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  1. Yes, that would be nice to add support for ASCOM Observations (weather, temp, humidity, dew point, cloud cover,,, etc). I recently purchased a power distribution box manufactured by Pegasus Astronomy; the Pegasus Pocket Power Box. It comes with a temperature-humidity-dew point sensor for controlling auto dew heaters. But I have found that I depend on knowing these readings when reviewing astro pics for future photo sequences. The sensor that comes with the PPPB also has a downloadable ASCOM driver (Pegusus UPB Observing Conditions ASCOM driver) It works flawlessly in Sequence Generator Pro software, giving temp, rh and dp readings that update every couple of minutes. I prefer BYE as my AP control over SGP, and wish that it could take advantage of this ascom driver too. It would be a nice addition to the four options for weather conditions in BYE (currently supports Stickstation, TEMPerHUM, M-Box or Text File Delimited). I am starting to see a more and more Arduino build weather stations for AP that include sky cams and wind gauges,. These builds could benefit from an ascom client control implementation. Home astrology and astrophotography has expanded enormously in the last decade and it seems we all are depending more and more on digital information. So yes, by all means, please consider adding more support for ASCOM Observation Conditions in future BYE /BYN builds!!
  2. Yes, that is what I am hoping for; a client program that polls the device and creates a text file that BYE can read. Sorry about sending the PM. Thought that's what you wanted. And no, the Pegasus does not allow to write or change settings for the sensor. Thanks for spending time for this.
  3. Hello, I could use a little help on configuring BYE weather for Text File Delimited. I would have liked to use the M-Box, but alas, I'm out of USB ports! I do have the Pegasus Pocket Power Box installed on my mount. It has a temperature. humidity and dewpoint sensor that is separately attached to the PPPB. It also has an ASCOM driver for the sensor (ASCOM Pegusus UPB Observing Conditions). It works very well with Sequence Generator Pro. However, I like BYE as my main astrophotography app. I'm hoping to find a software program that can regularly log the temp rh dp data to a text file so that I can point BYE to it. Any suggestions? What apps work with the Text File Delimited option? Any help pointing me in the right direction would be appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Fantastic! Can't wait. Thanks for all the hard work.
  5. Just wondering if any progress has been made with adding Auto Focus feature in BYE/BYN?
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