "Liveview Manual Control ISO/Shutter", so I cound control the exposure in planetary mode, keeping the other patch options disabled. Now, when I use 5x feature in Live view (both planetary and framing), I get green rectangle on the image (see attached file). The rectangle is visible on the recording as well. When I revert to original firmware, the rectangle is not there. Any ideas how the rectangle can be disabled? Thank you, Frank
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